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Fastest Malta Residency By Investment 2021

citizenship by investment

Fastest Malta Residency By Investment 2021


Citizenship And Residence In Malta

Best Citizenship By Investment Program For International Business #3

After being a resident of Greece for 7 years, it is possible to apply for citizenship. There is no need to physically live in the country to be classed as a resident. A number of countries in the European Union and/or the Schengen Area have golden visas available to investors from third countries. Turkish citizens may also gain access to the UK through the Turkish Businessperson visa by starting a business in the UK. A purchase (€350,000) or rental (€16,000 per annum for 5 years) of real estate. €280,000 in a government approved refurbishment project in a low-density population area.

The foundation supports the government, but also undertakes new projects itself. To date, the foundation has invested more than US$55 million in the development of St. Kitts & Nevis. For example, some countries only tax income earned from that country and do not subject capital gains to taxes either.

Europe Comparison

Golden Visas in countries such as Spain, Portugal, or Greece can be obtained for a lower costs. The programs in Cyprus and Austria, on the other hand, are slightly more expensive. Malta is situated in the centre of the Mediterranean Sea and enjoys an excellent reputation for its splendid climate, low crime rate, friendly people and superb quality of life. An attractive place to live or own a second home, Malta also has excellent air links, brilliant landscape and numerous opportunities. It is interesting to mention, that Malta is one of those countries that is governed under financially liberal laws.

No previous business experience or language skills are required to apply. Malta’s Citizenship by Investment Program was the first EU-approved citizenship program, and it now continues to attract high net worth individuals looking for investment immigration. Since joining the EU in 2004, Malta has become a strategic destination for alternative citizenship seekers from around the World. Some of the countries which offer Residency and Citizenship Programs are amongst the most exotic, beautiful, safest and healthiest places on the planet, also offering visa free travel to a very large number of countries in the world. The Maltese “Naturalisation for Exceptional Services by Direct Investment” scheme requires an Applicant to make a significant economic commitment to Malta.

Citizenship After Residency

As of 2020, Egypt passport has visa free access to only 49 countries in the world. Eligible InvestmentsMinimum requiredReal EstateUSD 250,000 Bank depositUSD 500,000Government bondsUSD 500,000Business or VC fundsUSD 500,000Turkish law firm turkey passport has visa free access to a total of 111 world countries in 2020. Cyprus has made a number of changes to the citizenship scheme tightening the vetting process in 2020 after negative publicity in the media.

Limited cap of 400 investors given citizenship for economic investments annually. To qualify for Malta Citizenship by Investment, the main applicant is required to contribute at least €650,000 to Malta. Of this contribution, 70 per cent will go into the Fund set up by the Government of Malta and run by a board of trustees. Spouses and children are required to contribute €25,000; unmarried children between 18 and 25 and dependent parents must contribute €50,000 each.

Taxation for permanent residents is hefty, and a distinct anti-foreigner sentiment appears to be on the rise – especially in the north. If clients were to opt for the property option in Antigua, LIO Global have has also hand-picked government approved projects where investors can buy into world class five-star resorts, which are fully managed in a rental pool. After five years, investors can on-sell the property to a next investor and there could even be a moderate growth in the price of the property in addition to the rental income. If South Africans are looking at having global access via Europe with a European citizenship, Malta is one of the top programmes to consider.

malta citizenship by investment

The traditional government bond option requires investors to keep bonds for at least five years. These bonds don’t pay any interest and are expensive – $500,000 for a family of four (and $567,000 in all-in costs). Let’s start with their cheapest option, a donation to their National Economic Fund . A single applicant will spend $109,500 all-in for this second passport route.

When preparing a translation in a country where there are no officially accredited translators, a company whose sole/main activity is to provide professional translation services should be involved. The translated document must be accompanied by the signature of at least one authorized representative of such a translation company. Additionally you will need to contribute €650,000 to Malta with the addition of a 5 year €150,000 bond investment. Spouses and children must contribute €25,000 law firm istanbul and unmarried children from years and dependent parents must contribute €50,000. While average citizenship processing times under the newly launched regulations have not yet been established, processing times under the previous program ranged from 3 to 6 months. The qualifying investment of EUR 150,000 is to be held for a minimum period of 5 years and can be achieved through debt, and/or equity securities, and/or collective investment schemes listed on the Malta Stock Exchange.

malta citizenship by investment

There are now several European countries which offer long-term residency permits to wealthy investors in exchange for an investment or donation. The Maltese Exceptional Investment Naturalisation programme grants citizenship within 12 or 36 months. Once Maltese citizenship is granted, citizens can enjoy visa-free access to 184 countries, including the UK and USA. To find out more about acquiring citizenship in Malta, or what is required for a Malta citizenship application, get in touch with our team of specialist advisors today. It offers a second citizenship option to families wishing to relocate their personal or business affairs to an EU country. Citizenship granted through this route to Maltese citizenship is valid for life and it is passed on to future generations by descent.

Obtaining citizenship will give you a good second passport with visa-free access to 131 countries including the UK, EU and Russia, although they unfortunately lost visa-free access to Canada in 2014. Getting a second citizenship gives you the right to live in a country and are granted to same rights as a normal citizen. Having a second citizenship can help to ensure your safety, increase your global mobility as well as offering flexibility in lifestyle choices. Having dual citizenship inevitably creates new trade and business opportunities. These opportunities could be both in the country where second citizenship is obtained, as well as in the countries where you have increased access due to having a stronger passport.

malta citizenship by investment

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