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More U S Residents Are Getting Dual Citizenship In Greece, Italy And Elsewhere


More U S Residents Are Getting Dual Citizenship In Greece, Italy And Elsewhere


Staying In Legnano, Italy While Applying For Italian Citizenship

The 5 Incredible Benefits Of Dual Citizenship

Generally, I have people start with the USCIS search on the genealogy page and then order the records. Depending upon where you are applying for citizenship, you may need to obtain an Apostille from the U.S. Department of State, even though the U.S. supposedly has an agreement with the Italian consulates that the certified copy of the USCIS documents do not need an Apostille. In most cases, if your ancestor became a U.S. citizen before the child in your direct line, was born, you won’t be eligible. If the ancestor did not naturalize at all, or did so after the child from whom you are descended was born, it’s likely that you are eligible for Italian citizenship. Here are issues Sonseere points out regarding the Italian dual citizenship application, as well as solutions to overcome them.

The state also offers foreigners Albanian citizenship without renouncing their county’s citizenship. Foreigners who want to apply for Albanian citizenship must be over eighteen years old, have accommodation, and have resided in the country for over five years. You may file a motion to appeal the “1948 Rule” through the courts in Rome and obtain, if eligible, Italian citizenship. If you are pursuing dual citizenship jure sanguinis and are impeded by the interruptions in lineage caused by the 1948 Rule, challenging this rule in court may allow you to secure the status of Italian citizen. To become a citizen by naturalization, you must have lived in Italy for 10 years for non EU nationals, for EU nationals, four years.

If You Are A Former Italian Citizen, You Shall Give Evidence Of:

In cases the application must be submitted to the Municipality of residence. I believe the only way she can re-claim her citizenship is by living in Italy for at least a year, but I’m not sure how she can go about doing that without citizenship, it’s a bit of a paradox I suppose. • For all certificates issued from New York City and New York State, please check the web site of the Consulate General of Italy in New York ().

Jure Sanguinis is Latin for “right of blood” and is synonymous with “by descent”. Italy has favorable laws regarding citizenship and considers those of Italian descent “family”. In many cases Italy allows those with Italian ancestors to claim Italian citizenship by descent .

The Golden Visa

Once the records have been found and the forms have been filled, you’ll need to set up an appointment at your nearest Italian Consulate. In total, there are 10 documents that need to be presented to the Italian government, all apostilled and translated into Italian of course. If you can prove your Italian ancestry, you may qualify for Italian citizenship. Lots of different countries, particularly in Europe, offer these programs, which are a great way to obtain a European passport. Essentially, you can become a citizen if you can prove you have ancestors from that country.

italy citizenship

Their work aims to give a voice to young Italians with immigrant backgrounds who do not feel sufficiently represented in Italian politics and are now asserting the importance of their citizenship rights and demanding fair representation in politics. It’s a rare opportunity for Italians to hear and learn directly from those affected by Italy’s immigration policies—rather than from politicians with no skin in the game. Applicants for Italian Citizenship by descent are kindly informed that starting from October 1st 2021, they will be able to make an appointment through the online Prenot@mi system. The disadvantages mostly depend on the law of the country of which you are a citizen now. You don’t have to pay income taxes from a business or non-business client based in Italy. Every Italian citizen can access public educational programs in Italy and all EU Member states, including state universities, EU-funded educational programs, Ph.D. programs, post-doc research programs.

Italian citizenship is granted through the paternal line with no limit on generations. If claiming citizenship from the maternal line, you must have been born after 1 January 1948. You’ve been married for at least five years and have a child together. If you were adopted legally in Germany by a German parent you became a German citizen. You don’t automatically become a German citizen if you were adopted between these dates.

  • I have recently authored a book called “The Italian-American Guide to Seeking Dual Citizenship as Blood Right” which is available in both print and e-versions.
  • Post-1906 naturalization records are generally the most useful for genealogists.
  • 1) Summary of birth certificate from birth certificate registry (“Estratto per riassunto dai registri degli atti di nascita”) issued by the Italian municipality where the Italian ancestor who moved abroad was born.
  • Italy has Social Security treaties with certain other countries, including the U.S., that establish various reciprocal rights to benefits based on combined contributions.
  • As of today, there is a new website to check on the status of your citizenship applications.

Within a few years, terrorist attacks in Europe increased and, more importantly, radicalized citizens of European countries often took part in their planning and enactment, as a recent report of the EU Court of Auditors shows. Not to mention those who leave their country as “foreign terrorist fighters”, moving to territories in which they can participate in terrorist acts and/or receive terrorist training. These phenomena, showing that jihadist terrorism is reaching the very roots of Europe, prompted several EU Member States to pass or strengthen legislation allowing citizenship-stripping. This approach represents the apex of the overlap between immigration and counter-terrorism measures. By revoking citizenship, allegiance between the individual and the state is broken and turning citizens into foreigners allows the state to deport them. If the applicant is financially dependent on their spouse, they can still apply on these grounds but must declare that their spouse has been earning at least the set amount for the past three years.

