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Criminal Law Firm Istanbul WiklundKurucuk consists of Turkish Criminal Defense Lawyers Istanbul specializing in the defense of individuals and companies charged with criminal activity. 

Criminal Law Firm Istanbul WiklundKurucuk

Criminal Law Firm Istanbul WiklundKurucuk

Criminal Law Firm Istanbul WiklundKurucuk consists of Turkish Criminal Defense Lawyers Istanbul specializing in the defense of individuals and companies charged with criminal activity.



WiklundKurucuk as Turkish Criminal Law Firm has been providing support to its Clients at every stage of Turkish Criminal Law for more than 10 years in Istanbul. Attorneys working at WiklundKurucuk Law Firm are composed of Turkish Criminal Defense lawyers specializing in the field of Turkish Criminal Law. Our Criminal Defense Lawyers always provide legal support to their Clients and always stand by them while at the investigation phase, when their Client is detained by the police, when their homes are being searched, when their offices are being searched or when they face a judge due to arrest. With over all these years of experience, our Turkish Criminal Defence Lawyers are providing everything they can for their Clients to make their Clients feel safe at the police station, prosecution office as well as in the court.


Just as at the investigation phase, Criminal Law Firm Istanbul WiklundKurucuk provides all legal support to its Clients during the trial phase and provides all the dedication necessary for their Client's fair trial with their position in the proceedings. WiklundKurucuk Law Firm always supports their Clients, who are indicted or subsequently in prison as a result of the criminal case, right at the prison or the inmate house. WiklundKurucuk Law Firm has been with its Clients beginning from their testimony at the police station until the last moment of their release from the prison while providing all necessary legal support. WiklundKurucuk Law Firm is a Criminal law firm established in Istanbul and serves Clients in all areas of Criminal Law. It has gained experience in all areas of Criminal Law for more than 15 years and therefore provides the best service to his Clients in terms of Turkish Criminal Law. 


Turkish Criminal Law Firm WiklundKurucuk is a specialized law firm in crimes of intentional killing, crimes of intentional wounding, crimes of establishing organizations for the purpose of committing crimes, crimes of migrant smuggling and human trafficking, crimes of threat, blackmail, and deprivation of liberty, crimes of violation of the immunity of the residence, crimes of insult, crimes of violation of privacy, crimes of theft, crimes of robbery, crimes of theft by deception, crimes of bankruptcy by deception, crimes pertaining to traffic accidents, crimes of production and trade of narcotics and psychotropic substances, crimes of purchase, receipt or possession of narcotics or psychotropic substances for personal use or use of narcotics or psychotropic substances, crimes of counterfeiting money, crimes of counterfeiting documents, crimes of fraud during a tender, IT crimes, crimes of abuse of public officials and crimes of calumny.


WiklundKurucuk Law Firm has a staff of Turkish Criminal Defense Lawyers specializing in the defense of individuals and companies charged with criminal activity. Our Criminal Law expert legal staff conducts detailed investigations into the entire case and provide their Clients of their all legal rights. As Criminal Defense Lawyers WiklundKurucuk Law Firm provides the freedom and acquittal of their Clients as a result of the legal violations identified by its detailed investigations. For this reason, suspects or defendants must receive a quality legal service. 


Turkish Criminal Law Firm WiklundKurucuk provides Clients with the best service and support in terms of Turkish Criminal Law. It should be noted that a good criminal defense lawyer takes his Client off the rope. But a Criminal law firm, which has a good staff of lawyers, does not even let their Client go to that stage. WiklundKurucuk Law Firm is one of the best criminal law firm in Istanbul, in other words in whole Turkey, in the field of Turkish Criminal Law with its legal service.

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