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Malta Second Passport Middle East, Malta Citizenship By Investment Program


You will then receive a Certificate of Naturalisation, with which you can apply for the passport. If these individuals were to overcome the bureaucratic hurdles of certifying their citizenship, they would enjoy freedom of movement to live anywhere in the EU, under the 1992 European Court of Justice decision Micheletti v Cantabria. Denmark obtained four opt-outs from the Maastricht Treaty following the treaty’s initial rejection in a 1992 referendum.

Investor citizenship, also known as the “golden passports” trade, is legal but highly controversial. The leaked files illustrate how many Maltese investor citizens had little or no significant links to the island where they were naturalised as citizens. The disclosures are likely to alarm the European commission, which recently initiated the opening steps of potential legal proceedings against Malta over its sale of golden passports. The commission has accused Malta of selling citizenship – which enables full access to the EU – to individuals with little or no connection to the country. The Applicant, being an EU or EEA or Swiss national, may download the application form from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ website and submit all the necessary documentation.

Passport After 3 Years

The Community Malta Agency official website has a list of authorized agents. granted under the nation’s “Citizenship by Naturalization for Exceptional Services by Direct Investment” laws can be revoked if an applicant does not follow through with all the requirements laid out in the regulations. To be granted citizenship, applicants commit to retaining a residence in Malta for five years from the date they are issued an official certificate of citizenship.

The applicant also needs to own assets of €500,000, including liquid financial assets of €150,000. You can apply for Maltese citizenship five years after obtaining permanent residence. However, applicants for citizenship must live in the country for four out of the five years and cannot leave the country for the year immediately before submitting their citizenship application. At the same time, they do not need to renounce their original citizenship.

Roman, Logistics Business Owner

Such contributions can lead to the granting of a certificate of naturalization to the investor as well as his or her family. To calculate cost for Citizenship by investment for Malta please fill in all details including family members and their age. Due to large number of clients for Malta, we are able to provide better services at low cost.

malta citizenship

Having a second passport makes it much easier to open an offshore bank account and provide access to more diverse investment options. Dependents, spouse and children under 28 can be included in one single citizenship application. Visa free travel to over 160 countries including Europe, United Kingdom, United States . Visa free travel to 113 countries including Russia, United Kingdom and EU Schengen states. Citizenship against USD 200,000of real estate or USD 1,500,000 business investment. Saint Lucia just announced a very interesting citizenship route through Government bonds.

Malta Citizenship By Investment Program

Each individual included in you application — dependents and household staff — must make the same sworn declaration. If you purchased a property to qualify for another program before June of 2013 and would, instead, like to re-qualify for the Global Residence Programme with the same property, all you will need to do is prove the value of the home. If the original purchase price was below the new investment requirement, you will need to make a declaration of the home’s current value, supported by a separate and independent architect valuation of your property.

malta citizenship

One of the main benefits of obtaining citizenship by investment in Malta as opposed to just obtaining residency is that once your citizenship has been granted, investors hold citizenship for life. In addition to Malta economic citizenship, immigration to Malta is possible via the country’s Global Residence Program . The Global Residence Program Malta enables economically self-sufficient individuals who rent or own a permanent address on the islands to be formally recognized as a resident for tax purposes. If you are not interested in getting a Maltese passport and simply wish to live in a warm Mediterranean residence while retired and collecting a pension, the Malta Global Residence Program may be the ideal Malta immigration channel for you.

Alternatively, invest in a pre-approved real estate project of upwards of US$400,000 for the main applicant. This program gives you and your family full citizenship in this Caribbean nation. A passport from Antigua and Barbuda provides you with visa-free travel in126 countries globally. This access includes all the Schengen countries, Canada, and much of South America. If you get a new citizenship in a foreign country, you have to think about dual citizenship laws. In countries such as China, India, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, dual citizenship is prohibited.

Furthermore, all documents that are not in English must have a certified English translation. When you officially begin your residence in Malta, you must pay an additional €2000 fee. However, if you have selected a residence in Gozo or in the Southern Region of Malta, the fee is reduced to €1,500. Your selected authorized registered mandatary will determine whether or not you have adequate “economic sufficiency” and will make a declaration to that extent in you application. Your ARM may request other documents to establish the state of your economic affairs, but that is up to them to decide. And even if you don’t have Italian ancestors, this report is still useful to get a better idea how citizenship by descent works.

Is Malta Investment Citizenship Permanent?

Evidence of being in a relationship with EEA/Swiss citizen in the case of TCN dependent on EEA/Swiss national. Among the benefits of the country are its climate, number of recreational areas, and architecture, which make the country a popular tourist destination. Mandatory Donation – A mandatory donation of €10,000 EUR to a registered sport, cultural, scientific, philanthropic, animal welfare, or artistic non-governmental organization or society, as approved by the Community Malta Agency. Purchase of Property – The minimum property value is set in at €700,000 EUR & while previously €350,000. Secure your family’s future with a second residency or citizenship offshore. • You must be in possession of a valid travel document and a short-stay Schengen visa.

