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Citizenship & Immigration By Investment In Malta Application For Visa & Passport

citizenship by investment

Citizenship & Immigration By Investment In Malta Application For Visa & Passport


Residence Programmes And Malta Citizenship

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For example, documents required by Community Malta Agency that are in languages such as Russian, Arabic, or Chinese must be submitted alongside an accurate English translation. Translated documents must also contain details about the professional translator who was responsible for the language translation. People who acquire Malta citizenship by investing can vote in political elections provided they have been resident in the country for 6 of the past 18 months.

malta citizenship

Some of the properties that were rented were significantly smaller than the size an applicant’s family would realistically have required had they planned to live in the property. In one case, a Chinese national rented a two-bedroom apartment for €1,500 a month despite applying for citizenship for 12 people, including six children. In addition to the contribution, investors must also invest a further €700,000 into residential real estate, or enter into a rental agreement at a minimum value of €16,000 p.a which must be maintained for five years.

How To Get Malta Citizenship By Investment

The result is an overwhelming victory for Bulgaria with 84% against 54% for Malta, mainly because of theridiculously high cost of the Maltese citizenship. We provide professional assistance from the beginning to the end of the process and ensure a secure transaction. Additional assistance can be provided to find and acquire real estate. Passport with Visa-free travel to 184 countries including the EU, the US, Canada, Australia and Japan. It’s much better to wait until the laws for the official Armenia Citizenship by Investment Program are in force. A passport exceptionally given by the president may be revoked by the subsequent president.

malta citizenship

Dominica’s program where you give them $100,000, fill out a few forms, and get your passport. It gives you and your family a lot of privileges as well as a real safe haven. Although it’s one of the most powerful passports in the world, here are some of its drawbacks for you to carefully consider. It is said that the Maltese live a Mediterranean style life embedded with an English sense of business. Malta also stands out as one of the sunniest locations in Europe alongside Cyprus and has solid healthcare and educational systems.

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Another use of the citizenship program was to compensate the mostly Russian foreign depositors whose cash they’d “borrowed” and converted into equity. Many of these high net worth Russian investors were given special deals in appreciation for their mandatory contribution. A passport from Bulgaria is rated 18th in the world and gives the holder visa-free travel to 153 countries, including Switzerland the United Kingdom. It doesn’t get you visa free in to the US… only Malta and Austria do that. That is to say, a second passport from Austria is a group 4 travel document.

To obtain residency under the D7 visa, you will need to prove that you have sufficient recurrent income to sustain yourself in Portugal. The Portuguese authorities prefer seeing long-term, stable, passively derived income (i.e. not salary-based). Portugal’s D7 Visa is frequently also referred to as the Retirement Visa, Passive Income Visa or Online Worker Visa. The D7 Visa offers foreigners the ability to obtain temporary residency – provided that you have sufficient means to support yourself and any dependent family members while in Portugal.

Fast Process Of Receiving Eu Сitizenship In Around 14 Months

Finally, citizenship applicants need to donate at least €10,000 (£8,500) towards an agency approved enterprise. Several different investment routes offer some flexibility to choose an approved fund or purchase turkish citizenship by investment a home. As of May 2018, Maltese citizens had visa-free or visa on arrival access to 182 countries and territories, ranking the Maltese passport 7th in the world according to the Visa Restrictions Index.

Due diligence fees are applicable to persons who are over the age of 12 years. The due diligence process has evolved substantially during the past years. The Agency has developed an internal risk matrix, which ensures that every application is being examined thoroughly in a consistent manner, and that decisions are taken systematically and transparently. The matrix has seven categories, and every application is treated similarly without deviations. This form has to be filled in by the Agent and submitted to the Agency on an annual basis, coinciding with the date of the certificate of naturalisation. Documentary evidence showing that the person has resided abroad for an aggregate period of at least six years.

To get Maltese citizenship by investment, you’ll need to make a large donation to Malta’s Government Fund. There are actually a number of different ways to get Maltese residency, but Malta’s Citizenship by Investment program is the most direct path to naturalization and citizenship benefits. Then, produce the relevant fees and supporting documents for yourself and your family. This includes your spouse, dependent adult children, dependent children under 18 years of age, and parents and grandparents over the age of 55. Next, you need to complete eligibility and citizenship application forms. Again, you need to carefully ensure you find the documents you’re required to fill and submit them as part of your application.

The main applicants can include spouse and children under 18 years old to the application for Citizenship for Exceptional Services by Direct Investment . All those who apply for the citizenship of Malta must be in good health and not have a contagious disease or significant health condition. The applicants need to show a declaration attesting to their good health certified by a competent medical body not to become a burden on the public health system of Malta. The Maltese citizenship act enables you and your family to secure your second citizenship.

Services By Direct Investment

Malta offers a choice between permanent residency and citizenship by investment via the Malta Permanent Residency Program and Malta Citizenship for Exceptional Services by Direct Investment, respectively. In order to become a Malta citizen by direct investment, the minimum required is €690,000. This includes non-refundable contributions to the National Development Fund and a non-governmental organization, as well as the cost of renting real estate.

