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Antigua Passport


Antigua And Barbuda Id, Driver License & Passport Scan And Verification

Speed: With The Antigua Cip, You And Your Family Can All Obtain Second Citizenship And Alternative Passports In Under 4 Months

In order to acquire an Antigua second passport, applicants must meet several conditions such as having no criminal record and pass a strict due diligence. The Antigua citizenship program does not require an interview, and there is no need to travel to the country to complete the application, making it one of the easiest and most affordable programs. Now, actually applying for the Antigua and Barbuda passport requires a few extra steps.

  • You should not use the NHS testing service to get a test in order to facilitate your travel to another country.
  • Antigua’s service-based economy is almost entirely dependent on tourism, with more than one million tourists visiting the islands each year.
  • As mentioned, the country is known for its white beaches, and in fact there is beach of every day of the year.
  • To satisfy this requirement, the education records of any dependent adult children who wish to become Antigua nationals are required as supporting documents.

Government of Antigua & Barbuda imposed a 5 day residency requirement by amending citizenship laws. Initially you can get passport valid for 5 years without even visiting Antigua. The issue comes only at the time of renewing your passport after 5 years. You must have visited Antigua for 5 days, if not the passport wont be renewed and investment wont be given back. Please note this 5 day requirement is temporary suspended due to Covid. If you hold a passport from country which has visa waiver agreement with Antigua, you dont need a visa.

You Have To Be Of Outstanding Character And International Standing

You will have to pay 10% of the government fee (so $3,000 if you’re going the donation route) to start the application process. Antigua and Barbuda is a country that consists of two small islands, and its citizenship by investment program is one of the newer ones in the region. It doesn’t have an extensive history in this industry like St Kitts and Nevis, for example. Get second citizenship by investment for the whole family with access to beneficial taxation and visa-free travel. Our team will prepare all necessary documents which must be attached to the application for Antigua and Barbuda citizenship by investment. All applicants must undergo a medical examination and submit the relevant certificates.

Antigua and Barbuda passport

The family is looking forward to Yarolslav’s next holidays to travel to Antigua and enjoy an exotic getaway in their new country. This will also help them fulfil the mandatory requirement of visiting the country five days per year. Babies and children, in general, need their own passport and visa, which is why you must take their picture too. However, there are a few things you should know when taking a passport photo of a child. While we listed the specifications of a valid passport photo above, we feel that it is necessary you should know more about a few of them. After all, an inadequate passport photo is one of the most common causes of a rejected application, which is why you must use a picture that will get the job done.

About Antigua And Barbuda

An applicant may apply together with his or her spouse and dependent children, and, in some cases, dependant elderly parents or grandparents. All pets traveling to and from the United States need a passport. Keep in mind, a “pet passport” in the U.S. refers to the extra documents you need to travel to other countries with your pet. This rule doesn’t apply if your pet was born and raised in a country the U.S. considers to be rabies-free for six months prior to your departure date. Actually, the Antigua and Barbuda’s citizenship by investment program is the cheapest option among such program for the family of four seeking alternative citizenship and second passports. The combined size of 442 square kilometers and a population of over 80,000 make Antigua & Barbuda the ninth-largest country by size in the Caribbean.

A full-time job and investment is all that stands between you and life in the United States. Since 2016, holders of Antigua and Barbuda passport can travel without a Visa to the Schengen countries, and since 2019, they can also visit Bolivia, India, Kosovo, and Russia without the hassle of applying for a Visa. Some countries have bilateral agreements with other countries to shorten the period of passport validity required for each other’s citizens or even accept passports that have already expired .

The applicant will be informed by email of successful application. Fees are to be paid by credit card as shown on the application form. A receipt will be issued for the applicant and declared dependents. Investment in anAntigua Turkish resident permit passportwill bring visa-free access to 160 countries and territories worldwide. This represents 42.4% of the world’s wealth measured by GDP and 69.9% of worldwide travel popularity based on international visitors.

Prime Minister Browne previously also claimed that crypto-payments will be converted daily into US dollars to avoid volatility of the cryptocurrency market. Antigua & Barbuda’s citizenship by Investment program requires investors to contribute to the National Development Fund or invest in Real Estate projects or a government-approved business in return for citizenship and passport. The twin island nations of Antigua & Barbuda comprise an independent Commonwealth state in the Eastern Caribbean. A quintessential tropical hideaway, they include approximately 365 dreamy white and pink sand beaches—one for every day of the year. Saint John’s, the capital and largest city in the country, has a laid-back vibe with all the essential amenities like financial institutions, services, education, and more. Always contact the Antiguan consulate before a visit since not every consulate in the United States offers visa and/or passport services.

