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WiklundKurucuk is  a Turkish Immigration and Business Law Firm based in Istanbul, Turkey. We specialize in serving non-Turkish businesses and individuals. We speak English, Swedish, Russian and Chinese Language.

We are specialised in matters related to residency, citizenship by investment, setting up businesses, property investment and asset management in Turkey.  

We work with individuals looking to acquire Turkish citizenship through investment. Obtaining Turkish citizenship opens the door for many of these individuals to apply for both immigrant and non-immigrant US visas. In particular, Turkey is an E-2 treaty country and Turkish citizens can obtain a US investor visa for an initial period of 5 years. In addition, Turkish citizens can apply directly for a US green card (permanent residency) if the investments are bigger than $900,000 for rural areas and $1,800,000 for all others. Other business visas such as EB-1, O-1, and L-1 are also available.


There is also a special international treaty between the United Kingdom and Turkey, such treaty is called «Ankara Agreement»  and specific visa category called ( "Turkish Businessperson visa")  opening the door for the Turkish Citizens to start a new business in the UK, come to the UK to help run an established business, apply to settle in the UK permanently and bring family (‘dependants’) with you.

We assist our clients with their visas, citizenship, investments and other legal needs in Turkey. We are the experts in providing immigration pathways to our clients to work, study, invest and settle in Turkey and various provinces and territories of USA, Canada , UK and Australia through Turkish Citizenship.

There are 2 main methods in order to acquire Turkish citizenship one of which is through property purchase of USD 250,000 or bank deposit of USD 500,000 both with the condition to keep for 3 years.

Thus, the foreigners who purchase the immovable property at least in the amount of USD 250.000,00 provided that an annotation stating that it is not to be sold for three years or who deposit cash at least in the amount of USD 500.000,00 to the banks operating in Turkey provided that keeping such deposit for 3 years are able to obtain the Turkish citizenship exceptionally by the decision of the Council of Ministers in case of applying with the documents stated in the Code.  

Turkish Citizenship by Investment in 2021 

It should be noted that Turkish Immigration Law Firm WiklundKurucuk is specialised in matters related to residencies, citizenship, setting up businesses, property investment and asset management in Turkey.

We are very experienced in Turkish Citizenship Program by serving with our offices located in European Side and Asian Side of Istanbul, provide high quality legal services (including Mandarin Service ) to our clients for their investments in Turkey.


All our applications (more than 200) have succeeded and never failed so far, we have very good reputation and reliability in this sector, all our clients and partners (agencies) are fully satisfied with the services of our law firm and our Turkish immigration and investment lawyers.

This citizenship program is really popular investment program among investors nowadays.

Investors, their spouses and children under 18 can receive Turkish Citizenship either by purchasing property in Turkey in an amount of USD 250,000 minimum and keep the property for 3 years while generating rent income or deposit USD 500,000 to the Turkish Local Bank and keep USD 500.000 during 3 years while earning interest from this amount during this period.


We complete all the citizenship application procedure on behalf of the client and his/her family based on the Power of Attorney. The client and his/her family need to come to Turkey only once at the end of the procedure in order to give fingerprints to receive Turkish ID's and Turkish Passports.


In some countries, the Turkish Consulates are authorised to receive fingerprints so that the Client and his/her family will not even have to come to Turkey even once. In other words, we can finalize each and every step of the client and the family only by Power of Attorney. The whole citizenship procedure is completed within 4 months as long as all the required documents are provided on time.  

Our Pre and Post Application Services for the Turkish Citizenship by Investment 2021

We provide full package of services for the Turkish Citizenship Application to our Clients including; 

•Welcoming the client (Client covers main applicant, the spouse and all children under 18 years old), 

•Transfer of the client from and to hotel and airport with private driver, 

•Chinese (Mandarin) speaking guide and translator, 

•Accompanying the client with site inspection for property purchase, 

•Issuance of evaluation report for the property, 

•Opening of a bank account, completing investment and deposit requirements and obtaining relevant official documents from the Bank and Public Authorities,


•Property selection& negotiation with Developers and Sellers, 

•Legal Due Diligence and land registry search, 

•Issuance of Turkish Tax Number, 

•Sale transaction, 


•Application for resident permit, 

•Application for Turkish Citizenship, 

•Obtaining Turkish ID and Turkish Passport, 

•Moreover, we offer post-sale services such as Accounting-Tax report, Maintenance, Cleaning and Rental, Address Proof, Certificate of Clearance, Local Driving License, Passport Name Change, Marriage Certificate etc. 

•We also offer, money transfer services via crypto – money, bitcoin etc. 

The Advantages of Turkish Citizenship by Investment 2021

  • No minimum stay requirement. No need to live and stay in Turkey during the application procedure,​

  • We can finalize each and every step of the client and the family only by Power of Attorney. The whole citizenship procedure is completed within 4 months,

  • Bank account opening only within 1 day, 

  • ​Easy access to United States of America via EB-1 and EB-2 visas, 

  • ​Low application fees, simple and quick application procedure, 

  • No need to prove the source of funds.​

  • No need to come to Turkey for the application and naturalisation.

  • Easy access to United Kingdom via special international treaty between United Kingdom and Turkey, such treaty is called either «Treaty of Ankara» or «Ankara Agreement»

  • Superb Health Facilities (far better health services than US and EU)

  • Visa-Free Travel for 115 countries for normal Red Passport.

  • Full free medical assistance for life, for all family members, included, 

  • Free finance system, no tracking, 

  •  Turkey allows Dual Citizenships, 

  •  No Declaration to any Chinese governmental office, 

  • No Military Service required, 

  •  Pension Programs included, 

  •  Free Education 

  • High Quality of Life 

  • Gain the full range of rights enjoyed by nationals of the Turkey (Turkish Republic.)

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