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Grenada Citizenship By Investment

Savory & Partners: The Evolution Of Residency And Citizenship

A residence by investment program is another way of obtaining temporary and permanent residence when you are required to invest in a country of your future residence. Golden visa, can be defined as, getting residence permit through investment in economy through various means like, government bonds, business, real estate, etc. Golden visa in Spain, can be defined as, getting residence permit of Spain through investment in economy of Spain through various means like, government bonds, business, real estate, etc. After Hurricane Maria devastated Dominica in September 2017, the country significantly reduced the government processing fees for the real estate purchase option. Under the investor citizenship program, a single applicant who buys Dominica real estate now pays a $25,000 fee as opposed to $50,000.

  • The residency-by-investment program called EB-5 lets you and your family obtain a green card in months, and permanent residency after 4 years.
  • For us to move forward with your Residency by investment application for Spain we would need scanned copies of client and family members passport.
  • If you are the citizen of only one country, as most people are, you are essentially at the mercy of your government.
  • As with the previous program, the applicant doesn’t have to ever lose control of his money or pass the financial control to someone else.

Residency by Investment route gives you the freedom to live and work in the country. Every country has its own set of rules and duration before granting residency. As a leading global corporate and trust service provider established in 1972, GTOS offer our clients more than 45 years’ experience and employ more than 1,200 staff across our network of 68 offices worldwide.

St Kitts And Nevis Citizenship By Investment

If this all sounds like rocket science to you, check out our citizenship by investment page where we give you a beginner’s crash course on all things citizenship by investment. And with a dozen citizenship programs currently available to investors, it can be a real headache to figure it out all by yourself. You can apply law firm turkey from within the UK, when switching from another allowed category, or outside the country. Initial visa is granted for 3 years four months subject to extension. AAA Associates is a UAE-based immigration services company that specializes in the most in-demand areas of immigration and Citizenship by investment field.

The first step towards procuring a Commonwealth of Dominica passport is to contact an Authorized Agent of the Caribbean economic citizenship program. It is not possible to submit an application directly to the Dominica Citizenship by Investment Unit – only authorized CBIU agents can present law firm new citizenship applications under the program. Before an accredited individual or company will accept a new investor client, he or she will customarily perform some basic due diligence on the potential client and will walk them through the entire process from start to finish.

Countries That Allow Dual Citizenship

Access to Italian citizenship after 10 years of living and passing italian language test. Belgium requires about€200,000 first year investment in a business in Belgium for a golden visa. You can receive temporary residency in 2 months and citizenship after 5 years of living. If you decide to contribute to the Sustainable Growth Fund as part of your citizenship application, the minimum amount will be 150,000 dollars for a single applicant. Alternatively, applicants may invest in real estate with a minimum value of 200,000 US dollars.

Most Ireland Immigrant Investor Program applications are adjudicated within three to four months of formal submission. A significant percentage of applications, however, take longer than this. In many cases, Investment Visa application processing delays result from the Evaluation Committee having to ask the applicant for further information that was not included in the initial application. Consequently, it is in an applicant’s best interest to submit as complete an application as possible so that processing can be expedited. Hiring an experienced Ireland immigration lawyer can ensure that an Irish Golden Visa application is completed properly and that all essential supporting documentation is included, to minimize processing delays. A spouse, civil partner, or common-law partner may also be included on an Ireland Golden Visa application.

But even if you aren’t lucky, you can still obtain an excellent Portugese passport without spending millions of dollars – provided you invest a little bit of time. Best Citizenships is a global brand and online platform for citizenship and residence planning for HNWI clients. Our online platform makes it cheaper and faster for clients without any brokers or middlemen. Pay a small $5000 retainer deposit to start the application process. Family members upto third generation receive full citizenship or residence permits under CBI/RBI schemes.

If you are rejected, your rejection letter will include a written statement of the reasons for your rejection, and you will be free to apply again at a later date. Retaining the services of an experienced Irish Investor Visa lawyer can maximize your chances of success. Government officials for the Ireland Immigrant Investor Program can be contacted directly to discuss the details of these unique requirements.

Maltese Citizenship By Descent

All Malta citizenship applicants, with the exception of children under six years old, must at some point visit in person a Maltese embassy or the Malta Passport Office in Valletta to give their biometrics. Biometrics include facial features as well as the scanning of fingerprints for applicants aged 12 and above. Biometric data that is given as part of the Malta citizenship by investment application process can be stored for as long as six months. Malta citizenship by investment applicants must purchase or rent an immovable residential property. This leads to the question, is it better for an investor interested in citizenship to buy a home in Malta or rent one?

spain citizenship by investment

Passports are cheaper than golden visa schemes usually in the price range of $100K. The application process is easy and quite straightforward completed within 3 months and saves a lot of hassle on the long run. Passports can be used for worldwide travel as complete travel document while residence permits can only be used for regional travel (eg. Schengen area).

