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Tamarind Hills Citizenship Programme Antigua & Barbuda

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Tax-free For the citizens of Antigua and Barbuda, who are members of Citizenship program for investments, direct taxes, such as a tax on personal income tax on equity, gift tax, inheritance tax, are not provided. Dual citizenship The country allows dual citizenship – when you make a passport in the country of the first nationality, information on how to obtain the document is not transmitted. Freedom of travel Citizen of Antigua and Barbuda can travel without visas to 190 countries. Also he has the ability to get multivisa to the United States for 10 year- period without problems. Second passport – is Comfort Visa-free travel or simplified procedure for obtaining visas to many countries where visa application with the first passport visa is long and complex. Tax planning Offshore system of Caribbean countries provides more opportunities for tax optimization and privacy in the investment and banking services delivery.

Antigua and Barbuda is a twin-island state located between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. It consists of two major inhabited islands, Antigua and Barbuda, and a number of smaller islands.Antigua and Barbuda is an independent Commonwealth state in the Eastern Caribbean. Antigua was first discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1493 and later became a British settlement.

The Definite Guide To Antigua And Barbuda Passport Form

Children and dependents up to age 28 can be included , likewise dependent parents over age 58. La Vida is an authorised representative for the Antigua and Barbuda program and we will provide a copy of our letter of appointment from the government for any potential applicant wishing to work through our staying permit turkey company. You should especially consider it if you are married – Antigua is the cheapest donation option in the Caribbean for families, especially larger families with six or more members. Certain children up to 30, as well as parents as young as 55 can qualify as a dependent of the main applicant.

As we have seen, there are both advantages and disadvantages of dual citizenship. On the whole, however, the pros do outweigh the potential cons. Especially when applying for citizenship in Antigua and Barbuda. If you aren’t one of those lucky people who get to enjoy dual citizenship by descent or naturalisation, applying for an additional nationality can be a very complex and expensive undertaking. If you wish to extend this, you must apply and pay for an extension at the immigration department. Unvaccinated visitors are required to remain on property for the duration of their stay except to transfer to another COVID-19 certified property to continue their stay, or participate in excursions arranged by the hotel.

The Antigua And Barbuda Citizenship Program At A Glance

There are numerous advantages to being a European resident, for instance, Portugal’s investor visa holders are granted the freedom to travel, live and work in all Schengen countries. Let’s look at Portugal as a country and why it makes an excellent place to become an EU citizen. The Caribbean nation grants you an opportunity to become a citizen of a Commonwealth country without having to renounce other citizenship. In order to get Antigua and Barbuda second passport, you can either invest in government-approved real estate or make a contribution to the National Development Fund . Every one of this methods needs a different application form and needs to meet different requirements in order to be approved.

YesTravel for unvaccinated travelers is prohibited to Guadeloupe and Martinique unless it is based on an overriding personal or family reason, an emergency health reason or a professional reason that cannot be postponed. Turkish work permit YesTravelers are required to wear a face mask when entering the airport. To obtain a COVID-19 PCR test in St. Barthelemy, please visit YesCommercial flights to and from Montserrat remain very limited.

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This includes hotels & spas, resorts, villas, yacht clubs, gated communities, townhouses, and other real estate development projects. For example, holders of Grenada passports can apply for an American investor visa under the E2 program . Avoid non-essential travelThere are specific safety and security concerns that could put you at risk. You should reconsider your need to travel to the country, territory or region. If you are already in the country, territory or region, you should reconsider whether or not you really need to be there.

Antigua and Barbuda passport

This visa, however, does not allow anyone to look for or gain employment in the country. If you are somebody who wants to enter Antigua and Barbuda for personal or private purposes, you will require a tourist visa to do so. This can include going to the country for purposes like vacationing, sightseeing or meeting your kids.

Antigua’s citizenship by investment programme offers one of the most cost-effective options for families. Following a minimum government donation of $100,000 + fees, investors can gain citizenship and become Antigua and Barbuda passport holders. The application process is similar to that of the NDF, namely, upon submission of your application you will be asked to pay the due diligence fees and 10% of the government processing fees. Upon receipt of a letter of approval you will be asked to pay the balance of the government processing fees and your business investment amount within a 30 day period. Due to the potential varied nature of such investments any escrow agreement will be negotiated between the parties yet transfer of the investment sums must be made within a 30 day period from issuance of an approval letter. Since its establishment in 2013, Antigua and Barbuda’s Citizenship by Investment Program has been globally recognized as one of the most lucrative dual citizenship programs.

