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Frequently Asked Questions When Applying For Dual Italian Citizenship

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Frequently Asked Questions When Applying For Dual Italian Citizenship


Obtaining Dual Citizenship In Italy

U S Citizenship Through Naturalization

Your father was an Italian citizen at the time of your birth and you never renounced your right to Italian citizenship. If you do qualify, you will learn which documents you need to provide based on the situation that applies to you. If you are not sure you qualify, follow the links below for further assistance. There is no generational limit to claiming Italian citizenship through “jus sanguinis,” except that the ancestor who immigrated from Italy must have died on the Italian Peninsula or abroad after March 17, 1861. Any person who died prior to that date was not a citizen of Italy, because this was before the unification of Italy and consequently, that person had no ability to pass on Italian citizenship.

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Depending on the circumstances, a marriage certificate may be required. The documents you bring to process your application matters a lot when applying for dual citizenship in Italy. For these kind of descendants of Italian women the possibility of receiving recognition of Italian citizenship therefore only remains by making a case in the Italian Court. Under certain conditions, a child born with Italian citizenship might later have lost Italian citizenship during his or her infancy. The event could prevent a claim of Italian citizenship by his or her descendants.

Can I Obtain Citizenship Through Descent Or Ancestry?

Still, such was the fluidity of citizenship at the time that many people could travel back to their homeland if the need arose. Those who stayed became United States citizens and renounced their Italian citizenship as per the Italian law of that time. This would make returning impossible, and also made connecting resident permit turkey with family members remaining in Italy more difficult. This unequal treatment had significant consequences on families as it was not unusual that siblings had a different citizenship status on the basis of their year of birth. You can apply through the court if these conditions are fulfilled.

Italian nationals residing abroad are not issued said Health Card and have access to Italian health care in the case of an extreme emergency only. For far-right leaders such as Matteo Salvini and Giorgia Meloni, whose political rhetoric is based on a form of ethnic nationalism that prioritizes bloodlines, the law represents a threat to their agenda. Uyangoda was speaking at the Festival of New Italian Generations, organized by Next Generation Italy, a grassroots group of first- and second-generation Italians.

Do You Qualify For Citizenship?

There are many programs that provide ways for you to gain Italian citizenship. Unfortunately, however, there is no guarantee when dealing with the Italian government. As an Italian citizen, you will enjoy many benefits, including the ability to travel freely throughout Europe. If you have always dreamed of being an Italian citizen or if you have dreamed of getting your dual U.S. – Italian citizenship, we can help. “Citizenship Laws of the World”—United States Office of Personnel Management Investigations Service. This resource is a good one-stop summary of citizenship laws for the majority of the countries in the world.

italy citizenship

In order to be recognized as an Italian citizen, applicants have to prove that their Italian ancestor born in Italy did not acquire another citizenship before his son/daughter’s birth in the USA/other country abroad. Other nations, such as the United States, allow citizens to obtain and keep a dual citizenship which they have by birthright (i.e. as descendants of immigrants from other countries, like Italy). However, having two or more citizenships is sometimes regarded as an obstacle to access information concerning classified data and to obtaining a security clearance.

Italian Nationality Laws That May Affect Your Dual Citizenship

If you live outside of Italy, the wait time is three years, although the relevant waiting period is reduced by 50% if you have children with your spouse. You can naturalize as an Italian citizen.After 10 years of living in Italy , you can become officially Italian by taking the oath to become a citizen. However, if you are of Italian descent and otherwise don’t qualify for citizenship by descent for any reason, you only need to live in Italy for 3 years before you can seek Italian citizenship by naturalization. If you wish to apply at your consulate, you must first obtain an appointment. Consulates use a system called “Prenota Online” where you can sign up and pick a date on a calendar right on their website.

Conduct a search that covers the time of the arrival of your Italian ancestor in the USA, to the birth of his child born in the USA, and support it with Official statements. It may be worth checking your official family records, before the law on Italian citizenship by lineage may change. There habe been official attempts to limit citisenhip by descent to the second degree and that would exclude your lineage. I was told that I have italian ancestry thanks to a great great grandfather and I would like to know that id that is the case, I may have a good claim to the citizenship if I prove that I have an italian ancestor. I assume you cannot download a Nulla Osta application, rather you request application process while at the Consulate, and ensure you have the required proof-of-identity/citizenship documents on-hand.

Hungarian legislation was updated in 1993 to allow more opportunity for Hungarian descendants to return to their homeland. Find more details about the application process for Australian birthright citizenship on the Australian staying permit turkey Department of Immigration website. France is a founding member of the European Union and like other countries in the EU, becoming a French citizen gives you the access to live, study and work in any of the 28 EU countries.

italy citizenship

First of all, the birth certificates, marriage and death certificates of the Italian relatives as well as your parents and yourself. Italian embassies and consulates provide a range of services to Italians residing abroad. In addition to the AIRE-related services mentioned above, embassies and consulates also provide emergency services. For example, the embassy or consulate often can help facilitate emergency evacuations from areas of conflict or natural disaster . Consular officials are available to visit Italians arrested abroad and help arrange legal representation, although Italians are still responsible for obeying local laws and for legal costs.

