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Law Firm Euroleks Bulgaria Sofia


Law Firm Euroleks Bulgaria Sofia


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Liquidationof Companies In Bulgaria

Under the amendments, it is compulsory for applicants to obtain a permanent residence permit before applying for citizenship. (Foreigners Act art. 25, para. 17–.) After five years they have the right to apply for citizenship. Per argumentum a contrario from the provision of Art. 19 of the CPC, any dispute other than a civil or commercial property dispute is also not allowed to be settled by arbitration. Bulgaria on the contrary, partially because it law firm istanbul didn’t charge significant fee , combined with the demographic decline of the country, had only few relatively minor issues with the EU authorities about its citizenship by investment program. All this has led to the possibility of Bulgaria to maintain its program and to even revamp it to the state of the 2021 citizenship law. Now the 2021 Bulgarian CIP is as stable as ever and the interest from the international investors is already skyrocketing.

Our team of Bulgarian attorneys at law will advise on and service private clients’ issues with experience, energy and high professionalism. Just fill the FREE Legal Advice Quote to describe your case and get a professional advice from a lawyer in Bulgaria. We are proud for what the staff of our law firm has accomplished for our clients during the past few years and we are happy to be able to have helped so many people and will continue to proudly fulfill this mission.

Valueadded Tax Exempt Supplies And Tax Law In Bulgaria

Higher education consists of a 4-year bachelor degree and a 1-year master’s degree. Bulgaria’s highest-ranked higher education institution is Sofia University. It has had negative population growth since the early 1990s, when the economic collapse caused a long-lasting emigration wave. Some 937,000 to 1,200,000 people—mostly young adults—left the country by 2005.

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There is also the term joint contribution used when it comes to the division of assets under the statutory marital property regime, through which income of investments from work and other sources of income. He can assist you through the process of obtaining a Bulgarian visa, Bulgarian residency permit or Bulgarian citizenship, as well as represent your business and personal interest in Bulgaria. In our capacity of independent attorneys, we offer to all our clients a bridge of trust and stable communication.

Bulgarian Employment Law

As a licensed Business Broker, Mr. Uzunov also helps entrepreneurs sell and purchase businesses in his home state of California, as well as across the United States of America. The Law Office of Kristina Krilchev has extensive theoretical and practical knowledge in representing foreign nationals in various kinds of immigration procedures. Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. You want to succeed in your personal and business endeavors; ultimately your success is our reputation. “The newsfeeds are very useful to me in the areas in which I practice. The quality of the material is very good and the newsfeeds provide concise overviews of recent developments.” The contribution can be in the form of labour and capital invested or of care of the children or household work.

In most cases Law does not require a notary form for a lease contract to be considered valid. But the simple written form is preferred as it is easier to be proved and protects the rights of both parties. Owners of real estate in Bulgaria are liable to pay an annual tax on the value of the real estate. The rate varies depending on whether the real estate is used for residential or commercial purposes.

Meanwhile, perceptions among experts and business executives about the level of corruption in the public sector remained high. Slovenia was also criticised for online harassment of and threats against journalists. “Concerns have been raised by national and international stakeholders following the refusal by the authorities to finance the Slovenian Press Agency for 2021,” it said. “The independence of the media regulator is ensured by law but challenges remain regarding resources for its broad spectrum of tasks and commitment to further strengthen its independence. A revision of the media and audiovisual services laws is still pending,” the Commission said in the report. “Following the ruling of the Court of Justice of the EU of 18 May 2021 on several aspects of the justice laws, the Constitutional Court gave a judgment on 8 June 2021, which raises serious concerns, as it questions the principle of primacy of EU law,” the report said.

Members of the non-profit legal entities that have undergone consolidation or merger shall become members of the new non-profit legal entity, and the members of the non-profit legal entity that has split – members of the newly formed non-profit legal entities, at their own discretion. Non-profit legal entities may be transformed into another type of non-profit legal entity, they may consolidate, merge, spin-off and split. The organization of non-profit legal entities shall be governed by this Act and the articles of association or the statute.

How To Choose A Right Bulgarian Law Firm?

Until 31 January 2015, based on the announced Lists, every interested person may file before the court of last registration an application for re-registration and initiation of liquidation procedure. The Constitution of Bulgaria protects freedoms of speech and of the press, which are generally respected in practice . Concerns exist that the growing and nontransparent concentration of media ownership, corporate and political pressure, and government control of media resources is leading to a decrease in pluralism in the media environment (HRR 2016; BTI 2016). The political and business connections of media outlet owners are contributing to self-censorship among journalists . Individuals are generally able to criticize the government without official reprisal, but individuals are more hesitant to criticize local governments in rural areas .

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