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Caribbean Citizenship By Investment

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The Dominica passport ranks 37th in the world because it offers exciting visa-free travel to more than 130 countries including the Schengen area in Europe. It’s also likely the fastest citizenship by investment program in the world today. Bulgaria’s citizenship by investment program is the world’s slowest, as it takes more than two years to obtain the passport. And after one year of permanent residency (which doesn’t require any minimum time in the country), you, the investor, can pursue the fast track citizenship path. Like Malta and Cyprus, Bulgaria’s citizenship by investment program begins with residency.

moldova citizenship by investment

You have to visit the country to receive citizenship and there is a new 6 month residency requirement before applying for Cypriot passport. St Lucia in 2017amended their citizenship lawsto decrease the investment amount $100,000 making it one of the competitive and attractive CIP’s in the Caribbean. There are no residence requirements and no visit to St Lucia required to get the St Lucian passport. Passport offers visa free travel to 125 countries including United Kingdom, EU schengen states. The MCBI program requires that applicants make a certain economic contribution to the development of the country through the State Investment Fund. In exchange for this contribution and under strict conditions of due diligence, including a detailed background check of applicants, investors and their families are offered citizenship.

Moldova To Ease Citizenship Requirements For Investors

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Your application will be reviewed by the authorized government authority within 30 days and you will receive the outcome by email. Once you are nominated to apply, prepare your application and submit it. The investor must invest in a property of a gross value of not less than AED5 million. “Citizenship is for sale to the wealthy, Malta is among states to offer second passports, easing access to the wider EU”. Real estate can be either rented or purchased to avail permanent resident card in CBI countries.

Why Choose Moldova?

Then, it’s passport holders will get visa-free access to all Schengen countries. Not only will they be able to travel there, but also settle, work and study in any European country. In recent years, more and more high-net-worth individuals have taken the plunge to obtain citizenship by investment and we expect to see the trend continue to grow. The investment amount is determined by the government, but it is also influenced by what benefits the country has to offer. The rules differ per country, but essentially, it’s like buying a passport. You will agree to invest a pre-set amount of money into a country and will be granted citizenship in that country in return.

moldova citizenship by investment

The Moldovan CBI program offers investors a foothold in Europe and access to one of the fastest growing commercial hubs in the region. Global Citizen Solutions is a leading investment migration consultancy firm, working with ten countries offering citizenship by investment programs. At the heart of our firm is our belief that everybody deserves the opportunity to enjoy global mobility and unparalleled freedoms associated with owning a second passport. For more guidance on which program to pick, take a look at our Citizenship by Investment Comparison Guide here. The Moldova citizenship by investment program is the newest addition to such programs in European territory.

Our Citizenship by investment team for Moldova provides crafted solutions for Client`s success. After Citizenship by investment to Moldova if you plan to start a business by buying existing business in Moldova for instant start in Moldova. We have listed down few more services that we provide in Moldova for immediate or future requirements. In case, your Citizenship by investment to Moldova fails, there are 36 more countries that we service, we are ready with plan B. We have best solicitors and agents for Moldova handling process and application who are committed for your success. Citizenship by investment in Moldova and other countries, plus lot of other supports.

moldova citizenship by investment

Especially if you are a beginner collector of foreign passports, you should not trust anybody. Below please find a dozen useful tips and hints on how you can avoid mistakes that are likely to cost you dearly. In addition, all applicants will be required to fully comply with the Programme’s due diligence requirements. The EB-5 regional center program expired June 30th and we’re waiting for the US Congress to possibly extend the program in the coming months. Meanwhile, direct EB-5 is alive and well and available at the lower investment amount of $500,000.

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You can qualify if you have a parent who was a Singaporean citizen at the time of your birth. You can qualify if you have a parent or grandparent who was a Romanian citizen at some point in their lifetime. Or, have a great-grandparent who was a Romanian citizen and lost citizenship involuntarily. You can qualify if you have a parent who was a Filipino citizen at the time of your birth.

moldova citizenship by investment

This means not only your spouse and underage children, but all dependent children who are under 29, and also your dependent parents who are above 55. It is a country which exports wine, while its agriculture and food industry are also relevant. It has a fast-growing economy, which gives lots of opportunities for businesses. Nevertheless, the investment climate is not the most favorable one, and it is important to mention that corporate tax is 18%. Moldova is a generally little country and has around 3.5 million inhabitants.

