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Everything You Need To Know About The Dominica Passport

citizenship by investment

Everything You Need To Know About The Dominica Passport


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Since 2004, the South Korean government has followed the “Employment Permit Program” for foreigners, the product of a decade of interaction between Korean citizens and foreign migrant workers. Legally, foreigners are allowed to enter mainly to fulfill low-wage jobs, and they are excluded from receiving social services. Public opinion data shows that Korean citizens retain a discriminatory attitude towards foreign workers. Those who have at least work permit turkey one South Korean parent are automatically granted South Korean nationality from birth, regardless of their decisions on whether to choose the nationality of the foreign parent or the country of birth . Arton Capital empowers individuals and families to become Global Citizens. We are a financial advisory firm specializing in investor programs for residence and citizenship, and consider ourselves the all-important link between dreams and reality.

You can obtain citizenship if the applicant is verified that he/she does not pose any threat to the national security of the country and all the requirements are met, and all documents are accurately and adequately submitted. Investors are required to hold a valid residence permit at the time of their citizenship application, but they may continue to live abroad as long as they want. Turkish passport grants visa-free access to over 115 countries from all over the world, such as Qatar, Japan, Argentina, South Africa, and Ukraine. While most of these countries can be entered without the need for a visa in advance, some countries allow entry with a visa on arrival or an online visa. Also, in the context of agreements and negotiations between Turkey and the EU, the advantage of having visa-free access to many European countries in the Schengen area with Turkish passport is expected to be provided in the near future. Being a Turkish citizen brings many benefits both for investors and their families in terms of social life, financial opportunities and easy travel.

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Without a licensed agent, it is not possible to submit an application for Maltese citizenship for exceptional services to the country. Immigrant Invest is a licensed agent authorized to assist applicants in preparing and submitting the relevant documents on behalf of their clients. The Minister dealing with the citizenship program staying permit turkey approves or rejects applications. After passing the test, applicants are eligible to apply for citizenship one to three years after obtaining a Maltese residence permit. Originally launched in 2017, the Vanuatu economic citizenship program is formally known as the Vanuatu Citizenship Development Program, or DSP for short.

  • Post citizenship additions now possible and Dominica CBI program is more accessible for family members.
  • For real estate investment in Grenada, applicants will have to spend about $350,000 and another $70,000 for government, application and other fees.
  • MIPEX said South Korea has demonstrated “halfway favorable” policies in the areas of anti-discrimination, access to citizenship and family reunification.
  • Ireland operates a GV immigrant investor program which has gained more popularity over the years.

Applicants have the option to invest in an alternative project that has received the approval of St Kitts and Nevis’ Cabinet and the St Kitts Investment Promotion Agency. The alternative project will only be approved if 30% of the capital required for the project has already been raised, and if less than 100% of the capital will be derived from citizenship by investment applications. Alternative investment projects can be Government or privately owned, with the applicant needing to invest US$175,000 for the former and US$200,000 for the latter. Several exemptions are offered to travelers planning to apply for a Turkish visitor visa, business purposes or tourism.

Dominica Citizenship By Investment In Real Estate

The two Piton Mountains are perhaps the most photographed feature on the island. The larger of these two mountains is called the Gros Piton and the other is called Petit Piton. Rodney Bay known for its internationally acclaimed restaurants, offering a variety of cuisines to the tranquil natural surroundings of Soufrierre which caters more to the spontaneous excursionist and adventure seekers. Saint Lucia has been able to attract foreign business and investment, especially in its offshore banking and tourism industries, which is Saint Lucia’s main source of revenue.

South Korea citizenship by investment

Another route apply for residency investing just EUR 250,000 in real estate or business and then naturalize for Bulgarian citizenship after 5 years. Cambodia is probably the only Asian country that has a citizenship by investment program. Malta also offers cheapest golden visa residency program through Turkish work permit financing government bonds. This program will be perfect if you are happy with residency and dont want citizenship. This program officially known as Individual Investor Program of Malta (“IIP”). Antigua and Barbuda requiresUSD 100,000 or USD 200,000 to become a Citizen under the CBI program.

There is no language requirement and due diligence is conducted on all applicants who must have a clear criminal record. Vanuatu has the only Citizenship by investment program in the Asia-Pacific Hemisphere. The programme offers one of the fastest citizenship and second passport programmes available for investors. The investment requirement is $130,000 for a single applicant and $180,000 for a family of four plus fees.

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