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The IT, which is traditionally an export-oriented sector, is another key sector in Bulgaria. A number of world and local IT leaders have headquarters in Bulgarian such as SAP, turkish citizenship by investment VMware, Johnson Controls, CISCO, HP, Telerik, Musala Soft and Melon Inc. Due to this reason there are a huge number of certified ICT professionals active in Bulgaria.

We suggest that you should trust the law firm Bulgaria, that provides you with the most experienced experts in your particular field or business and have a rich history in their field. We at Mikov & Attorneys law firm Bulgaria can be a trusted partner to every small and medium enterprise. Some of the things, that we advise you to look for in a law firm Bulgaria, is their experience in the fields that you require. This will assure you that the lawyers at the law firm Bulgaria will have additional knowledge, not only from the domestic and international legislation, but from their experience as well. This is also important, because the fact that the law firm Bulgaria is very good with family law doesn’t mean that they provide you with the same quality service in criminal law.

Bulgarian Law Firm With More Than 20 Years Experience We Help Our Clients Making Business In Bulgaria

Legalixa is one of the leading Turkish immigration law firm advising on Bulgaria Citizenship Program. Title to real estate may also be transferred through a judge ruling as part of the enforcement procedure against a debtor´s property. Such a ruling is a result of a foreclosure sale against a defaulting debtor. In such cases, following Turkish citizenship 250.000 USD the public sale of property, the foreclosure judge conducting the procedure issues rulings transferring title to the publicly sold real estate. The safest way to prove a vital interest is by way of buying a property in Bulgaria. You can even use the help of an attorney and you can skip presence while executing the contract.

bulgaria law firm

This is the key to our success here for the last 15 years of legal practice in Bulgaria and we use to improve it all the time. Our team consists of highly qualified and motivated attorneys-at-law, legal counsels and support staff. Steig also served as the national director of Business Development and Client Services during his 13-year career at Xceligent. In defending the rights of those who have suffered significant Turkish work permit injuries in accidents with drunk drivers, he, unfortunately, has seen the devastating results of these crashes far too many times. Our team knows how a drunk driving accident can instantly reduce the quality of life for the victims. While Jack is a seasoned litigator, a central focus of his practice is developing his clients’ ability to prevent, address and resolve issues before they advance to litigation.

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It is of a great importance that if you have a permanent address in Bulgaria but your vital interests are situated elsewhere you will not be able to get a tax residency. ILIEV AND PARTNERS LAW FIRM supports its clients in all spheres of Bulgarian law throughout Bulgaria, Balkan region and South-East Europe and also internationally through partnership networks with leading local law firms in many jurisdictions. Owners of real estate in Bulgaria are liable to pay an annual tax on the value of the real estate. The rate varies depending on whether the real estate is used for residential or commercial purposes. The rate for both residential and commercial property is fixed by the local authorities, but is within the 0.15% to 0.30% range. He has worked for an international law firm for 17 years, most recently in Hong Kong.

This course cuts through a mass of available information and provides what you need to know about these topics within the context of employment law. You will explore wages and employer-provided benefits, including health insurance, vacation, sick pay, and retirement. Through your coursework, you will have the opportunity to investigate how these concepts apply to the organizations with which you are familiar. At the end of this course, you will be better positioned to assess workplace situations so you can determine when and why you might need to consult with an HR professional or an attorney, and you will be better prepared to discuss issues with these professionals. Chambers and Partners rankings of the number of speciality areas in each law firm recognised as leading in the Netherlands in 2020. In the Netherlands, Chambers and Partners ranks law firms in bands from 1 to 4 .

For travel to the United States on a temporary basis, including tourism, temporary employment, study and exchange. Acting as local advisers to the largest timeshare exchange network in the world, in their review of potential Bulgarian participants and the regulatory and contractual aspects of their activities in the local market. We pride ourselves in providing results-orientated and personalized advice of an exceptionally high standard, in a time and cost efficient manner.

bulgaria law firm

Business lawyers also deal with issues like tort law, business licensing, intellectual property, contract law, advertising, and acquisitions and mergers. MyLawyer Directory is a comprehensive lawyers directory of law firms, lawyers, attorneys, judges and government departments around the globe. You can view Law Firm profiles, different law practice areas, and related legal professional services in your area. Sayra has worked as a Constituent Affairs Intern at the Office of the Governor of California and then embarked on her immigration career as a paralegal with one of the largest immigration law firms.

Our expertise includes specialized consulting in the above-mentioned fields as well as risk assessment and implementation of good corporate practices. We also offer legal representation before all state and arbitration courts in Bulgaria in all proceedings related to the holding – administrative, commercial, real estate, transport, insurance, etc. Lawyers Bulgaria is a part of Bridgewest company, a European Company Formation agent with extensive experience in company formation issues in selected jurisdictions around the world. For legal services in other countries, we recommend other reliable experts from all around the world, such as specialists in company formation in Hong Kongor Switzerland. We are one of the leading law firms in the areas of real estate and construction law.

This fundamental principle ensures the uniformity of Community law and the strict adherence thereto at national level. On 13 April 2005 the European Parliamentapproved the signing of the accession treaties of Bulgaria and Romania, and on January 1, 2007 Bulgaria officially joined the European Union. As a full member of the European Union, Bulgaria has largely aligned its legislation with European law. The EU resident permit turkey legal system governs the relations between the EU Member States and between the legal entities of their domestic law that are in turn also entities of the EU. The acts adopted by the EU institutions indicate the addressees thereunder – Member States or directly their physical and legal entities. Regulations, directives and decisions are binding on the addressees, while recommendations and opinions are not.

Insolvency is declared by court order at the request of the insolvent trader, at the request of one or more of their creditors, or ex officio. With the order that declares the trader insolvent the court appoints one of its members as a clerk, as well as a temporary liquidator. In addition, the property of the trader is sealed and a deadline is set for the creditors to file their claims. Criminal proceedings against the trader are initiated alongside the insolvency proceedings for a crime committed under Criminal Code, Chapter “Bankruptcy and damage to creditors.” The two proceedings are independent from one another.

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