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8 Easiest Citizenships & Passports To Get


8 Easiest Citizenships & Passports To Get


Why Are The Cayman Islands Considered A Tax Haven?

Cayman Islands Enhances Global Innovation And Economic Development Without Tax Harm

By securing citizenship through the citizenship by investment program, you’ll have access to the best in health, education, and financial opportunities. You’ll also have greater security and the ability to enjoy visa-free travel all around the world. Residency by investment, can be defined as, getting residency through investment in economy through various means like, business, real estate, government bonds, etc. We provide best citizenship by investment and residence by investment support for investment, immigration and real estate planning. For us to move forward with your citizenship by investment and residency by investment application we would need scanned copies of client and family members passport. We provide support for real estate investments with perspective that client should earn good return on investment, whenever, they want to opt out of the investment made by them for their citizenship by investment and residency by investment.

cayman citizenship by investment

With a passport from this country, you can gain visa-free or visa-on-arrival entry to over 155 countries and territories worldwide. The Spice Island is widely regarded as one of the Caribbean’s friendliest and most beautiful island nations. A Grenadian passport gives you visa-free and visa-on arrival rights to around 145 destinations. The Cayman Islands have been and still remain a great place to live and relax, therefore, it is not surprising that local real estate is in high demand.

Grand Cayman Condos On Seven Mile Beach

Unlike other stocks in the market that can swing up and down and loss or gain hundreds of dollars of value within days. This means gold is a great investment for those wishing to simply invest, forget about it for awhile, then cash out at a later date. There has never been a better time in history to consider a precious metals IRA investment account.

Month 1 – The investor purchases Bulgarian ETFs & AIFs and the financial intermediary issues a purchase order and settlement certificate. This step includes the preparation of the set of Investor D visa application documents, and investment certificate issued from the Bulgarian Investment Agency. According to Art. 12a of the Bulgarian Citizenship Act, the spouse of the main applicant can acquire Bulgarian citizenship if she/ he meets the requirements of Art. 12, para 1, items 1, 2, 3, and 4 .

Citizenship For Extraordinary Merit

We and our executive officers and other employees who are PRC citizens or who reside in the PRC for a continuous period of not less than one year and who have been granted options are subject to these regulations. In addition, pursuant to SAFE Circular 37, PRC residents who participate in share incentive plans in overseas non-publicly-listed companies may submit applications to SAFE or its local branches for the foreign exchange registration with respect to offshore special purpose companies before exercising their rights. Failure to complete the SAFE registrations may subject them to fines and legal sanctions, law firm istanbul there may be additional restrictions on the ability of them to exercise their stock options or remit proceeds gained from the sale of their stock into the PRC. We also face regulatory uncertainties that could restrict our ability to adopt incentive plans for our directors, executive officers and employees under PRC law. See “Item 4. Information on the Company – B. Business Overview – Regulation-Regulations on Stock Incentive Plans.” Due to the restrictions imposed on loans in foreign currencies extended to any PRC domestic companies, we are not likely to make such loans to our VIEs and their subsidiaries.

In considering whether an applicant has established, or will establish, a ‘substantial business presence’ in the Islands the Chief Immigration Officer will take into account whether through the purchase or lease of commercial real estate the business has established a physical presence in the Islands. It will also be taken into account whether the business in question employs, or will employ, a minimum of four full-time employees who are legally and ordinarily resident in the Islands for a minimum of nine months in any calendar year. To be eligible to apply for a Residency Certificate a person must be, or intend to be, legally and ordinarily resident in the Islands for a minimum of ninety days in each calendar year. He must also own, or propose to own, either directly or indirectly, a minimum of ten percent of the shares in an approved category of business in the Islands through which he has established, or will establish, a substantial business presence in the Islands.

The program also offers the opportunity to invest in approved real estate or an approved business for a minimum of US $400,000 as alternative routes to economic citizenship. Recently, Grenada opened a Consulate in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, to further develop economic, cultural, and scientific ties between the two countries. Grenada’s Consulate in Dubai aims to bolster the country’s citizenship by investment program, working actively to promote it to potential investors and its many benefits for family members and the peace of mind that comes with convenient global mobility. TheAntigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Regulations 2014, established theRegulations regarding citizenship by investment in Antigua and Barbuda are contained in Section 6 of the Citizenship by Investment Act, 2014.

  • We are a leading independent wealth management service provider in China serving high-net-worth clients.
  • If you’re a high net worth individual, read on to find out how you can get citizenship by investment in Antigua.
  • Please contact our St Kitts & Nevis buyer’s agent for prices of real estate for sale in St Kitts and Nevis, as well as current rental rates.
  • Despite these challenges, new programs in the Caribbean and further afield are sure to come on the market as demand is increasing from ultra high net worth individuals from China, Russia, and the Middle East.
  • Holders of the Antigua and Barbuda passport enjoy visa-free travel to approximately 150 countries, including the UK and the countries of the Schengen area.