  • Maltese passport is highly respected in the world rated as the 7th best passport for travel.
  • It is interesting to mention, that Malta is one of those countries that is governed under financially liberal laws.
  • Had there been more investment options, I may have ranked Grenada above St. Kitts.
  • After five years of temporary residency in Portugal, you will be eligible for permanent residency and citizenship (the naturalization period was reduced from six to five years in mid-2018).

RBI/Golden visa programs, grant ONLY residency, no immediate citizenship. Citizenship is only optional, usually takes 5 years of uninterrupted living to naturalise for citizenship. Golden visas are usually permanent residency or residence permits issued with limited time validity .

Advantages Of Maltas Citizenship Through Investment Offering

For both of the 1 and 3 year residency plans two donations are required. Malta Citizenship by investment program requires a minimum investment in a range of €700,000 – €1,460,000, depending on whether an applicant decides to purchase or lease a property. Out of this amount, a non-refundable €600,000 – €750,000 will be contributed to the national development fund set up by the government. The applicant should also rent a property for at least five years at €18,000 per year or buy real estate starting from €700,000. In addition to that, a €10,000 donation should be made for a non-profitable organisation. We have counseled and assisted many governments on economic development strategy and implementation in the areas of residence and citizenship.

malta citizenship

The Maltese government has established one of the strictest due diligence vetting programs in the world for Citizenship by Investment. The governing authority, the Community Maltese Agency, oversees the Maltese Citizenship by Naturalisation for Exceptional Services by Direct Investment and has implemented a 4 tier system. This system has specific requirements with the option of a 1 year residency program or a 3 year residency program, both transitioning to citizenship. A dedicated Relationship Manager will be appointed to oversee the applicant’s process for five years. After the 1 or 3 year residency has been completed, the bulk of the financial investment will be made and full citizenship and passport holder status will be granted to the successful applicants.

After 12 or 36 months of residency the citizenship application is submitted and due diligence is performed once again. All required investments must be completed after the Letter of Approval in principle is received. The process of application review is underway in Community Malta Agency, which checks the source of funds and performs vetting of applicants. The Letter of Approval for Eligibility is issued in about 4 months from the start.

malta citizenship

The Golden Visa not only allows the holder to live and work in Portugal, but also affords you the right to visa-free travel throughout the European Schengen Area. Beware that this is not totally foolproof, as a very careful inspection of your stamps will reveal that you were not in C for the whole time, but unless you’re North Korean, it’s unlikely you will be subjected to this level Turkish citizenship 250.000 USD of scrutiny. Some people choose to go through immigration in C on the way out as well, so they get more decoy stamps. This will have a departure stamp from C, neatly hiding that you were actually in B. The acquisition of citizenship in Cyprus is not reported to other countries. Real estate option also becomes cheaper than donation option for large families with over 5 dependents.

Perhaps you’ve heard of this, but still unsure of the benefits it could give you and your family. Also, newborn infants who are found abandoned in any location of Malta and deemed to be stateless. Approval is not guaranteed — the Maltese government claims that up to 25% of applications have been turned down. More importantly, the government sees this as an opportunity to stimulate the economy by attracting wealthy individuals who want to see Malta succeed. Obviously, there is an influx of cash that goes into development funds that can be deployed to help improve the lives of all of Malta’s citizens by doing things like building more public housing. Austria does offer citizenship to the ultra-rich but it’s difficult to say what that actually means.

We work alongside clients throughout the entire Malta citizenship by investment application process. Golden visa in Malta, can be defined as, getting residence permit of Malta through investment in economy of Malta through various means like, government bonds, business, real estate, etc. A wide range of investment programmes is available in Malta, for EU and non-EU nationals looking for great standards of living, a proper healthcare system, education, and many more. A series of benefits come with these investment programmes, like free movement with a Maltese passport, for applicants and family members. The transfer of funds between EU countries is permissive for holders of Maltese passports.

GRP visa applicants can also benefit from Malta’s low flat tax rate of 15% chargeable on all income remitted to Malta from foreign sources, subject to a minimum annual tax of EUR 15,000. To take advantage of the tax benefit GRP applicants must refrain from staying in any other jurisdiction law firm for more than 182 days and becoming a tax resident in that other country. The Maltese Global Residence Program offers 1-year residency in Malta, 90-day visa-free travel to all European countries within the Schengen area, and the option to apply for a Malta work permit.

malta citizenship

(For example, Malaysia does not accept dual citizenship, so dual-citizen Malaysians often travel via Singapore.). In 12 months and a donation of 750,000 EUR together with an investment of 700,000 EUR in real estate, you can get your Maltese passport which will give you access to the rest of the EU and visa-free travel to 180 countries. If an applicant is unable to satisfy these investment requirements, the application simply will not be approved.

malta citizenship

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