Pre-COVID, your total outlay for a citizenship for six people would have been $185,000. This was done by waiving the government processing fees for the University Fund option. $200,000, and there are many providers ready to sell you everything from a shack to a timeshare in a five-star hotel. You can technically resell your investment in several years, but you likely won’t get your money back.

spain citizenship by investment

Or, if you would rather skip the investment amount altogether, you can also hire fifty Turkish citizens to qualify. While you can technically buy any real estate you want, you still need to have a plan. It won’t give you the Schengen access or the right to live in the European Union, but it’s standard of living, especially in Istanbul, is similar to Europe. It is a tax-friendly place where it’s easy to do business and Andrew personally enjoys spending his summers there. Additionally, Montenegro is also one of only five current CBI programs that offers visa-free access to Russia. It will give you access to all of Europe, as well as visa-free access to the difficult-to-obtain Macedonia, plus the UAE.

And residency, in this case, is the first step towards a second passport. Once you’ve met the requirements, you will need to maintain residency in Malta for 12 or 36 months before you can qualify for a passport, depending on your donation amount. Malta will grant foreigners citizenship in less than 15 months in exchange for a combination of donation and investment into the country. If you are not a citizen of a former Spanish colony , we’d encourage you to reconsider Spanish residency if your ultimate goal is to get a passport. Spain will require that you reside in the country for ten years, and give up your original citizenship. And given the low barriers to entry, the lax residency requirements and the shortest timeline to naturalization in the EU, Portugal is by far the easiest way to get EU citizenship .

spain citizenship by investment

If you would like to know more about the Caribbean citizenship by investment programs that we offer, get in touch with our citizenship advisors. Spain Residency Program Being leading immigration consultants in Middle East our team offers various citizenship by investment Turkish staying permit program and permanent residency program for all those looking to relocate to a foreign country. We understand that the process of getting residency of a new country can be tedious process. This is where our team of immigration consultants come into picture.

spain citizenship by investment

Our selection of established and well-respected Developers, excellent Government Relations and in-depth Knowledge makes us the obvious choice for all your Citizenship & Residency needs. There are many best about ActiveAvenues but what I always speak to my friends the most is the professional approach towards work and personal attention they give to the work under way. It is not easy, but with people like ActiveAvenues ,you feel that alot of support , help and guidance is provided at hand .

Citizenship under this program grants the benefits of full European citizenship. This means visa-free travel to more than 160 countries in the world, including the USA, Middle East, Africa, Asia, and most countries in North, Central and South America. Investors will be allowed to travel freely to any Schengen Area country in Europe, for any length of time. The Portugal Residency Program is also known as the Golden Residence Permit . This is perhaps a reference to the golden opportunity that it provides by allowing investors to gain permanent residency and Portuguese citizenship. Europe also competes with Caribbean countries in attracting investors for passports.

spain citizenship by investment

The permanent residency card is not mandatory, and the investor can use the certificate of permanent residence to enter Bulgaria visa-free instead. All funds for citizenship by investment in Malta must be transferred from the main applicant’s personal bank account. This means you can not make the financial contribution to the National Development and Social Fund from a holding company or offshore trust. It also means you cannot have a friend or family member wire the money to the islands on your behalf; the name on the bank account sending the money must match the name of the primary applicant.

spain citizenship by investment

Consequently, INIS does not in any way guarantee the performance of any such fund. An Irish immigration lawyer can help foreign nationals interested in Ireland investor citizenship identify available funds under this investment option. Under this option of the Ireland immigration by investment program, candidates must invest at least €1 million into a qualifying investment fund for at least three years. The investment fund must have been pre-approved for the program by Immigration Ireland, and it must be a private equity or venture capital fund focusing on small and medium-sized enterprises. Whether you decide to invest in real estate or other investment options, we run pre-screening checks ensuring your investments safe are secure.

spain citizenship by investment

These are the only four gold passports that have access to E-1 and E-2 visas to United States. Revoking citizenship means also passport is revoked which could lead to statelessness. All applicants have to undergo four tier enhanced due diligence and background checks for criminal activity and source of funds by governments and third party due diligence firms. The visa free rankings change every year with visa waivers signed between countries. Moldova gold passport scheme is already open, while Montenegro is set to open for first applications by 2020.

spain citizenship by investment

Evidence of the relationship must be demonstrated by a marriage certificate or civil partnership certificate. In cases of a common-law affiliation, Irish residency by investment applications should also include evidence of at least two immediately preceding years of cohabitation to prove the legitimate relationship with the common-law partner. Ireland is a safe and reputable country and is only interested in attracting international businessmen and businesswomen who are upstanding and well-respected individuals. Consequently, the following documents must be provided to Irish immigration officials to ensure only deserving applicants are approved for Irish Golden Visas. Under this Investor Visa Ireland option, candidates must invest in an Irish REIT. A REIT is a listed company used to hold rental property in a manner that mitigates investor risk yet avoids double taxation.

spain citizenship by investment

Love nature and live peacefully by getting Citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda along with family by investing in property or business and get benefits like low tax and visa-free travel to more than 150 nations. We offer residency planning services and assist our clients to obtain a residence permit in their preferred location. Grenada’s programme is considered to be the most ‘family-friendly’ out of all the other Caribbean citizenship by investment programmes as it does not charge exorbitant processing and due diligence fees for spouses and family members.

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