Please our real estate broker in Dominica for prices of real estate for sale in Dominica, as well as current rental rates. Like its status as the youngest island in the region, so its economy and appeal is very new, very fresh, and ripe for consideration and exploration, particularly by those who would benefit from lifetime citizenship and a second passport. Land and real estate are very affordable for the region; in addition Dominica’s Citizenship by Investment Program is the most affordable in the world. Alternatively citizenship can be obtained through investment in the Government Fund. The government is focused on the promotion of investment immigration, which is aimed at increasing government revenues, cutting debts, and revitalizing Dominica’s economy.

Leading Citizenship By Investment Programs

If the foreign exchange control system prevents us from obtaining sufficient foreign currencies to satisfy our foreign currency demands, we may not be able to pay dividends in foreign currencies to our shareholders, including holders of the ADSs. Most of our revenues and substantially all of our costs are denominated in Renminbi. We are a holding company and we rely on dividends paid by our operating subsidiaries in China for our cash needs. Any significant revaluation of Renminbi may materially and adversely affect our results of operations and financial position reported in Renminbi when translated into U.S. dollars, and the value of, and any dividends payable on, the ADSs in U.S. dollars.

cayman citizenship by investment

Canada used to offer federal immigrant investor programs, but they have been recently terminated. Instead, Quebec offers Investor program, Entrepreneur program and Self-Employed Worker program which are regional immigration program for foreign investors and businessmen. Permanent residence makes it easier for you and your family to travel for business or leisure.

Applicants have the option to invest in an alternative project that has received the approval of St Kitts and Nevis’ Cabinet and the St Kitts Investment Promotion Agency. The alternative project will only be approved if 30% of the capital required for the project has already been raised, and if less than 100% of the capital will be derived from citizenship by investment applications. Alternative investment projects can be Government or privately owned, with the applicant needing to invest US$175,000 for the former and US$200,000 for the latter.

Recently, the PRC government enhanced its measures relating to social insurance collection, which lead to stricter enforcement. We could be subject to orders by the competent labor authorities for rectification and failure to comply with the orders which may further subject us to administrative fines. As the interpretation and implementation of labor related laws and regulations are still evolving, we cannot assure you that our employment practices do not and will not violate labor related laws and regulations in China, which may subject us to labor disputes or government investigations.

Antigua is the one exception, where you are expected to visit the country for five days within the first five years of gaining their citizenship. Even before the recent changes, the most attractive option for single applicants was St. Lucia. For a $109,550 exclusive of service provider fees) one-time donation to the government, you can get a passport from St. Lucia, which gives you visa-free access to 123 countries, including the EU . This doesn’t just apply to crimes, but also to any activity foreign governments may not like. For example, Glenn Greenwald, who helped break the Edward Snowden story, lives in Brazil.

We also distribute exchange administered products sourced from local financial assets exchanges. However, we still need to comply with the Sale Agency Measure and other applicable laws and regulations. Real estate products are also subject to the risks inherent in the ownership and operation of real estate and real estate-related businesses and assets. Investment performance is a key competitive factor for products distributed or managed by us. Strong investment performance helps us to retain and expand our client base and generate new sales of products and services. Strong investment performance is therefore an important element to our goals of maximizing the value of products and services provided to our clients or the assets under our management.

cayman citizenship by investment

Nevertheless, when following such procedures and making an assessment regarding product candidates, we rely on the resources available to us, including information provided by the product providers, which may not always be accurate, complete, up-to-date or properly evaluated. Accordingly, we cannot assure you that the due diligence investigations that we carry out with respect to any products will reveal or highlight all relevant facts that may be necessary or helpful in evaluating such products. Instances of fraud, accounting irregularities and other deceptive practices can be difficult to detect. Our business could be and has been affected by public health epidemics, such as the outbreak of avian influenza, severe acute respiratory syndrome, or SARS, Zika virus, Ebola virus or other disease.

cayman citizenship by investment

To qualify for St. Kitts citizenship through the real estate option you must purchase a property or share in a world-renowned brand 5-star resort on the island in the amount of US $200,000. Real estate has always been a fan favorite of savvy investors, and the nation of St. Kitts & Nevis considered this preference and added a real estate option in the mold of St. Kitts real estate citizenship. The process, in addition to being very simple and not requiring any travel or status as a resident in St. Kitts and Nevis, is swift as well. The entire timeline is about 3 months in total, meaning you can start the process at the end of winter and have your St. Kitts second citizenship come summer. The government also provides an accelerated process that enables you to get St. Kitts citizenship and passport in just days. Affordable pricing – Obtaining a St. Kitts and Nevis passport requires you to invest an amount starting at US $150,000, we have provided an entire section in this article dedicated to explaining the investment options so you know exactly the St Kitts citizenship cost.

