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Antigua And Barbudas Citizenship

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Antigua And Barbudas Citizenship


Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship By Investment Program From Dubai

Hon Charles Henry Fernandez, Minister For Tourism, Foreign Affairs, And Immigration

Antigua is the only country in the Caribbean that requires a personal visit to meet the CBI conditions. It’s required to visit the country for 5 days during the first 5 years. Replacement and restoration of a passport within 7-14 days in case of its loss/damage/expiration without your visit to the island.

The English maintained control of the islands, repulsing an attempted French attack in 1666. The brutal conditions endured by the slaves led to revolts in 1701 and 1729 and a planned revolt in 1736, the last led by Prince Klaas, though it was discovered before it began and the ringleaders were executed. Slavery was abolished in the British Empire in 1833, affecting the economy. This was exacerbated by natural disasters such as the 1843 earthquake and the 1847 hurricane. Mining occurred on the isle of Redonda, however this ceased in 1929 and the island has since remained uninhabited.

Citizenship Timeline

Applicants can qualify for citizenship through direct donations, real estate investments, or investment in a local business. In addition to the investment requirements of the selected investment option, the investor will be required to pay the following fees. With the investment in real estate, additional Government fees are to be paid by the applicant.

As a result, it has become an ideal jurisdiction for those seeking second citizenship. The Regulations regarding Citizenship by Investment in Antigua and Barbuda are part of Section 6 of the Citizenship by Investment Act of 2014. This act allows the government of Antigua and Barbuda to grant citizenship to persons who qualify under the criteria set by parliamentary decision. A criminal record may be the reason for the refusal to grant Antigua and Barbuda citizenship, but not always. Some old convictions or convictions under certain articles may not be a reason for refusal.

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Today, it is an open-air museum that seeks to educate visitors on the sugar industry’s important history. While at the museum, you can observe the restored sugar mill towers and sails and learn all about the significant role of sugar in Antigua and Barbuda’s development. Part of the reason why so many people are interested in having second citizenship in Antigua and Barbuda is that there is so much to do in the country. One of the biggest reasons individuals and families are looking for Antigua and Barbuda citizenship is that they see the country as a stable long-term plan. Not only is it stable, but it is also a prosperous independent country, making it even more appealing. The country has English as its official language, and its currency (the Eastern Caribbean dollar, EC$) is fixed to the US dollar.

With the help of our highly competent and experienced team, you can gain your second citizenship and have your Antigua and Barbuda passport from Dubai in hand through legal and legitimate programs. If the applicant makes the required investments and meets the other requirements established in the Citizenship by Investment Act, the applicant and his family members will become a citizen of Antigua and Barbuda. In acquiring citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda, the applicant will benefit not only from being able to establish himself with his family in Antigua and Barbuda but also from all the rights available to Antiguans and Barbudans. Yes, applicants can include money that has been gifted by a friend or family member for the investment. In most cases, additional documents will be required from the sponsor regarding their source of funds.

Antigua And Barbuda Citizenship By Investment Program

Certified copy of current passport showing name, photo citizenship/nationality, date and place of issue, expiry date, passport number, and issuing country. To apply to the Antigua Citizenship Program, follow these simple steps to directly acquire citizenship. The Citizenship-by-Investment Unit is the government authority responsible for processing all applications. Business and corporate tax rate is 25% of net profits, although attractive concessions are available to qualifying companies, such as a tax holiday on profits up to a 20-year period and an import or export customs duty waiver.

No requirement to travel to Antigua & Barbuda during the application process. No, citizens who have gained nationality through Antigua and Barbuda’s investment program do not have any voting rights within the country. A single applicant needs to invest at least USD 1,500,000 in a pre-approved business within the country. Payment of due diligence fees, 10% non-refundable government fees, advisory fees, and reservation of property investment fees, if applicable. For detailed information visit the official Antigua and Barbuda citizenship by investment government website.

In today’s world, global connectivity is one of the most vital ingredients for success. The scale of an individual’s achievements is often fully appreciated once it is internationally recognized. turkish citizenship by investment For this reason and more, transcending immediate geographical horizons is of utmost importance, and in order to fulfill such aspirations, a powerful passport can be of immense help.

  • Personal income tax was abolished in April 2016, making this Caribbean second citizenship programme even more attractive than it was prior to this announcement.
  • Antigua and Barbuda is a member of the United Nations, the British Commonwealth, CARICOM and the Organisation of American States among many other international organizations.
  • However, the island recognised dual citizenship and provides applicant with a second passport.
  • These islands are renowned for their reef beaches, crystal clear waters and resorts.
  • The Villas at Dieppe Bay is an approved real estate development project under the Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Program.
  • You can also help by meeting the qualifying investment within the time allocated to do so.