The minimum eligible investment amount starts at $224,050, including all the fees. As for investment options, Dominica only offers a government-approved real estate investment. The minimum investment for this option is $233,500 when you include all the fees. Some countries which offer citizenship by investment also possess a passport that allows visa-free travel to more countries. The countries are offering investment citizenship for their economic advantages.

  • Processing time is 6-9 months, and obtaining a residence permit makes you eligible for fast-track citizenship.
  • Successful applicants for citizenship by investment who then apply for a Dominican passport can benefit from visa-free travel or visas-on-arrival to more than 125 countries.
  • Although not originally scheduled to go up, prices for Dominica citizenship by real estate investment could also increase.
  • Your CBI passport can have address that ties to your home in the local country rather than foreign country where you currently live.

Secondly, luxury home prices on the island are primarily determined by international buyers, not domestic ones, which means that a global recession is a much bigger risk to the local housing market than a domestic one. In theory, however, global economic instability would increase interest in second passports from stable jurisdictions selling nationality, law firm turkey raising the demand for CBIU sanctioned property and insulating the investment from negative market forces. We believe the Dominica citizenship by investment program offers better value to investors than any other economic citizenship program in the world. There are many different investor immigration and citizenship by investment programs available today.

St Lucia Citizenship By Investment Program: The Best Value Donation Option For Single Applicants

The processing time of your registration in this citizenship by investment program varies from 3-4 months, at the end of the process you will receive the citizenship and passport of Moldova. Firstly, the period for the application of Turkish citizenship by investment is 3 years. In this sense, citizenship applications can be made 3 years after the determination of fixed capital investment. However, it will not be possible to give a definite time for the conclusion of Turkish citizenship application.

moldova citizenship by investment

This Moldovan passport allows visa free travel to over 122 countries including the Schengen zone as well as Russia and Turkey. It absolutely is a good idea to seek assistance when lodging your CBI application. Many companies like Global Citizen Solutions offer a one-stop-shop for investment migration and relocation services, offering bespoke residence and citizenship solutions. Called citizenship by investment programs, many countries run their own versions of these programs, granting investors instant nationality in exchange for significant contributions to society, culture, or the economy.

moldova citizenship by investment

Ireland operates a GV immigrant investor program which has gained more popularity over the years. The Irish EU passport remains most powerful in the world and has been most sought after post Brexit. Bulgaria strictly requires to maintain EUR 1 million investment for atleast 5 years else citizenship will be stripped under the constitutional laws.

The most important reason why these ‘citizen by investment’ programs gained so much popularity recently, citizenships are approved very fast within 2-3 months without any trip to the country and there are no residency requirements. Exceptions are Malta requires one year residency, Cyprus requires 6 months prior residency. Recently St Lucia and Vanuatu joined the citizenship by investment market along with Malta and Cyprus in Europe.

moldova citizenship by investment

The global leaders in this industry are Henley & Partners who have over 20 years of experience in residence and citizenship planning. The residence permit is issued at the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs. Within 1-3 months after the investment, you are issued a residence permit for a period of 5 years.

As demand for Dominica investor citizenship flourishes, CBIU approved real estate will likely appreciate in value much faster than non-sanctioned property. Effective June 1, 2015, Dominica passport holders no longer require a Schengen Visa to visit EU countries, which many offshore financial planning experts believe effectively doubled the value of the travel document overnight. Dominica passports then gained visa-free access to Russia in 2019, and will likely facilitate visa-free travel to Mainland China by 2021.

Moldova, an Eastern European country and former Soviet republic, has varied terrain including forests, rocky hills and vineyards. Capital Chișinău has Soviet-style architecture and the National Museum of History, exhibiting art and ethnographic collections that reflect cultural links with neighboring Romania. Moldova’s citizenship gives visa-free or visa-on-arrival to 122 countries, which also includes the Schengen countries stay for up to 90 days within every 180-day period.

Most of CIPs expect an investor to purchase real estate, government-issued bonds or open a deposit bank account in a local bank. Considering all this, it is possible to say that you turkish citizenship can almost literally buy second citizenship. Below is a quick overview of countries offering citizenship or permanent residency through property investment to foreign investors.

moldova citizenship by investment

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