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Citizenship By Investment Countries List & Guide 2021


Citizenship By Investment Countries List & Guide 2021


6 Amazingly Beautiful Countries Where Indians Get Citizenship Easily

Why To Go For Residency By Investment Of Bulgaria

Applicants who have been sentenced are not eligible for Bulgarian citizenship by investment. No, for both the permanent residence permit and citizenship, there is not a minimum stay required, nor knowledge of the Bulgarian language. Bulgaria may be an attractive country from a foreign-investor standpoint. The country is an emerging market with a privileged geographical position and direct links to Central and Eastern Europe, as well as further east into Central Asia. Foreigners who have maintained a long-term or permanent residence permit for at least 5 years may apply for Bulgarian citizenship. First, a foreigner must apply for a multi-entry long-stay visa at any Bulgarian consulate or embassy abroad.

bulgaria citizenship by investment

You and your family can obtain UK Residency approval in only 3 weeks from now – find out more about the UK Sole Rep Visa residency program here. 12 Best countries where South Africans can buy citizenship or residency in 2021. The Saint Lucia passport is a well-respected traveling document across international borders.

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For most people, citizenship by naturalization is going to be your best bet, even though it can take a long time. But, if the easiest countries to get citizenship are your target, this is a path to a second passport. You must be able to prove that you are worth more than $500,000 as a first step. Then, donate $130,000 to a government development fund, pay your $5,000 application fee and collect your passport. You’ll need to live in Israel for three months before you get citizenship and a year before getting a passport.

  • Equally, citizens of some countries are expected to perform national service, while most are not.
  • While the Bulgarian residence-to-citizenship program will be a great way forward for some, other investors won’t find it to be the right fit.
  • Greece introduced а law that allows citizens from any non-European countries to acquire a European residence permit by investment, granting them free movement to travel within the Schengen Zone.
  • Citizenship units people from different backgrounds under a common identity.

They have a free trade agreement with numerous countries such as Japan, Chile, Malaysia, Singapore, Canada, New Zealand, etc. Singapore happens to be the fourth leading country in the world in terms of finance. It is no doubt their Sea Port is among the busiest Sea Ports we have available in the world. Their total population can be approximated to 5 million, and they comprise of different races such as Malay, Indians, Asians, and the Chinese. The foreign reserve of this country has been ranked as number nine in the world.

Bank Account In Bulgaria

It can also count as a citizenship by investment program as it may lead to citizenship. It grants citizenship in exchange for an investment in real estate, thus it allows dual citizenship. While Bahamas citizenship by investment isn’t possible, you can acquire permanent residency if you’re willing to spend enough on property within the country. Asan aspirantyou can be eligible for Canadian citizenship after only three years of permanent residence status, and can maintain dual citizenship.

There is no language requirement, mandatory interview, or knowledge-based test. This Caribbean country allows visa-free access to 122 countries such as Switzerland, Russia, India, South Korea, Turkey, Singapore, etc. To hold Dominica’s passport through the real estate investment route, one must purchase a property worth $200,000. With government and other fees, the cost goes up to $212,500 for a single applicant and $247,500 for a family of four.

The biggest problem with programs in United States, United Kingdom, Canada, yes they give you permanent residence status but you are required to physically immigrate and live there permanently. Another problem is you are taxed on worldwide income, if you get permanent resident status. Golden visa schemes in Europe such as Portugal, Greece, Spain do not require you to live or move to these countries. In Bulgaria, Project St. Sofia is a groundbreaking new real estate investment opportunity. The first mega-resort development of its kind in Europe, it’s guaranteed to become a key landmark for business and leisure. It’s a secure investment opportunity that offers the option to invest in real estate shares or an actual property with a title deed with high growth potential.

Each Caribbean citizenship by investment program grants visa-free access to the Schengen (passport-free) area of Europe. Think of citizenship by investment as your shortcut to a second passport. The law provides several options depending on the type of investment and the size of the investment. The different staying permit turkey ways of obtaining Bulgarian citizenship by investment are described in detail not only in the current legislation but also in many articles published on the Internet, most of which blindly copy the law. Investors will also find it easy to do business in Bulgaria, since the government offers many incentives.

Bitcoin payment is accepted in bars and restaurants, hotels, luxury real estate investments and jewelry stores around the world. An Austrian passport gives you visa-free access to 185 countries, it’s a the best passport you can buy. A Maltese passport allows you visa-free access to Schengen Area, USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, UAE and others countries. A passport from Granada allows you to travel visa-free to China, Schengen Area, UK, South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia and others countries.

Non-citizens of The Bahamas can visit the country for up to 90 days without special permits. If you plan to stay longer, permanent residency will eliminate the need for regular permit renewal. Serbia is a small picturesque country located in the Balkan region of Europe.

Shares are in general considered a more risky investment than are the fixed income (bonds, CD’s, etc.) counterparts. The portfolio can be tracked in real time trough different electronic channels from any place in the world. The Bulgarian nationality will be obtained in a little bit more than one year period.

bulgaria citizenship by investment

Important to know that before submitting an application it is necessary to begin the procedure for the renunciation of your current citizenship. This applies to both Ukrainians and Russians, since dual citizenship is prohibited in Bulgaria itself. The term of 5 years can be reduced if you marry a Bulgarian citizen, in this case you can apply for citizenship resident permit turkey after 3 years of permanent residence. Canada is one of the pioneer countries to come up with residency by investment programs of the world. St. Kitts and Nevis’ Citizenship by Investment Program, launched in 1984, is the first citizenship by investment program. Bulgaria offers Permanent Residency to the applicants through the investment in govt.

