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Bulgaria Citizenship By Investment 2021


Bulgaria Citizenship By Investment 2021


Fake Bulgarian Citizenship Documents Sold To Foreigners

Investment Of ~ 500,000 00

As with the first investment, the client will need official investment certificate from the authorities, confirming the eligibility of his investment. After preliminary approval by the Investment Agency, the applicant can double his investment by making a second investment, equal than the first one. The client will at this stage, apply for and obtain visa type D from the nearest Bulgarian embassy or consulate. Please find out more about the available eligible investment options.

The bank however never opses any restrictions on the invested funds and is totally unaware of the immigration and citizenship regulations. The bank only serves as financial intermediary and is not involved directly in the citizenship application, hence the assurance that John’s funds can be liquidated at any time. The Law for the Bulgarian Citizenship was amended in 2013 to include a provision under Art. 14a that allows eligible candidates to obtain Bulgarian citizenship by investment for a shortened period of only 12 months. The Bulgarian parliament passed the amendment in order to address the negative impact of the demographic decline in Bulgaria without any provisions that would be benefitting the state budget. This fact has led to great interest among many foreigners as Bulgaria has emerged to be the only EU country to provide fast-track citizenship option without any commercial benefit to the state .

Dominica Passport By Investment Program 2020

You can also sponsor close family members for their own Green Cards. Not all countries allow their citizens to hold dual citizenship – China and India, for example, where attained foreign citizenship leads to automatic loss of citizenship. Other countries operate restricted and highly selective eligibility criteria, such as Spain, which only permits dual nationality with selected Latin American countries. Permanent residence (разрешение за постоянно пребиваване) gives holders the same rights as citizens, except the right to vote. You can apply for permanent residence after five years of legal residence in Bulgaria.

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21 days after you obtain your permanent residency the naturalization process is completed and Bulgarian Passport issued. Within 48 hrs after the paperwork has reached Sofia a permanent residency will be issued. This residency is permanent and gives you the same rights as a Bulgarian citizen. Opening of a personal bank account, an amount of 512,000 € to be invested in government bonds and preparation of the set of documents for Investor D visa application. A few examples of our real estate options for residency and citizenship investment in Bulgaria. A criminal record certificate from a country of origin or a country of permanent residence.

Explore Investment Opportunities In Bulgaria

Foreign minors under the age of 18 can acquire Spanish nationality by origin after being adopted by a Spanish national. If the adoptee is 18 years or older, they can apply for Spanish nationality by origin within two years after the adoption took place. Such an application requires the applicant to demonstrate that they have active ties to the Republic of Slovenia and can provide evidence of a minimum of five years’ worth of activity in Slovenian organisations.

Simply fill out the form below, and our team will get back to you with your request. Situated in southeast Europe, Bulgaria is a country that entered the European Union in 2007 and has Bulgarian as the official language. According to the 2011 census, the law firm turkey country has over 7.3 million citizens. In October, Bulgarian prosecutors charged a senior state official as part of an investigation into a document scam that they say enabled foreigners to obtain Bulgarian passports and travel freely into the bloc.

Citizenship By Investment Program Overview

The Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program has announced a reduction of their government fees for the real estate option. A main applicant alone will now need to pay a government processing fee of $25,000 instead of $50,000. A main applicant and spouse will now need to pay $35,000 in fees compared to $75,000 previously.

bulgaria citizenship

After Bulgaria joined the EU in 2007, there was a rush of passport applications from those countries by people who could prove they had at least one Bulgarian ancestor. I am a US citizen Turkish citizenship 250.000 USD by birth with Italian citizenship by blood currently living/working in the U.K. The issue of dual nationality is paying taxes on one’s world income, with certain countries.

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