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Who Can Translate Documentation For The Iip Process?

The MPRP grants the possibility of applying for citizenship after 5 years of residing in Malta and evidence of a genuine link. The Individual Investor Programmme or IIP was launched at the beginning of 2020 and it represents a new citizenship program. This programme comes with a series of benefits, like living working, and study in any EU country, plus visa-free travel to more than 180 countries worldwide. Among the requirements to enter this programme we mention the exceptional Direct Investment which implicates a donation of EUR 600,000 for 36 months residency in Malta or EUR 750,000 for a one-year residency.

Grenada can offer interesting visa-free access to places like China and Russia, it doesn’t compare to the travel freedom that you have with a US passport. Malta, a small but absolutely charming Mediterranean island, offers people an opportunity to travel the world and operate under financially liberal laws. Before immigrating to Canada, Zain had the great fortune to live in places around the world and values the experiences he gained along the way. He’s now based in Waterloo, Canada but you’ll often find him in Thailand, a country he’s fallen in love with.

Australias Permanent Business Innovation And Investment Visa Subclass

Citizen Lane respects every client’s unique situation and will be able to discuss details in confidence. We will provide you with comprehensive advice and find the appropriate solution for you and/or your family. Visit us at our offices located in Malta, Austria, Germany, and Switzerland, or contact us by phone/email/contact form. Our team is ready to arrange a WhatsApp, Skype, or Zoom call with you. Dominating the Immigration Industry for the last 25 years, we provide hassle free and seamless Business Visa Services for all the business aspirants. Documentation Guidance is critical to acceptance, including all crucial sources and path of funds, business, and personal net worth.

When a person buys real estate, he or she is given an e-ID card, which is a Malta identity document. Applications are to be submitted through the Maltese Government Agency . We are authorised to assist with the application process and act as liaisons between the applicant and the Maltese authorities.

Whos The Malta Citizenship Program For?

The applicant is invited to Malta to take the oath of allegiance if he meets the investment and residency requirements. The attorney/agent submits the law firm istanbul application to the agency based on the applicant’s level of commitment. Similarly, the due diligence is revised, and the application is sent to the Minister, who will determine whether or not the applicant is eligible for citizenship. Furthermore, you may need to file an application with your licensed agent’s assistance to obtain citizenship.

Malta passport allows you access to 184 countries visa-free including the UK and USA and Canada. With additional fee of EUR 50,000 per dependent investor can include family members in the application, they can Turkish citizenship 250.000 USD be spouse/partner, children under the age of 28, parents/grandparents above the age of 55. In the end of application process applicants need to once again travel to Malta for taking an Oath of Allegiance.

Naturalisation For Exceptional Services By Direct Investment

Malta’s real estate market has been one of the hottest in the world and has no major indicators of a downside in the near future. Bond-rating agencies put Malta’s government bonds near the top of their rating scale. Successful applicants also enjoy the same freedoms to establish a business and own property as any other Maltese citizen has.

malta citizenship

Once the approval of your application has been received, the applicant will be informed to remit the appropriate contributions within 5 days. The application is to be completed and submitted in English, or be accompanied by certified translations. Furthermore, any copies of original documents must be authenticated by an apostille, or certified “as true copy” by a notary public, a licensed lawyer, a Maltese consular, a Diplomatic Officer or a Senior Officer of the Concessionaire. In order to ensure all procedures were followed correctly, and independent regulator reviews all applications. After consulting with the Opposition, the regulator is appointed by the Government. A report of each application is prepared and presented to the committee which is composed of the Prime Minister, The Minister responsible for Citizenship and the leader of the Opposition.

Caribbean Citizenship By Investment Programs

resident permit turkey through investment is granted by a Certificate of Naturalization, and once you obtain EU citizenship via the Malta Individual Investor Program you will have it forever and can even pass it on to future generations. In addition to Henley & Partners, individuals can apply through one of 137 registered agents, including the accounting firms E&Y, KPMG, Deloitte and PwC. The Maltese government spokesman dismissed such concerns by saying other European countries have similar routes to citizenship and are less rigorous in their vetting.

The one thing which they all have in common is that in order to become a naturalised citizen, you first need to acquire permanent residency status. Malta is one of a few European countries which offer citizenship through an investment program. It is a highly-respected scheme which has worked wonders for the country, with major investment being put into major industries, helping the country’s economy grow enormously. The Individual Investment Program is the very first investment program which has been officially recognized by the European Commission. It was a program designed for high net-worth individuals who want to obtain full citizenship within an EU country.

The US EB-5 visa is a route to permanent US residency for those looking to make a significant investment in the USA. It’s currently the fastest route to obtain a green card for you and your family. No physical residency requirement before or after citizenship is granted. In addition to whichever option you choose, you must contribute €100,000 in the form of a government fund donation.

You have to extend the validity of residence permit once every two for five years and to do this you must visit the country personally. In November 2020, the Government of Malta launched a new programme for the granting of citizenship following direct investment. The former programme, which was launched in 2014, turkish citizenship by investment has reached its quota resulting in this new, more exclusive programme, being launched. Through a Legal Notice, Malta launched the Granting of Citizenship for Exceptional Services Regulations laying down the requirements needed for citizenship by naturalisation in line with the Maltese Citizenship Act.

Portugal is the easiest European citizenship that you can get in the EU. Their program is extremely generous as it allows citizenship after only 5 years without the need to live in the country giving you visa-free travel to 160 countries. In order to qualify for Europe’s golden visa programs, the primary requirement is that you live as a resident in the country, although in some cases you do not physically have to reside in the country. The next, and most common option is to acquire European citizenship through a naturalisation process. This is a more varied option, with numerous different routes, timelines, and costs involved.

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