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Global Residency & Citizenship By Investment Services


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Has Malta Citizenship By Investment Been Canceled?

After the fifth year, you can apply for permanent residency followed by citizenship. Some immigrants are in search of the cheapest citizenship by investment for them to invest their wealth for the government and citizens to benefit from. Most of these countries that offer this type of citizenship have some gains attached to it for anyone who wants to become their citizen. In some countries, there is a passport that allows immigrants to travel to other countries in the European Union.

spain citizenship by investment

We will hand-hold you through every step of the EU residency acquisition process with due diligence and care, ensuring that your application is submitted correctly and followed up to application approval. Portugal Residence by Investment Program offers visa-free access within Shenghen Zone — get visa-free access to 26 EU states, including Switzerland, Luxemburg, Italy and Germany. Go on a last-minute business trip or take your family on a spontaneous holiday in Europe — open up Europe with Astons.

Global Citizen

From the official government website of the country, the applicants must be of good character. The conditions under which naturalization is accepted vary from one country to another, but length of residence or family relations are important, besides characters. However, he will get half the credit for spending temporary time as a citizen of the country. The wider benefit countries that sell citizenship includes smooth access to the EU via Portugal. Upon providing income of minimum income, you get tax-free importation of household goods, tax exemption and discounts on various goods and services. A Bulgarian passport is rated eighteenth in the world and allows visa-free travel to 149 countries.

Hundreds of thousands of Europeans have likewise bought up cheap real estate on Spain’s coastline to the south, and in charming inland cities like Granada. 248% lowerthan the UK; Turkey is one of the best places in the world to live and operate a business. While not part of the EU, and while technically being a transcontinental country connecting Europe to Asia, Turkey remains a robust destination for global entrepreneurs.

Only Government Approved Programs

Here are some cases of how our clients have got the Portugal residence permit so you can learn more on Migronis in action. You have the largest Portuguese real estate database to use.We monitor the market and offer several properties for purchase. Each person will have a separate document confirming the status of a residence permit in Portugal. Visa free travel to over 160 countries including Europe, United Kingdom, United States . Visa free travel to 113 countries including Russia, United Kingdom and EU Schengen states. Citizenship against USD 200,000of real estate or USD 1,500,000 business investment.

spain citizenship by investment

If you want to invest safely, better and cheaper it is also a good opportunity to invest in one of the hybrid companies. Many passports are quite limiting in their visa-free movement, urging citizens to obtain visas whenever they need to travel overseas. A dual passport can offer individuals from these countries increased global mobility. Becoming a dual citizen discards the need for long-stay visas and law firm submitting documentation on the purpose of the individual’s trip. It also ensures the right of entry to both countries, which can be particularly useful if one has parents, children or relatives to visit, is a student or is involved in trade in either country. The Greece Golden Visa allows non-EU applicants to file for Greece permanent residency by way of a EUR 250,000 investment in local real estate.

… You can move to a different country in the EU in the same way as you could before 31 January 2020. In 12 EU countries, persons can be deprived of citizenship if they take service in a foreign army. Prolonged residence abroad is grounds for the involuntary loss of citizenship in 10 EU countries. … In 15 EU countries, citizenship can be revoked on grounds of treason or disloyalty. As your case is a bit more concrete, we would really appreciate if you could send us an email to so a specialized lawyer can analyze your case carefully and determine how to get the dual citizenship in that situation. The important consideration is that your children must be under 18 years old.Nevertheless, they have the right to claim citizenship for 2 complete years, so they can become nationals until they are 20.

spain citizenship by investment

Get the second passport easily– no interview or language requirements. Quick processing time– in all honesty, there is very fast citizenship approval time. Full citizenship rights– to tell the truth, this passport means full citizenship rights, for the candidate and family.

