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9 European Countries Where You Can Get A Residency By Investment

citizenship by investment

9 European Countries Where You Can Get A Residency By Investment


Citizenship By Investment Programs

Q: What Type Of Real Estate Can I Invest In?

Only funds managed by an experienced fund manager located in Ireland are eligible for approval under this option of the Irish Investor Program. Invest in lucrative real estate and other assets that allow to capitalize on your future by generating rental returns with options to release your investments when the investment term is over. Enjoy the benefits of being a global citizen and relocate to the country of your choice. We evaluate your personal relocation goals and give in-depth advice on the most suitable residency or citizenship programs.

spain citizenship by investment

For example, if one is a citizen of a nation with compulsory military service, that may complicate matters if the two nations encounter hostile situations with each other. Maintaining dual residences in two different countries would be double the responsibility. The Cyprus Investment Programme provides a cost efficient 6-month processing period for this route to EU citizenship without membership in the Schengen Area. Recently, the St Lucia Electricity Services Limited has signed a contract with the Spain-based solar energy company GRUPOTEC to start the construction of a 3-megawatt solar farm that will be opened in 2018. Judging by the determination of the local government to get rid of diesel-power generators and traditional energy sources, on the whole, one may safely assume it is time to start investing in alternative, renewable energy projects. If your application for a visa to a country with which Saint Lucia has a visa-free regime has been denied.

Overseas Business Representative Visa

Easy global travel– with Moldova citizenship one can travel around the globe. Access to globe– Maltese Passport allows visa-free travel to above 180 countries including Canada, US, and EU. Visa-free travel route– Turkey citizenship allows traveling rights over 115 countries. Enjoy Similar Rights as Dominican Citizens– Get the citizen status immediately with Dominica’s second passport. Citizenship by Investment Unit noted the uptick in interest from Middle Eastern investors seeking out second citizenship during the pandemic.

  • Switzerland is well-known for its world-class finance system, very high standard of living, excellent education and healthcare, and great political stability.
  • Investors and their dependents are entitled to live, work, go to school and access healthcare in the country in investment country or region.
  • Choosing the right program is a critically important step in making a decision.
  • This perfect combination of political and monetary stability places Malta in accordance with the main European nations.

We will treat your case individually, and we will guide you every step of the way. We have huge experience and expertise in Citizenship by Investment programs. We will be happy to offer our skills and knowledge to make sure you get your second passport easily and quickly. You may learn more information about investment options, visa-free access and specific advantages and qualifications under the section for each country below.

Cyprus Citizenship Through Real Estate Investment

Montenegro Economic Citizenship program open since Oct 2019 limited to 2000 foreign applicants. Application process is confidential and citizenship not reported to other countries. Dual citizenship also must be evaluated accordingly so that you wont automatically lose citizenship by taking up citizenship of foreign country.

And if you come to Spain under the Non-lucrative residency (the “pensioners visa”, with no right to work in Spain) and keep paying your taxes elsewhere, Spanish tax authorities generally won’t bother you. Yet, if you’ve got the means to invest, and your business or lifestyle requires flexibility, then a Golden Visa can make a lot of sense. We provide the attestation of all the documents that are needed to get the permanent/temporary citizenship in Spain. Yes, our lawyer in Spain and agents in Spain provide support for Residency by investment in Spain. After Residency by investment to Spain if you plan to start a business by buying existing business in Spain for instant start in Spain. If you are planning to move with your family to Spain by investing, we as your partner for Spain, are there to provide lots of other service as and when you might require in Spain at affordable prices.

These are risk free investments fully refunded after 5 years without interest. Only a few nations offer bonds for the purpose of citizenship or residency. In 2019, there are some 14 citizenship by investment available in the world. For a confidential consultation regarding Dominica citizenship by investment, phone us today or use our contact form to request a call back. Dominica is a highly popular destination for cruise ships, with hundreds of thousands of cruise ship tourists arriving in the country each year via the Cabrits Cruise Ship Berth, Roseau Cruise Ship Berth, as well as Woodbridge Bay.

spain citizenship by investment

The standard residency period is shortened to two years for citizens of Iberoamerica, Andorra, Philippines, Equatorial Guinea and Portugal. As recently as 2016, the Philippines even outlawed dual citizens from working in government positions. Up until the Citizenship Retention and Reacquisition Act of 2003, working in a government office, for fourteen years was not considered a problem.

It offers the lifelong benefit of having more options for living, traveling, doing business, investing, and potentially even saving you a fortune in taxes. Citizenship Shop is a shopping platform for citizenship and residence by investment work permit turkey schemes. Visa free travel is also one of the important deciding factors for many investors, especially they want to travel for business, holidays, visiting family and friends and pursuing overseas education for children.

spain citizenship by investment

After 5 years, you can get permanent residence, and after 10 years, even Citizenship. You can apply for Residence Visa at Spanish Embassies or Consulates. Unlike other visas, for Austria, you will need to invest money and start a business. As a Start-up Founder, you can establish a company and run it with a capital of at least EURO 50,000. Another option is to be a Self-Employed Key Worker, but the investment capital is EURO 100,000 or something that benefits the country.