This legislation allows investors to qualify for citizenship, providing they meet the application requirements. The initial contracted employment period will be for two years subject to a performance review and an expression of further contracted employment three months before the expiration of the existing contract. Now that a petition has been launched to protest the developments, Caribbean citizens are beginning to realise that CBI programmes are not always in their best interest. Turkish resident permit They all offer tax-free CBI schemes for investment in property or a cash donation, with little or no requirement to live in the country. Astons is a leading global immigration advisory firm withofficesin London, Beijing, Moscow, Dubai and Limassol and offers residency & citizenship investment solutions worldwide includingUK,Turkey,Vanuatu,EU & the Caribbean. A fully managed and flexible rental programme is available providing an income stream when not in residence.

This means purchasing a bond of at least $250,000 for a term of at least five years– the cost and timeframe increases for families. Since Saint Lucia depends on tourism, it was hit hard by Covid-19 lockdowns and travel restrictions. The answer is “it depends”… on which additional countries you get and how likely you are to visit them. However, the most important criteria is the number of visa-free countries you can visit with an Antiguan passport.

The introduction of the Nonsuch Bay one-bedroom suite with a plunging pool is a unique opportunity to own your own beautiful property on the existing Nonsuch Bay Resort. The 600 square foot suite has been designed with comfort, elegance and island living in mind. The completed resort will feature a spa, beauty salon, gym, pilates and yoga studios, and superb sports facilities including tennis, water sports and running tracks. A shopping galleria will boast a delicatessen and convenience store, library, business centre and more. A Southern European island country consisting of an archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea. Saint Lucia is an island country in the eastern Caribbean Sea on its border with the Atlantic Ocean.

If more than six family members, there is a $15,000 extra fee for additional dependents. This makes it the most affordable investment option for a family of six worldwide. In addition to receiving citizenship for all family members, this option further entitles one family member to a one-year tuition-only scholarship at UWI. In addition to the main investment, the applicant pays government fees, as well as fees for legal and administrative services.

Antigua and Barbuda citizenship by investment

It is important to allow for some extra expenses just in case any issues arise in acquiring documents or if extra travel is needed. The Government of Antigua and Barbuda attempts to make the process as easy as possible, but they do reserve the right to require extra documentation if they see a need to do so. Although the islands are a small state, the medical care available is extensive. No matter what type of health concern arises, Antigua and Barbuda has hospitals and facilities that can offer you care. A full range of dental services are available from primary care to cosmetic dentistry and oral surgeries.

Antigua and Barbuda citizenship by investment

Dual citizenship is permitted – The applicant is not required to renounce his/her current nationality to acquire Antigua and Barbuda nationality. As mentioned, applicants can pursue three different investment routes to acquire Antigua and Barbuda nationality and a second passport. Antigua and Barbuda passport and citizenship certificate are issued to the applicant. Resting along the eastern coastline of the Caribbean Sea, the twin-island nation of Antigua and Barbuda is in every way, a tourist paradise with lush hillsides, thick rainforests, and a breathtaking coastline. Having gained independence from the UK in 1981, the country is currently a member of the United Nations, CARICOM, and the Commonwealth of Nations. Primarily driven by the tourism sector, which accounts for nearly 60% of its GDP and 40% of the investments, the country’s economy is one of the strongest among all the Caribbean countries.

The number of visa-free travel countries gives you an indication of how your new passport will be received by world banks. The more countries a passport holder can visit visa-free, the greater credibility that passport holder has with the banks of those countries. For travel within the Schengen Area, passport controls have been abolished. Countries located in the European Union grant citizenship to the EU, along with the citizenship of the sovereign nation.

Located conveniently, Antigua and Barbuda is a paradisiacal island, decorated with lush green mountains and clear blue waters. The Citizenship by Investment Unit makes recommendation to Cabinet for approval of businesses, whether existing or proposed, for the purposes of investment in business under the Citizenship by Investment Programme. Possibility of flying to the island at any time, even in the case of closed-border to foreigners. The Citizenship by Investment program in Antigua and Barbuda was introduced in 2013. Since then a little less than 2400 citizenships have been awarded under this program.

You gain full residency rights and are able to live, work and study in the country. You must reside in Antigua and Barbuda at least five days as a citizen. Copy of duly executed real estate contract to be submitted with the application forms. Complete all the application forms and necessary documents as provided by your authorised agent.

Antigua and Barbuda citizenship by investment

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