On March 23, 2016, the Ministry of Finance of China and the State Administration of Taxation of China jointly issued the Circular on the Nationwide Implementation of Pilot Program for the Collection of Value Added-Tax Instead of Business Tax, or Circular 36, which became effective on May 1, 2016. Subsequent to the effectiveness of Circular 36, most of our PRC subsidiaries’ business will be subject to value-added tax at a rate of 6% and they would be permitted to offset input VAT by providing valid VAT invoices received from vendors against their VAT liability. We believe that work permit turkey Hywin Holdings Ltd. is not a PRC resident enterprise for PRC tax purposes. However, the tax resident status of an enterprise is subject to determination by the PRC tax authorities and uncertainties remain with respect to the interpretation of the term “de facto management body”. If we are deemed a China resident enterprise, we may be subject to the EIT at the rate of 25% on our global income, except that the dividends we receive from our Chinese subsidiaries may be exempt from the EIT to the extent such dividends are deemed dividends among qualified resident enterprises.

cayman citizenship by investment

Prior to that, Mr. HAN served as the chairman at Henan Yizhong Co., Ltd. from July 1995 to June 2008, responsible for the overall management of the company. Mr. HAN is currently the president of Henan Chamber of Commerce and New Shanghai Merchants Federation, and executive president of the Federation of Enterprises in Shanghai . Mr. HAN was awarded the “Industry Achievement Award” by Hurun Report in November 2017. He was recognized as the “2014 China Economic Figure” by Economic Information Daily in November 2014. He was also recognized as the “Man of the Year for China Independent Wealth Management Industry” by Fortune Today in November 2016.

cayman citizenship by investment

The Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Programme allows the government to operate a programme under which citizenship is granted to an applicant provided that certain provisions are met. Antigua & Barbuda grants citizenship to investors, entrepreneurs and families alike in return for a contribution to Antigua’s National Development Fund or an investment in real estate or business. Once citizenship is obtained through this programme, it is valid for life and also provides visa free travel within the Schengen area and the UK. Located between Britain and France, it is the largest of the Channel Islands and a UK Crown Dependency with its own constitutional government and independence in terms of policy, legislation and taxation.

Our global marketplace is ever-changing, and a diverse portfolio that is not solely dependent on the manufacturing or agricultural industry to remain solvent has become more imperative than ever to ensure your family’s financial well-being. We cordially invite you to examine all of the disclosures in our FREE Investment Guide and set your appointment to discuss how an American Hartford Gold Group IRA can help provide your family a sense of security not found in securities. As we mentioned earlier, cash-based accounts are subject to changes in the Federal Reserve interest rate. While precious metals values may fluctuate, the degree of variability is infinitesimal in comparison to currency.

If the custodians or authorized users of controlling non-tangible assets of our company, including our corporate chops and seals, fail to fulfill their responsibilities, or misappropriate or misuse these assets, our business and operations could be materially and adversely affected. Historically, before we established our offshore holding structure, our PRC operating entity, Hywin Wealth Management established Haiyin Wealth Management Limited in Hong Kong, which thereafter acquired our HK licensed companies, Hywin International Insurance Broker Limited and Hywin Asset Management Limited. Hywin Wealth Management has filed with the relevant branch of the MOFCOM and NDRC for investing in Haiyin Wealth Management Limited, but failed to update such filing for Haiyin Wealth Management Limited’s further investments in Hywin International Insurance Broker Limited and Hywin Asset Management Limited.

Other sections of this annual report include additional factors which could adversely impact our business and financial performance. We qualify all of our forward-looking statements by these cautionary statements. According to Imperial & Legal, from 1 April 2018 St Kitts and Nevis government implemented a new investment option – Contribution to Sustainable Growth Fund . To qualify for citizenship of St Kitts & Nevis, applicants who choose to invest in SGF will need to make a once-off non-refundable contribution of $150,000 plus due diligence fees. A contribution to the Sugar Industry Diversification Fund of at least US$250,000, inclusive of all government fees but exclusive of due diligence fees which are the same for the real estate option.

One business group that has been taking advantage of the incentives that opening a business in the Cayman Island brings is technology-based companies. Tax law in the Cayman Islands is a subject that has had its fair set of changes in the last decade. Still, this should Turkish citizenship 250.000 USD not be a problem to foreign investors as the government of the Cayman Islands is very welcoming to foreign investors. You can get ahead in this hyper competitive market by opening your business in the country by using a tool that has been present for a long time.

cayman citizenship by investment

Ireland Immigrant investor program is open to non European nationals who wish to invest atleast €500,000 or €1 million in irish investments /bonds or mixed investment of €1,000,000 ( €500,000 real estate + €500,000 irish bonds). The Permanent residence permit known as Stamp 4 status is issued for 5 years depending on the investment. No minimum residency requirements enforced, except a visit to Ireland once a year is required. Under the irish naturalization law, you are required to live 5 years in Ireland, before applying for citizenship. Please note Ireland is not a part of UK and neither part of Schengen, and non-EU people applying for Irish residency will require a separate visa to move into Schengen area and UK.

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