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  • Drafting, negotiating, execution and termination of agreements between the players and clubs,
  •  Representing players before the Courts and Federations in disciplinary,  arbitration and litigation proceedings,
  •  Drafting, negotiating, execution and termination of endorsement deals for players,
  •   Providing immigration services to the players and their families for work and residence permits,
  • Protecting the rights of the players, collection of payments from the clubs including salary, bonuses and advertising revenue,
  • Tax advisory,
  • Drafting, negotiating, execution and termination of all kind of contracts on behalf of the players.

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The Sports Law is in a process that continues to grow up with the sports branches having an increasing field of activity. The Youth and Sports General Directorate, which controls the sports activities in Turkey, plays an active role. In Europe, the sports clubs take part in a structuring process by the authorities other than the government. When the Sports Law is considered, existence of any differences between Turkey and Europe are natural as required by the conditions. The continuous developments in sports all over the world have led to the emergence of an industry in this field and this has led to the emergence of a special sports law subject. In line with these needs, it is possible to get any relevant information through the Istanbul Sports Law Attorney. The Sports Law Attorney is a specialized attorney.

What Is the Sports Law?

Since various disputes or objections arise due to the nature of the sport, these problems were needed to be resolved in a short time. Today, the different life conditions lead to changes in the life standards, and as a natural result, the sport job filled the leisure activities. In today’s conditions, the sports take their place among the occupations carried out with a professional understanding. The Sports law emerges as a method to be used in resolving any disputes that may arise in this area. Arbitration is applied as a frequently used legal proceeding at this point. The Istanbul Sports Law Attorney serves as an experienced attorney in this field.

The sports law regulates the activities of the sports organizations as well as the rights and obligations of the athletes. Moreover, the coaches, real and judicial entities also have various rights and obligations under this law. The sports law has the feature of covering many subjects in a wide range. Any matters such as violence, doping, or criminal and disciplinary crimes, etc. in sports are also dealt with in the field of sports law. The subjects such as establishment of the justice in sports, ensuring an atmosphere of trust and peace, etc. must also be dealt with in this context. The Istanbul Sports Law Attorney is a successful attorney, who works actively in this field. The Sports Law Advocate is a reliable attorney, who can receive the legal advice services on all legal matters related to sports.

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Sports Law Contracts

Arbitration is an activity, which aims at resolving the problem in accordance with the agreements entered into by the parties. The word “arbitration,” which appears as a private law concept, is a concept that has started to be applied in the scope of administrative law. Any disputes related to the sports law are resolved through the Dispute Resolution Board, the Civil Courts of First Instance and the International Sports Arbitration Court. It would not be wrong to talk about a combined law branch when the sports law is required to be defined. The most important source in terms of sports law includes the written legal rules. The contracts on various issues concerning sports law are concluded between the athletes, coaches or sports clubs. The legal advice services for these contracts are provided by the Istanbul Sports Law Attorney.

Sports Law Disputes

An attorney service will also be required for any disputes on the sports law. Existence of a specialized attorney is very important in establishing the human rights and freedoms. The Istanbul Sports Law Attorney is an attorney, who can conduct all necessary activities in any personal or institutional problem. Sports-related areas have enabled us to encounter a growing industry in recent years. The sports law disputes are formed as financial or disciplinary disputes. The national or international judicial authorities may be involved in the resolution of such disputes. The Dispute Resolution Board, Civil Courts of First Instance and the International Sports Arbitration Court serve as the judicial authorities in any disputes involving the sports law.

Branches of the Sports Law

Sports appear as the practices carried out as a collective activity with the existence of real and judicial persons. The athletes represent real persons in this group. The athletes are people, who work as amateurs or professionals. In respect to the athletes, each federation may determine its own legal status. All sports other than football are regulated by the General Directorate of Sports. The Federations can be authorized by a regulation arranged by this institution. There will be any situations, which are related to the nature of the problem to be encountered and determine the branches of the sports law. Since there will be many disputes or disputes involving sports law, the type of problem will be acted upon.  The Istanbul Sports Law Attorney is an experienced attorney in all matters involving the sports law. It is possible to sign the professional business with the Sports Law Attorney.