More than ever before, wealthy individuals are pursuing citizenship options as the most effective way to access previously unimagined opportunities. Listed below are the details of the most credible and successful citizenship programs offered by Henley & Partners. The applicant must possess a valid passport and reside legally in a country.

bulgaria citizenship by investment

Bulgaria’s citizenship by investment process is a more complicated process for applicants to navigate. This CBI programme allows visa-free access or visa-on-arrival access to 173 destinations. Under the standard track option, the applicant may file for Bulgarian citizenship after five years in permanent residency status. Under the fast track option, the entire process from application filing to receiving Bulgarian citizenship takes only 18 months.

bulgaria citizenship by investment

To attain citizenship, anyone who isn’t already a citizen of the EEA and who is at least 18 years old is eligible. We service individual and corporate clients from all over the world and have had an exceptional track record in citizenship by investment applications. We collaborate with legal and other professionals all over the world and are well-positioned to advise clients on a wide range of matters relating to their immigration goals. A Criminal Record Check from the country of origin or country of permanent residence.

Unlike Malta, Cyprus and the Caribbean CIPs, Bulgaria’s investor migration program does not have an official website. The legal basis of investor naturalization in Bulgaria appears to be sound, but that does not a CIP make. Best Citizenships is a global brand and online platform for citizenship and residence planning for HNWI clients. Our online platform makes it cheaper and faster for clients without any brokers or middlemen. The Bond certificate must be issued in the name of the applicant else citizenship is refused. Freedom of movement Bulgaria offers visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to a growing number of countries , including Australia, Japan, South America and Canada, though not to the US, which is a key business hub.

This type of investment is almost 100% identical to the EB-5 regional centers in the USA. We anticipate this option to become much more popular in Bulgaria as well. As with the concession rights, we will be organizing regular online events for our clients in order to explain all particularities of this option. Concession contracts are comprehensive investments, but the returns are very rewarding. Currently, with the accelerated quantitative easing measures in the USA and the EU, concession contracts are set to outperform most other investments.

Citizenship or permanent residency status brings with it many benefits, including highest standards of living and access to outstanding health care system. The first stage of applying for Malta citizenship through investment is requesting residency. This is when initial due diligence is performed by Agency Malta, who conducts a preliminary background verification on the main applicant and their family. As part of this Tier 1 due diligence process, the applicant must provide their personal details such as private address as well as profession and name of employer. The main applicant must also provide information about the number of residence cards he or she holds. All applicants need to provide a copy of their passport, and the main applicant must additionally hand over some basic bank account details such as the name of their bank, its address, and the SWIFT code.

Those days have passed and citizenship by investment is now a much more responsible and respectable sector. On top of any costs to apply will be the costs of actually being there. Taxation is generally one of the highest bills we have to pay, so it makes sense to investigate the situation carefully. Your income and it’s source will differ from that of many other people, so it is important to consider this question and your own circumstances carefully. Many people are less philosophical about these things and simply see second citizenship by investment or dual nationality as a way to reduce their tax burdens. Quite simply, a citizenship by investment scheme is one that enables wealthy individuals and families to fast track naturalization in a new country.

bulgaria citizenship by investment

We will outline below the most common traps in which the uninformed candidate for Bulgarian citizenship by investment falls into. It is often the greed of the citizenship applicant himself that pushes him into cutting corners in order to save time and money. In many cases however, it is the unscrupulous and not licensed “agents” who are to blame. We hope that after reading the information below, you will be much better informed and protected. In this citizenship by investment countries list, you’ll get a full picture of the countries offering CBI.

bulgaria citizenship by investment

If your passport doesn’t allow visa-free travel to North America or Europe, you’re severely limited in your ability to conduct business in many of the world’s largest economies. Getting citizenship by descent should still be the first option you look at, because you may be eligible for a very high-quality European passport that could be even better than your US passport. So, if you are an investor or business owner, you can use this strategy to slash your taxes to a negligible amount without giving up your US citizenship. For example, if you have parents, grandparents (and in some cases even great-grandparents) from Italy, Ireland, Greece or several other countries, you may be eligible for a second passport through citizenship by descent. Ultimately, a second passport is all about options – the more options you have for you and your family, the more freedom you will experience.

However, business ventures don’t always work, and sometimes a company might go belly up. Sometimes you can visit a country a few times, love the program, and go through the application process smoothly. Then, you move to that country and realize that the culture doesn’t fit with what you’re used to.

bulgaria citizenship by investment

After getting the citizenship of Bulgaria you can easily travel and live in any of the EU countries. The Bulgaria Fast-Track Citizenship Program allows an applicant to obtain permanent residence on a fast track, and full Bulgarian “EU” citizenship within couple years. Bulgarian citizenship will allow the applicants and their family to live, work, and study in Bulgaria and freely travel in Europe.

bulgaria citizenship by investment

In addition, the legislation, which allows dual citizenship, gives great opportunities for doing business in two countries at once. Our digital business model makes it cheaper, faster and easier for clients applying for citizenship or residency. We work directly with Government authorized law firms and CIP approved property developers in 15 countries, without any brokers Turkish work permit or middlemen, making the whole process cheaper, faster and easier for clients. Applicants and family members who apply for CBI programs may be refused for several reasons. These include ineligible country, failing background checks, visa denials, failing to prove source of origin of funds, sanctioned list, false information in application, wanted list, imprisonment etc.

bulgaria citizenship by investment

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