Antigua and Barbuda passport

Do not take the photo on a background that is anything but white. Patterns on the background, as well as shadows or colored background, will get your passport photo rejected. White is the only acceptable environment in which you can take your passport photo. The Government has reduced the NDF investment from USD 200,000 to USD 100,000 for a family of four, effective from Nov 1, 2017. We will develop an individual solution, select the country and status, who will solve your problems, we will accompany the whole process.

Secure Your Future With Second Residency Or Citizenship Abroad Investments From $150,000 Contact Us Now To Apply

The passport of Antigua and Barbuda allows you to freely visit the Schengen countries, Great Britain, Singapore, Hong Kong. The article below provides important information about travel to Antigua and Barbuda. For comprehensive Visa Application instructions, please see the specific Visa Requirements page for your Visa Type . We guarantee the accuracy of your application and expedite it with the appropriate Consulate.

It has its legal foundation in Section 42 of the Finance Administration Act of 2006 which provides for the funding of Government sponsored projects such as but not limited to public-private partnerships and approved charitable investments. Is a potential risk to the national security of Antigua and Barbuda or may bring the country into dispute. Has been convicted of a criminal offence that carries a maximum period of imprisonment of over 6 months or is under criminal investigation.

No Restrictions On Dual Citizenship

Designed to be a smooth and straightforward process with a timeframe of 6 months to your new citizenship. Please contact the immigration department or consulate for the process. The decision will take about 14 days after receipt of an appeal. Antiguan and Barbudan citizens can continue to stay in Canada for as long as they are authorized to do so. Study and work permits, as well as visitor records, remain valid.

Anastasia received department approval three and a half months after submitting the application and without additional requests. Anastasia paid the Due Diligence fee in advance to the program department – $15,000 for herself and her spouse. The lawyers also attached a receipt for payment to the application. resident permit turkey Constituent documents of Anastasia’s business – to confirm the legality of income and money for investment. Anastasia planned to obtain a second citizenship with her husband. The Antigua and Barbuda program required the lowest costs, so Anastasia chose it and entered into an agreement with Immigrant Invest.

When you need to get your Antigua and Barbuda travel visa processed quickly, Travel Document Systems is here to help. All of the Antigua and Barbuda visa requirements and application forms, plus convenient online ordering. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are accepted for Antigua citizenship by investment program, according to a decision recently announced by Government. With a minimum investment of $100K, you can also gain visa-free or visa-on-arrival to over 145 countries with citizenship from this Caribbean country. Applicant is entitled to full-time residency in Antigua and Barbuda at any time.

Our team is here to help with online chat, phone & email support. Once you acquire citizenship, the only requirement you need to fulfill is to reside five days in Antigua and Barbuda within five calendar years of registering as a citizen. Whether it’s the crystal clear blue waters of the Caribbean sea or landscapes filled with rich vegetation, there’s something decidedly magical about Antigua.

Antigua and Barbuda passport

As soon as we talk about visa-free countries, it should be noted that the Antigua CBI program lost one of its valuable benefits. The NDF was established by the Antiguan authorities a few years earlier to finance socially and economically important government and public-private partnership projects. Its work is controlled by the parliament of the Caribbean country and independent audit firms. In particular, Browne noted that the neighboring Commonwealth of Dominica “attracts 50 million dollars a month” via its own CBI program and a similar fund for socio-economic development receiving donations from foreigners.

Dependents include spouses, children up to the age of 30 years and parents and grandparents over 55 years of age. No, citizens who have gained nationality through Antigua and Barbuda’s investment program do not have any voting rights within the country. The program’s restricted countries list guarantees a high level of integrity and international respect; making it an exclusive citizenship program for eligible investors.

Antigua and Barbuda passport

Through Citizenship by Investment, you will be able to embark on a new adventure full of new possibilities from flourishing businesses to traveling freely without a visa or restrictions. Depending on your situation you will have to present any additional documentation that will advance your case. This is the traditional route to obtain residency in the country, it takes at least 4 years not including the bureaucratic process, but there is another way to speed this up.

Antigua and Barbuda passport

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