Football Player Attorney

The Turkish Football Federation is an institution, which is subject to special legal provisions. Its most important feature is that it has a legal entity and is an authorized unit in resolving any disputes related to football. The Arbitration Board is authorized to settle any disputes arisen in connection with the Turkish Football Federation. The fact that the Arbitration Board is authorized in solving any problems related to football eliminates the need for another judicial body. The football player attorney imposes very important responsibilities on the attorneys, who serve in the field of Sports Law Attorney. The athletes need a professional consultancy service during their agreements with their clubs. Importance of the professional attorney services to be received in preventing any loss of rights is quite high. The Istanbul Sports Law Attorney caries out the successful works on such services.

Since the football player or manager, who represents him, has not a sufficient experience or has not a knowledge of the legal procedure, this causes many losses of rights. It is possible to prevent such situations with the legal advice service. When the contract to be entered into by the athlete is controlled or regulated by an attorney, more efficient results may be achieved.

In some cases, the football players may experience any troublesome processes. There are various rights for the football players in the contracts.  In some cases, there may be disputes in obtaining these rights from the club. In such cases, the football player will need an attorney. The Istanbul Sports Law Attorney is an experienced attorney on such matters.

The legal proceedings may be in many ways for the football players. In some cases, if there is an attack against the personal rights of the player, a legal advice required for this. In all these cases, a football player attorney takes actions. Since the attorneys will be the person, who knows the legal proceedings best and will carry out them, the football players will need a legal advice on these matters.

Another matter that will make it necessary for football players to need legal services includes the penalties imposed on them by their clubs. The football players have the right to object to these penalties. The authority that any objections will be referred to is the Turkish Football Federation. Since it will be difficult for a football player having no experience in the legal field to manage these processes, he will need to be represented by a professional attorney. The Sports Law Attorney Istanbul is an attorney who has managed any professional services. The Sports Law Attorney is involved in solution of such problems that the football players are likely to encounter through his experiences.

Another issue that will necessitate the need for attorneys for the football players is that the clubs that they are affiliated with do not pay their debts to the football players. The Conflict Resolution Board had the exclusive authority to settle the disputes between football clubs and players until the cancellation decision dated of 18.01.2019 of the Constitutional Court. However, pursuant to the cancellation decision dated of 18.01.2019 of the Constitutional Court, it was decided that the Conflict Resolution Board was abolished and had discretionary power. With this annulment decision, the Civil Courts of First Instance are authorized for the claims of the players. If the power of the Dispute Resolution Board is not accepted, a lawsuit must be filed at the Civil Courts of First Instance.

The Football players sometimes continue their careers in the international arena. These processes also need to be managed correctly. Otherwise, the football players may incur any loss of material and moral rights. The way to avoid such situations is to seek a professional legal advice. Since the contracts signed by the football players will be in a foreign language, such documents must be analyzed correctly. Furthermore, it will also be necessary to know the legal rules of the countries well in order to collect the receivables. It is not recommended that a football player acts alone, since such affairs will require quite extensive activities. He will definitely need a legal advice. The Istanbul Sports Law Attorney is a professional attorney, who provides any legal advice services on the sports law.

Legal Advice Services for Athletes

Athletes sometimes need a legal advice on legal matters. One of the reasons is that they do not want to lose their rights. At the same time, they need to defend their rights, when they encounter various problems or experience any conflicts. The sports law is considered as a separate legal discipline in terms of both private and public law properties.

In respect to the sports law, a national or international law can also be involved. Since, the subject is comprehensive and many elements will be included in the subject, the athletes, who have problems in this area, receive a legal advice service. The Istanbul Sports Law Attorney is known for these services.

The situations that are among the legal advice services to be provided for athletes will be listed as follows:

  • Preparation of the contracts for professional athletes and their checks;
  • Keeping the athletes informed about their tax obligations;
  • Legal advice processes for media and TV rights involving the athletes;
  • Legal advice services regarding any disputes between the athletes and their clubs; and
  • Legal advice service regarding the agreement of an athlete with an international club.

The athletes may encounter more problems other than these matters. In such cases, they will need a legal advice that they can receive a professional service. The Istanbul Sports Law Attorney is an attorney who can provide reliable services in all matters involving the sports law. The Sports Law Attorney serves as a specialized attorney in his field with the necessary experience. He/She acts as an attorney, who provides any effective services in solving various problems that athletes may encounter.

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