Malta provides one of the best universal free healthcare systems worldwide. There are minimum donation requirements, and applicants need to live in Malta for between one and three years before being granted a second passport. The qualifying residence terms depend on the value of the investment handed to the government.

Upon assessing your relocation inquiry, we will strive to guide you and present you with a number of options in order to facilitate your move to Malta. Our professional and quality-driven solutions are geared to assist you and to save you precious time. If you have not as of now acquired Maltese residency, the base measure of time expected to acquire by speculation is a year. If you have effectively met the residency necessity of the country’s ethnicity by venture guidelines, notwithstanding, you can get citizenship in Malta in just a half year. The “residence requirement” requires evidence of a genuine link with Malta. Approved Agents obtain advance written approval from Identity Malta of their clients’ proposed links.

Lots of European countries make it difficult for those who weren’t born there to get citizenship. In fact, it’s the easiest EU citizenship option for those without the “right” grandparents. We carry out a preliminary check for our clients in order to improve the chances of their application being approved.

EU citizens may remain in the UK post-Brexit if and only if they apply to EU Settlement Scheme. The only exception to this is Irish citizens, who are entitled to live and work in the United Kingdom under the Common Travel Area. Clemens Rieder suggests a case can be made that “one of the Member States were forced to confer the status of EU citizenship on their citizens but once they have, according to this argument, they cannot simply withdraw this status.”.

malta citizenship

You will also be required to be in Malta from time to time for things like signing documentation; bio-metrics; undergoing a medical check-up; sitting down with the notaries and lawyers etc. With this card, you can now cross the internal borders of all Schengen countries. However, your country might have different regulations or restrictions on dual nationality.

malta citizenship

As a one-stop-shop we are able to provide aspiring global citizens with the most complete and exhaustive range of services possible. Though what really sets us apart are our vision and our mission, our intentness in providing an advisory that fully supports our clients and really helps them in the delicate process of becoming global citizens. Malta is one of the few countries that can grant immediate citizenship by investment through its Malta Individual Investor Program . Once again, the MRVP emerges as the most sensibly-priced, least time-consuming option with less complicated conditions, though, truth to be said, one can get Cyprus residence permit within 2 months. Recently, Malta has become a popular destination for international property buyers to buy property for Malta Residence or Citizenship, as a Holiday home or as a Buy-to-Let property. The recommended areas for property purchase in Malta are Special Designated Areas (SDA’s), where there are no restrictions on foreign buyers, and these Developments offer luxury lifestyle, including pools, gyms, and beachfront locations.

malta citizenship

Benefits include the freedom to reside and work in Malta, visa-free Schengen travel, fast processing , and a 15% flat rate tax on all income remitted to Malta. Within 30 days, Identity Malta will review the application further and carry out background law firm checks. Once this step is completed the agent assisting you in the application process will be notified whether the application has been approved delayed or refused. We offer additional services so it will be easier to invest in Malta for citizenship.

malta citizenship

Basically, your application depends on whether the Minister approves it or not. Roughly speaking, applications take between 120 and 150 calendar days to be processed. If you’re eligible, you’ll then kick off the Maltese citizenship process. You’ll receive a Letter of Approval in Principle, upon which you need to pay the extra fees. Afterward, you must come to Malta to collect biometric data for the residence card.

malta citizenship

With a history and tradition in Malta, CSB Group’s goal is to provide top-notch services to Private Clients worldwide. You can get in touch with us at where one of our consultants will be able to guide you further. Having a second or even a third Citizenship is an intangible asset for the discerning investors interested Turkish resident permit in structuring their professional and personal life in a respected and law-abiding country. This has become the preferred asset diversification tool, which gives an edge against geopolitical risk. The qualifying investment must be held for five years, and the applicant must show strong links to the island.

malta citizenship

You would need to make this declaration to an authorized registered mandatary (ARM – more on them in a minute). While there are certainly many benefits to becoming an economic citizen of Malta, the EU citizenship will not fit into everyone’s individualized plan to internationalize their life. For those who want to plant a flag in Malta, but who aren’t looking to become a citizen of the country, there are several paths toward permanent Malta residency.

malta citizenship

We will select a country and status that will solve your problems, we will accompany the whole process. In order to determine the chances of their client obtaining citizenship, Immigrant Invest conducts internal background checks. This is done at the first stage of our collaboration with our clients, even before signing a contract with our candidate client. Our lawyers also prepare the package of documents in such a way as to minimize the probability of rejection. All family members included in the application aged 12 years or older must pass the Due Diligence or Eligibility Test.

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