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Maltese Citizenship

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Maltese Citizenship


How To Get Cheapest Citizenship By Investment Passport?

Real Estate Services In Malta

We speak your language – our office speaks Maltese, English, Italian, French & German. We have over 15 years of experience in international taxation and relocation services. We are licensed as an accredited agent with the license number AKM-MEJL-21 for the Residence & Citizenship Programs and may assist you with your application and with any immigration, tax and legal requirements. Applicants would also need to make a direct investment in turkish citizenship Malta through the acquisition of Property which they would need to keep for a period not less than 5 years. The minimal Investment to purchase a property is €600,000, or rent a property for not less than 5 years with a minimum threshold of €16,000 rent per year. Malta is situated in the centre of the Mediterranean Sea and enjoys an excellent reputation for its splendid climate, low crime rate, friendly people and superb quality of life.

That means that Non-Domiciled with primary tax residence are not taxed in Malta for foreign source income not received in Malta and not on capital gains realized outside Malta whether remitted or not. The EU passport will be issued after a total of 12 months from the day of the first residency. law firm istanbul As housing prices in Malta are constantly going up the real estate investment should be made in areas with high growth potential. Therefore, having a local matador knowing the market on your side is so important. Please be informed that you must keep your real estate investment for 5 years.

List Of European Citizenship Programs

It’s also vital to budget for taxes levied on rental income, where applicable, and legal fees when purchasing a property or making a long-term investment. The government introduced the program to encourage more foreign investment into the economy and strengthen domestic business expertise. The reform did not assist law firm Maltese citizens by descent who had been born in other countries who were still obliged to renounce their other citizenship by age 19 or face automatic loss of Maltese citizenship. The foreign spouse of a Maltese citizen may acquire Maltese citizenship by marriage after 5 years of marriage and living together.

malta citizenship

No physical residency requirement before or after citizenship is granted and no need to visit Grenada during the application process. The UK has long held a powerful political, financial and cultural influence around the world. To this day, the country remains a highly favoured and lucrative business destination for international investors. Living in the UK also offers a unique combination of bustling cities, quaint villages, a beautiful countryside and many historical landmarks. The main applicant is required to possess capital/assets of not less than €500,000 of which €150,000 must be in financial assets. The main applicant and family members must also hold full EU medical insurance to the value of €30,000 for an indefinite period.

The Malta Highly Qualified Persons Programme

Tax residents in Malta, not domiciled in the Maltese Islands, are taxable on a remittance basis. A non-domiciliary, who is not resident in Malta, is therefore not taxable on foreign source income not received in Malta, nor on any capital gains arising outside of Malta, whether remitted or not. Only on income and capital gains arising in Malta, a non-resident citizen of Malta shall be taxable. Upon initiation of a nominee’s residency in Malta, Turkish work permit a small deposit of EUR 5,000 for the primary applicant and EUR 1,000 for each family member is due on account of the National Development and Social Fund contribution. Successful applicant may profit from the tax benefit for a 5-year period and may apply for a subsequent one-time extension of additional 5 years. Under this programme, a successful applicant would be subject to Maltese tax on the employment income at the rate of 15%.

malta citizenship

Article 6 of the Maltese Citizenship Act today states that any person who marries a Maltese national shall be entitled upon making an application and taking an oath of allegiance to be registered as a citizen of Malta. Individuals are only entitled to apply for citizenship under this route if on the date of the application, and on the date of registration, such person is still married to, and still living with the Maltese national for at least 5 years. Following European Commission challenges against golden visa schemes, Malta has rebranded its citizenship by investment program, emphasising the checks carried out against all applicants. Naturalisation for exceptional services by direct investment in Malta is capped at 400 approved applications per year and 1,500 applications in total. The Maltese Citizenship by Naturalisation for Exceptional Services by Direct Investment Program has been existing since 20 November 2020 and is the newest citizenship by investment program in the world. This renewed program allows qualifying investors to apply for citizenship after 1 or 3 years of residency, depending on the value of the investment.

What Is Malta’s Scheme?

Applicants who have been legal residents of Malta for at least 3 years will pay a lower non refundable contribution fee of €600,000 plus additional fees (€50,000) for each dependant. Applicants should also retain a realty in Malta for the period of at least five years. This can be either purchase, of a realty, with a value of at least EUR 700,000, or renting it with the annual rent of at least EUR 16,000. The firm offers advice on a range of citizenship law issues, Residence and single-work permits.

malta citizenship

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