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Important Changes And Updates From The Antigua Citizenship By Investment Program

citizenship 250.000 USD

Important Changes And Updates From The Antigua Citizenship By Investment Program


Antigua & Barbuda Second Citizenship By Investment

Three Options Of The Citizenship By Investment Program Offered To Mr Afolabi

Antigua and Barbuda’s investment program was introduced in 2012 to attract foreign direct investment and promote economic growth. Encouraged by favourably low taxes – with no capital gains or inheritance tax, and no tax on overseas-sourced income – Antigua and Barbuda are popular choices for investors seeking citizenship. A minimum of at least two individuals can make a joint investment in an approved business totalling at least US$5,000,000.

Investment in the Future in an ever changing political and economic environment, the acquisition of a second citizenship for an individual and their family members could be considered an investment for future generations. For the Real Estate option, applicants will have 30 days from approval notification to complete full payment to vendor along with all required disbursements to enable Title to be registered in the applicant’s name. If desired, Bolanle Afolabi could include his children in the program for free. With a Nigerian passport, as of March 2021, you can visit 44 countries without a visa . An Antigua & Barbuda passport gives you visa-free travel to 130 countries. Visa-free travel, freedom to jump on the plane at any slightest opportunity, a global citizen with a willingness to contribute to Earth development.

Antigua And Barbuda Investment Program: Timeline And Process

To date, we have helped a large number of clients from various parts of the world. Upon receipt, the CIU will issue a Certificate of Registration of Citizenship, which will be used to obtain the passport. You will be required to take an oath of allegiance in Antigua & Barbuda or at an Embassies/High Commissions/Consular Office.

Antigua and Barbuda citizenship

The program’s restricted countries list guarantees a high level of integrity and international respect; making it an exclusive citizenship program for eligible investors. Compared with the other Caribbean Citizenship by Investment programs, Antigua’s CBI program is one of the most economic Turkish work permit citizenship programs. Listed are some of the other key reasons as to why you should opt for Antigua’s Citizenship by Investment Program. Or, at least two applicants can propose to make a joint investment in a government-approved business with a total investment of USD 5,000,000.

Is It Possible To Apply For Antigua And Barbuda Passport Without The Agents Participation?

And in some countries you don’t actually have to spend much time to become eligible for a passport . This option oftentimes is the cheapest and the quickest way to qualify for a second passport. You can learn more about citizenship by descent in this in-depth article. These Covid-bonds are a much cheaper alternative to the traditional government bond options from St. Lucia ($500,000 no-interest 5-year bond for a family of four).

There are no restrictions on the type of business that may be operated, so long as it falls within all legal sectors and activities. I don’t know what it is about us, but we just go out of our way to ensure that people feel comfortable. Especially when we know this person is making a contribution to the country that will benefit us, our children, our children’s children… The culture is to make the process as seamless as possible. We have a huge summer festival towards the end of July/beginning of August, which is Carnival. Leading up to it you have a number of fetes – parties – on various themes. During Carnival itself there is Breakfast Fete, a huge event that starts at around 5am and doesn’t end until maybe 6pm.

Who Classes As Family In The Antigua Citizenship Investment Programme ?

Ownership must be maintained for at least five years following the purchase unless the buyer acquires an alternative approved property in Antigua and Barbuda. As most properties are covered by management agreements and are returned to a rental pool once purchased, investors can earn income on the property during the period of ownership. If you choose work permit turkey this route, you have to invest in a government-approved real estate project worth at least USD 200,000. With this pathway, you can own a property, live in it, turn it into a rental to earn extra income, or both. Antigua and Barbuda’s Citizenship by Investment Programs has the fastest processing time among the similar routes in the Caribbean.

The Commonwealth of Antigua and Barbuda also permits dual citizenship allowing you to maintain your full rights in your nation of origin while gaining permanent citizenship to the island. Your Antigua passport will be a fully authorized international travel document trusted around the world. To be granted a passport, Antigua and Barbuda requires you to reside on the island for at least five days during the staying permit turkey first five years of your investment period. Antigua and Barbuda consist of exquisite tropical islands and is a sovereign Commonwealth country including 2 islands and various other smaller ones. Situated in the Eastern Caribbean it is well- known for its many luscious beaches. Antigua and Barbuda is a member of the United Nations and the British Commonwealth numerous other international organizations.

Option C

Make sure all the documents are legalised according to Antigua and Barbuda government standards . The taxable value is based on the property’s current market value construction replacement cost with the applicable tax rate dependent on the classification of the property . Parents or grandparents of the main applicant or of the spouse if aged 58 or above, and depend financially on the main applicant. A non-refundable monetary contribution to the National Development Fund of at leastUS$ 100,000.00for single applicant. I understand $100,000 is the minimum investment entry for Caribbean Trust Citizenship Programs.

Antigua and Barbuda citizenship

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