You will always require all records in their original form or as certified copies. If you aren’t applying through descent, you will also need proof that you have proficiency in the Italian language up to B1 level. This Consulate’s citizenship office has the right to request additional documents, beyond the ones provided by the applicant on the day of the appointment, in order to determine the applicants’ eligibility of Italian citizenship. • Birth certificates, marriage certificates, and, if applicable, divorce documents related to the applicant must be legalized with an APOSTILLE by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade of the country in which the document has been issued. Is is strongly suggested that applicants begin the process by first acquiring their ancestor’s Italian birth certificate and his/her naturalization certificate.

Further, this may cause many situations in which one sibling and his family could qualify for citizenship, while another sibling’s family could not based on birth-dates alone. The principle of jure sanguinis applies to Italian Citizenship and allows Italian descendants not born in Italy to seek recognition. However, until 1948, citizenship only transferred through the father, leaving many individuals unable to seek citizenship, due to Italy’s archaic laws and customs.

Visa Exemptions In Italy

Throughout your time in Italy, you must maintain your investment if you intend to renew and keep your visa. Once the Italy Investor Visa Committee reaches a decision, you have six months to apply for a visa at the nearest Italian Embassy or Consulate. You must scan and attach the documents electronically via the same website. Start the online application on the official website by completing a series of forms. Once you get the visa, you can travel to Italy and receive a Residence Permit, allowing you to live in Italy long-term. If the applicant has declared that they must rely on income privately or through members of their family, tax returns from the last 3 years are required.

italy citizenship

There are a couple paths you can take—all of them long, not necessarily difficult, but very specific. “The right information”, as we could define it, is the one stated on the birth certificate. This means that all the successive documents should be consistent with the data on the birth certificate. If not, you are in presence of a discrepancy that, if not amended, might affect your eligibility. However, once your Italian citizenship iure sanguinis has been recognized, your spouse is able to apply for Italian citizenship by virtue for being married to an Italian citizen. Therefore, if you need help with your Italian citizenship application, it is best to consult with someone who is licensed to give you professional legal advice and assistance.

Loss Of Danish Citizenship

For others, the children of migrant parents, it is not just strangers who ask questions about their roots, but the state itself. The children of migrants, both those born on Italian soil and those who migrated with their parents as minors, are not automatically granted an Italian passport when they turn 18. The aim of the new legislation is to force EU and EEA citizens to meet the same requirements for a grant of entry clearance as third country national Turkish resident permit applicants. To meet the threshold of a ‘highly skilled’ worker, the government will be introducing a new points-based system. Points will be awarded for knowledge of the English language to a certain standard, having a job offer from an approved employer and meeting a minimum salary threshold of £25,600. Further points will be awarded for having certain professional qualifications where there is a shortage of a workforce in that profession in the UK.

These events could include the loss or reacquisition of citizenship. For example, the family might lose Italian citizenship if the husband naturalised in a foreign state. Italy has been a participant in the Strasbourg convention on the reduction of cases of multiple citizenship. Children born outside of Italy with the citizenship of a member country may not have been able to hold Italian citizenship turkish citizenship by investment by birth because of this convention. The convention has also extended the era when Italians could lose citizenship by foreign naturalisation to dates later than 14 August 1992, if the naturalisation were in a participant country. Italian citizens naturalising in another country prior to 15 August 1992, while being of legal adult age, typically lost their Italian citizenship at that time.

The requirement was repealed on 18 May 1986, and so it was given only to people born between 27 April 1965 and 17 May 1967. Between 18 May 1986 and 14 August 1994, people subject to the requirement were entitled to make belated selections of Italian citizenship, or amend previously made selections of foreign citizenship. All minor children of at least one Italian citizen parent, including an adoptive parent, as of the date 27 April 1983 who did not already have Italian citizenship received Italian citizenship on this date.

italy citizenship

While the B1 language requirement did not apply to applications submitted prior to the reform, all pending applications were under the new wait-time. Let’s see how italian birth certificates and birth records are different. In certain circumstances, the public administration that examines your request can ask you to prove not only that you were formally resided in Italy but also that your residence was continuous and uninterrupted. Leaving the country for holidays or for other personal or professional reasons is admissible of course, but it is important to show that Italy has been your base and that your presence in Italy has been continuous. In order to comply with this burden of proof, the applicant can show proof of having paid taxes or utility bills, enrollment of children in schools or a valid work contract.

italy citizenship

You don’t have to apply in the same comune where your ancestors were born. The best advice for choosing which comune to apply through is to opt for a town that’s not too big or too small. All US documents need an apostille, which is a certification for use abroad. These are issued by the Secretary of State, not the Vital Records Office.

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