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Bulgarian Special Prosecutor’s Office Is Investigating The Case With The Citizenship Of Kiril Petkov

citizenship 250.000 USD

Bulgarian Special Prosecutor’s Office Is Investigating The Case With The Citizenship Of Kiril Petkov


Citizenship By Investment

Buy Bulgaria Citizenship Through Investment

Where the capture of biometric data is not possible – fingerprints of the person due to temporary physical disability, a passport valid for a period of 12 months is possible to issue. Upon accepting the application officials take digitally the signature and the facial image of the applicant. The request for issuance of ID card is sent via electronic means to the Bulgarian Identity Documents Directorate using secure communication channels. Where consistency of data is identified the request for issuance is registered by the Bulgarian Identity Documents Directorate as a received application for personalization of the ID card. The diplomatic or consular representation of the Republic of Bulgaria abroad within 7 work days informs the applicant.

bulgaria citizenship

This worldwide unique product allows the applicant to enter the application procedure with a refundable payment of only EUR 250,000 into a Unit Linked Life Insurance. This also provides the applicant with an option to shorten the time period, and to switch to a fast track product at any time, by investing another refundable amount of EUR 250,000. The Schengen Area was created with the aim to ease travelling between different countries in the EU.

Benefits Of European Permanent Residency

Naturalized citizenship was obtained through fraud or false statement. This revocation only affects the person who made the false statements. The person’s spouse and children may retain Bulgarian citizenship. Many promising projects and rising industries are changing the face of Bulgaria. If you plan to start company registration for Bulgaria remotely, your power of attorney should be properly legalized to be used on the territory of Bulgaria.

bulgaria citizenship

This investment must be doubled to EUR 1 million after one year to apply for fast track citizenship. There is no requirement to open a bank account for the purpose of investing in government bonds. You can invest the sum through any trading firms or investment companies from abroad. You can do the sell out of your bonds after holding for 2 years and 5 years .

Travel Tip

If you do not have at least one of the above mentioned documents you need to submit a verification of Hungarian citizenship application. If the child was born out of wedlock and the mother had Hungarian citizenship, the child became Hungarian citizen. But if later on the child was recognized by a non-Hungarian father, he/she could have lost her/his citizenship. If one of the parents was a Hungarian citizen at the moment of birth, the child became Hungarian citizen. As citizenship laws don’t have retroactive effect , one always have to refer to the law which was in force at the date of his/her birth.

bulgaria citizenship

The terms for granting permanent residence status vary depending on the specific applicant. The decision on the file usually takes 2-3 months from the submission of all necessary documents. Individuals who want to naturalise and do not belong to at least one of the aforementioned groups must normally have be released from their previous law firm istanbul citizenship or be released from it at the moment of acquiring Bulgarian citizenship. However, exceptions exist for those who obtain citizenship by investment of Bulgaria under Article 14a of the country’s citizenship law. These investors are made to fulfil the requirements stipulated in Article 121 and 123, but not Articles 126 or 12.

The investment in sovereign bonds, as explained above, is fully guaranteed Bulgarian State. The Bulgarian laws allow the non-EU nationals to get Bulgarian passport within 12 months, however the administrative procedures can stretch the whole process for up to 18 months in many cases. Bulgaria is a member of European Union and will become a member of Schengen zone in the near future. Bulgarian citizenship can give you the right to travel around Europe without a visa. After 2 years of processing time you will be able to enjoy the benefits of being a permanent resident of Bulgaria. The benefits include low taxes, access to the market of European Union and many more.

bulgaria citizenship

For more detailed information, as well as details according to nationality, please do not hesitate to reach out to our specialists. Immigrant Invest is a licensed agent that helps you obtain citizenship or residence permit by investment. If you wish to become a citizen or resident of an EU country, seek advice from experts in investment programmes. It may seem like a tricky answer, but Bulgaria is actually a hybrid between a golden visa and citizenship scheme.

Some Of The Reasons Why, Investors Should Choose To Start A Business In Bulgaria:

Andrew Henderson is the world’s most sought-after consultant on international tax planning, investment immigration, and global citizenship. He has personally lived this lifestyle for over a decade, and now works with seven- and eight-figure entrepreneurs and investors who want to “go where they’re treated best”. You can either invest in government bonds , buy intellectual property, invest in a local business, or establish a trust. Yes, your spouse and all underaged dependent children can be added to the same application. One thing to note, however, is that the main applicant must obtain the residence/citizenship first before the family members become eligible to apply. €1,024,000 to apply for citizenship after just 1 year of being a resident – the so-called fast track option.

Once approved, you can apply for an Italian passport but the overall process can take up to two or three years in total. Wondering how to become an Italian citizen to make your dream of living in Italy finally come true? While your American passport can secure you a once-in-a-lifetime experience in Italy, it can’t give you a lifetime of living in the Italian countryside.

In this way, we will be able to obtain the preliminary approval without unnecessary delays. If the client opts to use his foreign broker or banker, the preliminary approval can take a lot longer than expected. It will be extremely difficult to provide all required documents to the Investment Agency in order to get the approval.

  • This means that if the country’s investment criteria ever increase, more money will likely enter the market regardless of macroeconomic trends, supporting price growth of approved real estate even in a bad market.
  • Also, expats who have lived in the country for five years, or two years, if married to a South Korean, are allowed to maintain dual nationalities.
  • Since 19 July 2021, the UK has been categorised as a ‘red zone’ country.
  • The Bulgarian passport and the national identity card permits every Bulgarian citizen to move freely and reside in any of the EU states and have direct access to the European Economic Area.
  • On the other hand, having dual citizenship may have bad implications.
  • The process of obtaining Bulgarian citizenship by investment starts with analysis of the conditions and requirements for obtaining the right to invest.

Charity DonationOnce a Malta investment citizenship applicant is approved in principle, he or she must donate at least €10,000 to a local non-profit organization. There are separate requirements for those who are resident in Bulgaria. If you are resident in Bulgaria, you should carry proof of residence as well as your valid passport when you travel. For further information on these requirements, see our Living in Bulgaria guide. If on arrival you cannot show a vaccination certificate or certificate of recovery in addition to a negative PCR test, you will be required to complete a mandatory 10-day self-isolation. Bulgarian nationals and permanent and long-term residents , as well as their family members, can shorten the 10-day self-isolation period if they present a negative PCR test within 24 hours of arrival.

It’s also likely the fastest citizenship by investment program in the world today. However, you can also qualify by investing in a local enterprise, government bonds, law firm or a real estate or venture capital fund. Bulgaria’s citizenship by investment program is the world’s slowest, as it takes more than two years to obtain the passport.

bulgaria citizenship

It is a residency which can eventually lead to citizenship through naturalization. In addition to quickly gaining a passport for as low as $145,000 the Caribbean countries offer the most affordable citizenship by investment programs. Foreign citizens coming to Bulgariamust keep in mind certain aspects of the visa application procedure for 2021. First of all, they must make sure they have a valid passport with at least two blank pages for visa purposes. The passports must have a minimum validity period of three months and must have been issued within the last 10 years. Our team of immigration lawyers in Bulgaria can help foreign nationals apply for a residence permit and handle all of the procedures associated with this application.

bulgaria citizenship

A fast-track Citizenship by Investment route, whereby the investor can lodge an application for citizenship after having maintained permanent residency status for 12 months. After 12 months of residency, the initial investment is doubled to €1,022,584. Citizenship is granted at the beginning of year 3, however the programs requires investors to maintain their investment for a period of 5 years. Greece introduced а law that allows citizens from any non-European countries to acquire a European residence permit by investment, granting them free movement to travel within the Schengen Zone.

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