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But keep in mind that the countries with the cheapest residency visas typically either don’t offer citizenship or require nonrefundable fees and “donations,” rather than minimum investments you can receive back. Both citizenship and residency usually come with tax responsibilities as well. In some cases, residents must pay taxes even on income earned in another country.

You can update your list with information about Zambia, which recently amended its legislation to allow dual citizenship, with conditions. Hello Klaudia, from what we know, Polish government doesn’t recognize second citizenship, but they don’t forbid you to obtain one either. What this means is that you can probably apply for an Irish passport, but when you’re in Poland, they’ll consider you exclusively Polish. Definitely doublecheck this information with the Polish embassy in Dublin to be sure.

Countries That Don’t Recognize Dual Citizenship

Citizenship can be fast tracked by doubling the initial investment amount. The golden visa in Spain provides residency to those who invest €500,000 in real estate. The investor can apply for family reunification for his non-EU spouse, children, parents and parents-in-law.

bulgaria citizenship

Family reunification helps to create socio-cultural stability, facilitating the integration of third-country nationals residing in EU Member States, thus promoting economic and social cohesion – a fundamental EU objective. Lawyers with many years of practice are working on implementation of the process for obtaining a second citizenship. Bulgaria has the lowest tax rates in the EU, providing citizens with a favorable environment for business development.

Citizenship And Residence By Investment

This can be fulfilled by either buying a property in Malta for €700,000 or more and maintaining ownership for 5+ years, or by leasing a property for at least five years with a minimum annual rent of €16,000. Applicants must provide evidence of owning or leasing a property on the islands within four months of receiving a citizenship Malta Letter of Approval in Principle, and are not allowed to sublease the property. Good HealthTo be accepted for citizenship resident permit turkey by investment in Malta, applicants must show that they do not suffer from any contagious diseases. All applicants must also be covered by an international health insurance policy until they are granted citizenship. Under the second system, the applicant borrows the £425,000 from a Bulgarian bank and pays the institution around £150,000 in interest up front. As with the first option, they can apply for Bulgarian citizenship after five years.

bulgaria citizenship

This makes the nation’s second citizenship program even more competitive and is the same contribution amount for one person as St Kitts and Nevis. The smallest donation requirement was previously $200 thousand, making citizenship by investment in Grenada more affordable than ever before. The Government of Malta has introduced a new citizenship by investment program that requires applicants to establish a real connection with the resident permit turkey country. The new Malta economic citizenship program can allow investors to obtain European citizenship , but requires candidates to buy or rent a property on the islands and establish residency for at least one year before getting approved. Citizenship by investment programs (CBI/CIP) gets you fast track citizenship within months, waiving naturalisation requirements such as residency, military service, language requirement etc.

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Foreigners who invest to the local economy can individually get a residence permit in Bulgaria, and then a Bulgarian passport. Bulgaria citizenship by investment program does not require the applicant to renounce existing Citizenship. Malta offers citizenship to investors through a combination of government contribution, investment and real estate. La Vida offers a choice of several golden visa programmes for investment in residency and citizenship. Cyprus offers the most attractive citizenship programme in Europe.

Finally, you need citizenship to be issued a passport for visa-free travel. Residency is temporary and can be revoked at any time through a change in policies or laws. Often, residency is contingent upon you meeting certain criteria, such as maintaining a full-time job in the country or paying an elite residency fee every few years and spending a certain number of days each year in the country. The distinction between residency and citizenship is an important one to know as you explore these programs.

Each applicant is required to visit Bulgaria for only two quick visits. The normal track of getting permanent residence involves incorporation of Bulgarian company, creation of ten jobs for Bulgarians and getting temporary residence permit, renewed annually. In this case, permanent residency application is possible after 5 years of residence and business in Bulgaria. Stankov, Todorov, Hinkov and Spasov, Attorneys-At-Law, provides its clients full legal service through the entire process of investment and application for permanent residence and citizenship.

Citizens can legally reside and work in any EU country because the EU Treaty offers them freedom of movement and residence. An application for long-term residence should be submitted to the local Police Department or National Migration Directorate within ninety days of arrival. This is the fastest program you can use to get Bulgaria citizenship.

Most Bulgarian healthcare is dominated by the government, which has caused many problems. Opportunities to invest in healthcare are vast with little to no competition. This sector is quickly growing, allowing for opportunities of foreign investment with high return on investment rations.

Other deductions for young families with mortgages, child tax allowance, people with disabilities. Non-employment income, e.g. 25% for freelancers, 40% on royalties, inventions, science and art products, 10% rental income, 10% for capital gains from the sale of real estate … etc. In case of dividends received from foreign entities that are not taxed on a source, a tax should be paid by Bulgarian Resident individual. 100% exemption from production companies that invest in municipalities with an unemployment rate that is 25% higher than the average unemployment rate. Royalty payments to non-residents are also taxed at a 10% withholding tax.

Who May Apply For Bulgarian Citizenship?

Then, you’ll need to invest €150,000 in Malta Government Bonds or securities listed on the Malta stock exchange. The easiest nationality might be one you buy; however, Citizenship by Investment programs range in cost and quality. Many people can be eligible for Israeli nationality through the Law of Return.

Additionally, swedes may acquire as many citizenships as they like. Many countries do not recognize this oath as officially relinquishing your existing citizenship by law. However, foreign citizens who become naturalized in Bulgaria must renounce their foreign citizenship. Australia allows its citizens to get citizenship of another country or multiple citizenships. Click Here to Schedule a Consultation Schedule a 30-minute consultation with Christian Reeves on your international tax or business matter.

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