How To Get A European Golden Visa?

These restrictions vary depending on where you live and also which program and country they apply. St Lucia, Grenada, Malta, Turkey, Montenegro and other programs are complete citizenship Turkish citizenship 250.000 USD programs offering all rights including the right to vote, holding public office and exercising political rights. Keep in mind that Antigua, St Kitts, Vanuatu do not offer these rights.

Seeking to incorporate the best from surrounding CBI schemes, it offers many advantages for investors and residents alike. Spain and Greece offer considerable advantages in terms of the application time which is more or less 2 months in most cases. Portugal however, since it’s a program that offers a quite frictionless path to citizenship, takes substantially more time. Both Spain and Greece do not require that you reside in either country for a set amount of time.

While the discounts are no longer on offer, many of these programs remain attractively affordable. If you prefer to deposit money in the bank instead, you may deposit $500,000 for three years in a bank. You can also invest the same $500,000 amount in a working company as venture funding or in bonds.

We are going to focus on self-employed people looking to obtain active residency in Andorra. For papers issued in another country, a duly apostilled translation is required. Marc Gras is the Managing Director of Flag Theory and a business strategy and international structuring specialist experienced in multiple sectors. His day to day activities consist of finding solutions for multinational businesses from a variety of industries that have complex international corporate structuring and banking/financial needs. Depends on what you compare it with, taxes in Turkey are lower than most EU-15 countries, but we can find more relaxed tax regimes nearby.

spain citizenship by investment

To get the right to reside in Monaco, you have to invest $1.2 million (£904k) in property or deposit that sum in a bank account in the principality – they don’t call it a billionaires’ playground for nothing. Residents are granted citizenship after 10 years living in the tiny country. Spain’s neighbor has a near-identical investment for residency program for non-EU nationals. Spending $595,000 (£448k) or more on a property in Portugal will entitle you to residency and full citizenship if you reside in the country for six years or longer.

The next, and most common option is to acquire European citizenship through a naturalisation process. This is a more varied option, with numerous different routes, timelines, and costs involved. The first, and most important point to stress is that obtaining citizenship by naturalisation inevitably takes time and effort, irrespective of the specific route taken. Citizenship by descent is by far the easiest and cheapest way to become a European citizen for those who are eligible. In order to qualify, you need to have either parents, grandparents, or in some cases, great-grandparents who are/were born citizens of the European country in question.

Finally, the number of visa-free travel countries gives you an indication of how your new passport will be received by world banks. An EU passport will allow you to open an account anywhere in the world. A passport from St. Kitts will have fewer options, but generally accepted. I expect it to be nearly impossible to open an account abroad with a passport from Comoros . When I decided to investigate the various options to obtain an European residency, I had no idea where to start.

spain citizenship by investment

The licensed local promoting agent of the Dominica Economic Citizenship Program that originally guided you through the application process can also help facilitate the renewal of your passport. There is no need to have a Dominica address in order to renew your passport – you can use your primary residence elsewhere without a problem. Foreign citizens who want to obtain citizenship by investment in Spain have the choice of buying listed and unlisted shares, but also turkish citizenship shareholdings in Spanish companies. The minimum amount of money required for such an investment is 1 million euros. The residence visa attached to this type of investment has a validity of 1 year, followed by the issuance of a residence permit with a validity of 5 years provided that the investment is kept. Compared to the other investment options, the successful applicant is not required to live in Spain but is required to visit the country at least once a year.

Which country will give you a second passport while spending barely any time there. This means you receive your European citizenship very quickly and without having to reside in the country for several years first. In scrambling for money, many governments are turning to selling citizenship to well-heeled foreign investors. If anyone else wants to become a citizen of Spain they must spend 10 years living there, and renounce their old citizenship. Spain is by far the fastest and cheapest option for citizens of countries that used to be Spanish colonies. The Single Work Permit is an electronic card for non-EU nationals giving authorization to both work and settle in Belgium.

Those who did not duly exercise their right to acquire Spanish nationality by option are also required to have a year. You will need to take along the required supporting documents for your Spanish citizenship application, plus a completed Spanish citizenship application form. Uncertainty remains around the UK’s departure from the EU, but there are signs that British expats living in Spain will be protected. In March 2019, the Spanish foreign minister announced that the 400,000 UK citizens living in Spain would be granted residency rights in the event of a ‘no deal’ Brexit. If you become a Spanish citizen, however, you will need to give up your original nationality and passport, unless you qualify for an exemption . In addition, you will become a citizen of the EU, meaning you are free to move around within it.

In this case, the minimum period of residency is a slightly more generous five years. Your family members are eligible for residence permit, upon your residency permit is approved. In case, your citizenship by investment and residence by investment fails, there are 36 more countries that we service, we are ready with plan B. Experienced citizenship by investment and residence by investment solicitors and legal agents providing support to clients.

spain citizenship by investment

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