Anyway, my four year wait time is coming up this year, so it should happen at some point soon and I can wait. One of the ways that living in Italy has changed me is that I am a lot more patient. Many have asked why the Salvini Reform wait times were retroactive while this new law is not and the website Cittadinanza Italiana explains it well. It’s in Italian and you can read more about it there, but I will summarize it for you here. A reform to a law can be applied retroactively to all applications that fall under that law, while a new law has power only on applications submitted when that new law has been put into effect.

The COVID-19 outbreakhas made dual citizenship even more useful — in a worldwhere many borders are closed to Americans, having a second passport means you may be able to travel where others cannot. You can claim citizenship through marriage to a Polish citizen if you have been married for three years and lived in Poland for two consecutive years while holding permanent residency. You can receive permanent residency after gaining a temporary residence permit through marriage to a Polish citizen. If your father was a Dutch citizen at the time of your birth, you may apply for Dutch citizenship by descent even if you were born outside the Netherlands. If you were born after 1 September 1983 and your parents were married at the time of your birth, you can claim citizenship through either your mother or father, provided one of them was an Austrian citizen when you were born. If you are obtaining Italian dual nationality by marriage, you must also come with your marriage record.

Italys Olympians Show Its Citizenship Flaws

An amnesty or ‘sanatoria’ in Italian is an extraordinary measure that aims to regularise the status of people without a valid permesso di soggiorno who are employed in undeclared work in Italy. If you are undocumented and you report yourself to the relevant authorities with the support of your employer, you may get a valid permesso per motivi di lavoro in Italy. As of 9am on 13th October 2020, application forms for residence permits in Italy are available. There is therefore the possibility for foreigners to enter Italy legally to carry out work in the fields of transportation of goods, construction and tourism .

italy citizenship

This is also a right automatically acquired once a foreigner becomes an Italian citizen. Also, you will obtain voting rights once you are a citizen of Italy. Entrepreneurship is one of the most important advantages of obtaining citizenship in Italy, as it is easier to start a company as a citizen of this country. Apart from this, you will be able to access various tax benefits. If you need information on the main ways in which you can access Italian citizenship, our immigration lawyers are at your disposal with complete information and assistance.

italy citizenship

The man at the consulate went through all my paperwork, and once he decided it was all in order I filled out an AIRE – Anagrafe degli Italiani Residenti all’Estero. It’s a registry of Italian citizens that are living abroad, and I chose to have it filed in the commune that my great-grandfather is from. I guess you could choose to have it filed anywhere in Italy, but I’m not sure. You are supposed to update this whenever you move, get married, divorced, have a child, etc.

Your home comune in Italy records all your significant life events, and you are required to keep your comune informed about these events. To assist Italians living abroad, there is a special registry called AIRE (Anagrafe degli Italiani Residenti all’Estero). Thus, if you are living abroad, you only have to notify your local embassy or consulate of these significant changes.

italy citizenship

Previous attempts by Italian-Eritreans to be recognized have often been rebuffed by politicians who did not want thousands of people from former Italian colonies in Africa to claim citizenship. Relations between Italian men and Eritrean women, who were generally young domestic workers, were mainly tolerated until Mussolini’s last decade in power, during which time he enacted laws making it a crime for Italians to have mixed-race children. Before that, a small number of children were recognized by their parents and recognized as Italian. Hundreds of Eritreans of Italian descent who trace their ancestry to the period of colonial rule of Italy demand Italian citizenship, a right denied to them by the racial laws of Benito Mussolini. After the abysmal consulate appointment, they said they just get the documents and couldn’t help me and I should look on a forum for what to do next.

If your ancestor emigrated before March 17th, 1861, you might be not entitled to Italian citizenship through descent if the territory from which your ancestor came from did not become part of the Kingdom of Italy. The 1948 Rule renews the hopes of living an Italian dream for applicants with maternal lineage. Thankfully, you have a viable option, and you only need to understand it well enough to get through. You canclick here for a complete guideon how the 1948 case process works so that you can be on the right track.

Minimal health insurance coverage for the Schengen Zone is €30,000. All EU / EEA nationals will only need to present an identification document to enter Italy, due to the common travel area of the Schengen Zone, part of which Italy is. Amid the Coronavirus outbreak, Italy and the rest of the EU/Schengen Area members imposed an EU-wide entry ban on third-country nationals in mid-March 2020, on the recommendation of the EU Commission. In addition, entry restrictions to Italy are frequently changing based on the COVID-19 situation in other countries.

You have an Italian female in your Italian line who gave birth to her child before January 1, 1948. This unfortunately means more paperwork and fees, but the process is relatively easy to follow. The cost of an Italian passport comes to €116⁸, made up of two different administration fees. There is a fee to pay for submitting an application for Italian citizenship. The fee is €300 regardless of where you’re from or your reason for claiming citizenship. If you’re registering your marriage or civil partnership abroad, you’ll need to wait 3 years.

All generations before you must have registered birth certificates before you can register your own. And while there’s no residency waiting period, it takes these governments a little time to process your application. In other words, don’t expect to receive your second passport within a week.

italy citizenship

Before this situation, the Italian legislators were indifferent and considered fidelity to the original principles established in Civil Code of 1865 to be more important than rapid social and cultural transformations. The gap between the political and legal elite― which were the same, to a large extent―and Italian society remained constant through- out the liberal era. The history of citizenship represents just one of the many examples that confirm it. With these ideological convictions, some could think that the issue of citizenship was foremost in the concerns of fascist politics.

italy citizenship

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