DELE and CCSE are the exams to be done in case you want to apply for the Spanish citizenship. I am married to Spanish nationality and we are expecting a baby next year. Can I obtain the nationality without taking those exams.I am from Filipinas and been living here 3 years already. One of the mandatory requirements to get Spanish citizenship is passing the exam DELE A2 and the cultural exam. Just send us an email at and we will define the required steps you should take in order to apply.

spain citizenship by investment

Unless you are from a Spanish-American country, Andorra, the Philippines, Equatorial Guinea, or Portugal, you will also have to renounce your previous nationality. Sephardic Jews and descendents can also maintain their original citizenship to have dual nationality. When you have the permit, you can work freely and enjoy social services and benefits in Spain.

I rate Bulgaria #1 as the best second passport available because it’s one of the two programs where the investor is likely to see her investment again. This offering allows you to invest €512,000 in government bonds in exchange for residency. Buying a Malta PropertyBy far the biggest benefit to buying a property in Malta is that the investment is not a sunk cost and can be recovered after the five-year commitment has been met. The Maltese economy is growing by more than 3% per year, and the tiny size of the islands means that land is in very limited supply.

Fees may also apply to issue certificates and documents required for your application. There are also other situations to qualify for Spanish citizenship, where residency is required for one year. This applies to those born outside Spain to parents and grandparents, whom were originally Spanish.

Requirements For Citizenship By Investment Programs

The Global GDP is expected to shrink by 1% and economic growth is expected worldwide. It is not listed because it does not have a formal citizenship by investment program, nor are those holding resident permits naturalized. And that will be the best citizenship work permit turkey by investment program – an opportunity that meets your needs and that’s actually taken. Finally, while you’re on your quest for a second passport, it is important to note that the opportunities for citizenship by investment are constantly changing.

The new legal texts are written with the idea that in order to qualify for fast track Bulgarian citizenship, the foreigner doesn’t need to “pay” for it. The new law foresees even lower minimum investment, namely one million Leva . This provides to the citizenship applicant a wide range of options to choose from.

Its high living standards, relaxed lifestyle, safety and stability, cultural, ethnic and religious tolerance and attractive private and corporate tax rates make Canada one of the top choices for investors looking to relocate. With the golden residency program, you and your family can enjoy most of the advantages granted to Canadian citizens. You do not have to travel to Dominica during the application procedure, and you do not have to live there after your citizenship is approved. Furthermore, as a nonresident, you will not have to pay any taxes in Dominica. The citizenship gives you and your loved ones visa-free access to the EU and over 100 other countries. New Residency is your most comprehensive guide to golden visa and investment citizenship programs worldwide.

The option has proven popular with Chinese and Russian citizens, as well as those from the Middle East. We disclaim any warranties expressed or implied, merchantability, or fitness for any particular purpose. We shall in no event be held liable for any loss or other damages, including but not limited to special, incidental, consequential, or other damages.

It is an ideal passport for investors as the country has endless business opportunities. Luckily, many countries are now offering a second passport by investment. Particularly this is possible by investing in real estate or making a donation.

spain citizenship by investment

St Lucia offers a variety of cuisines and events, including Saint Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival in May. Sports played include cricket, football, tennis, swimming and volleyball. TransportSt Lucia has two airports, including the largest, its international airport , which is located 30 miles from the capital, Castries. Currently operating just one terminal for both domestic and international flights, the airport is currently being developed with a new larger and state-of-the-art terminal under construction. There are direct and regular international flights to London, UK; Toronto; Grenada, Spain; New York and Atlanta.

We will also have a list of countries that grants you Residency by Investment. Another European country where you can be granted citizenship is Cyprus. However, you don’t have to be a resident for a year and directly be a Citizen.

  • While there have been rumors of economic passport programs popping up in random Pacific islands over the years, there is currently only one offering passports by investment – Vanuatu.
  • Most importantly, the new investment program is now sustainable on both national and EU level.
  • If the application is successful, we shall apply for all residency documents.
  • That’s if you have a budget of $500,000 (£376k) to splurge on property.
  • Ireland Investment Citizenship may not be instant, but the country’s stability, reputation, and growing economy help make it remarkably attractive.
  • The pandemic has changed many things in the world but perhaps more than anything, it has transformed our perception of where we live.

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