Our Consultant

M. Özgür Kurucuk


Mehmet Özgür KURUCUK is the partner heading the banking and finance and information technology practice at WiklundKurucuk. 

He is a member of the Istanbul Bar Association.

He studied in Tashkent State University, Uzbekistan between 1996 and 1998 years and graduated from the Law School at Istanbul University in 2004. Mehmet Özgür KURUCUK studied in a Master Programme ( LL.M.) “Master in Law and Information Technology” at the department of Law , Stockholm University in 2010.

Most recently he was legal counsel for a leading Turkish bank (Yapı ve Kredi Bankası) which is a member of an Italian-Austrian banking group before joining WiklundKurucuk Law Firm in Istanbul.

During his career he has been heavily engaged on project finance, mergers&acquisitions, banking&finance and foreign trade; providing legal opinions to the foreign subsidiaries of the bank (i.e YKB Netherland, YKB Bahrain Branch, YKB Azerbaijan, YKB Moscow), several departments (i.e Project Finance, Treasury, Financial Institutions, Foreign Transactions) and branches; drafting, negotiating and legal review of various types of the finance contracts (Syndications, Project Finance for Hydroelectric Power Plant, Wind Power Plant, Solar Power Plant, Natural Gas Combined Cycle Power Plant,Geothermal Energy Plant, PPP, Shopping Malls, Hotels, Airports, Share Acquisitions, Subway, Murabaha Agreements) and the security documents thereof as well as due diligence works.

He specializes in Energy Law and Project Finance, Banking Law and Contracts, Immigration  Law and IT Law.

Mehmet Özgür Kurucuk is fluent in Turkish, English and Russian.