Carefully following these instructions will make clearing customs easier and quicker. The instructions will also help to avoid having your pet denied entry, put into quarantine or returned to your country of origin. This is a program where foreigners from different parts of the globe are allowed to venture into various forms of investments in the country, where, in return, they gain full citizenship of the country. The CBI success of most Caribbean countries motivated St Lucia to come up with her own program for investors. St. Lucia uses only the most effective practices to grant foreigners second passports through its CBI program.

We believe that each and everyone of our clients should have the freedom to explore anywhere, anytime, thus use our knowledge and infrastructure in helping our clients achieve their goals and acquire full international mobility. Once you have an authorised EU Annex IV certificate, your pet is able to get turkish citizenship by investment an EU pet passport. When you arrive in the EU, just book an appointment with an authorised vet to complete a pet passport. You will need to bring your certificate along with you, as well as any additional medical records. All it takes is a quick appointment at an official veterinary clinic within the EU.

Basic Details For Citizenship By Investment For Antigua And Barbuda

Under 8 CFR §214.2, H-2A and H-2B petitions may generally only be approved for nationals of countries that the Secretary of Homeland Security has designated as participating countries. The current list of eligible countries is available on USCIS’s website for both H-2A and H-2B visas. Nationals of countries not on this list may be the beneficiary of an approved H-2A or H2-B petition in limited circumstances at the discretion of the Department of Homeland Security if specifically named on the petition.

The minimum required investment under the pre-approved real estate option is US$400, 000. Antigua grants citizenship to investors, entrepreneurs and families alike in return for a contribution to Antigua’s National Development Fund or an investment in real estate or business. Citizenship obtained under this programme is granted for life, along with considerable mobility rights including visa free access to the Schengen area and UK . Taxation of New Citizens A citizen of Antigua and Barbuda is exempt from taxation on foreign income, wealth, inheritance, gift or capital gains.

“OECS citizens, their spouse, children and dependents will be granted all rights contingent to the right to the freedom of movement that includes access to social systems, labour market schemes, health and education” (OECS n.d.). Travel advice and advisories Avoid non-essential travel Travel advice, passport and entry requirements, health and safety information, and more. A certificate of medical insurance coverage of applicant (and dependent if any) for the period of intended stay in Antigua and Barbuda. With the Nomad Digital Residence visa, the holder and their dependent are allowed to travel in and out of Antigua and Barbuda for a two year period extended stay while visiting. The NDR visa does not grant the holder or dependent the right to seek employment from any local registered business organization, institutions or any form of employment within Antigua and Barbuda. Please confirm your understanding and ability to fund a successful application.

Antigua and Barbuda passport

Antigua Second Passport can be granted to both citizens of Iraq and Palestine in addition to other countries through its smooth and reasonable program. Antigua and Barbuda Government launched law firm istanbul the Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment program in 2014. Even though the program is considered new, it has developed to be one of the most sought-after and remarkable programs.

Entry requirements vary depending on the type of passport you use for travel. Every country or territory decides who can enter or exit through its borders. The Government of Canada cannot intervene on your behalf if you do not meet your destination’s entry or exit requirements.

The country is endowed with many beautiful scenery, including the towering twin volcanic peaks of the Pitons, crescent-shaped beaches, reefs, waterfalls, lush mountains, cruise ship port, Marigot Bay and excellent hotels in the capital. Dominica introduced its Citizenship by Investment program in 1993 and has since grown to be one of the most effective CBI programs in the Caribbean. On top of these investments, you are also obligated to pay additional fees and taxes. Here are five of the best second passport programs in the Caribbean.

Please note that applications can also be submitted on a visit to Antigua and Barbuda or via an authorized family member or friend living in or travelling to the country. Presently, the processing time for the issuing of passports is approximately eight weeks. Machine-readable Caribbean Community – Antigua and Barbuda passports came into effect in January 2006. The application can be processed at our office and then be couriered to the passport office in Antigua, where the actual passport is issued. The Antigua and Barbuda passport remains one of the strongest travel documents in the region, according to the latest ranking compiled by the international firm, Henley and Partners.

Antigua and Barbuda passport

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