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Italy International Trade In Legal Services


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Italy Adopts Hardline Immigration Law

For two non-Italians or when only one partner is Italian, foreign law may take precedence over Italian law. The first is consensual separation, which stems from a mutual agreement between husband and wife, and which is then approved by the court. The second is judicial separation, in which hearings and discussions are normally involved before an agreement is reached and the judge determines which spouse is responsible for the failure of the marriage. In Eboli, lovers can be fined as much as €500 for getting their groove on in a car.

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On the other hand, if the seller backs out, he will be liable to pay double the amount you have given as deposit. Many of the foreigners ordered to leave Italy do so, but they travel north to France and Turkish work permit Germany rather than returning to their countries of origin. If, for example, Germany can prove that Kurds applying for asylum came via Italy, then Germany can return them to Italy to apply for asylum.

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Roberto D’Agostino, founder of the site Dagospia, was convicted in late February 2015 of defaming a Genoa prosecutor, Alberto Lari, after republishing an article from the Italian newspaper L’Espresso that raised questions over the prosecutor’s wife’s recent promotion. News reports state that D’Agostino denied having intended to defame the prosecutor, to whom he later apologised in court. If you somehow feel that you’ve heard something like this before, you probably have. Kenyan lawyer Dola Indidis first tried to sue Israel and Italy over Jesus’ death in 2007. His petition to a Nairobi court was dismissed, but the persistent man didn’t give up. Although Italy approved same-sex civil unions in 2016, the country lags behind its EU counterparts and is on similar footing with the likes of Poland, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Lithuania in terms of anti-homophobia measures, according to ILGA Europe, a federation of groups pushing for civil rights.

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Foreign investors who are citizens of the European Union do not need an investor visafor entering commercial activities in Italy. However, this is required for non-EU investors, who can apply for several types of visas. One of the available visas is the Investor Visa for Italy – issued for a period of two years; foreign businessmen can apply for this type of visa through the Investor Visa for Italy Committee. We are a team of experienced Italian lawyers who provide a wide range of legal services for local and foreign clients. We assist foreign companies to establish a business presence in Italy, including legal advice, documentation guidance and practical assistance.

Defenses In Italy And Abroad

The possibility for foreign undertakings for collective investment to benefit from relief at source in Italian dividends is a significant evolution from the current practice in Italy, as far as dividend withholding tax is concerned. The Law provides a very favorable set of provisions for foreign undertakings for collective investment (“UCIs”) in Italian resident companies, with a view to repealing a tax framework that is most likely discriminatory in the context of EU law. The measure is not retroactive, however, and will only be available to individuals with pending asylum applications.

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A power of attorney is a written instrument that allows you (the “principal”) to authorize someone else (your “agent” or “attorney-in-fact”) to act on your behalf and carry on your business in your absence. For example, you might wish to allow a friend to sell your car or ship your household goods. Never have a POA unless you need one and always try to make it a Special POA. Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. For us, excellent services are creative, pragmatic and commercially expedient results that are tailored to your requirements and that help you to move forward. You will be involved in some of the most complex and relevant transactions in the market and we will give you the support and training you need to gain world-class technical skills.

Article 4 adds article 387-bis to the Criminal Code, punishing those who violate temporary removal orders from the family home or the prohibition against approaching places frequented by the injured person with six months to three years of imprisonment. Emma Cuthbertson, based in northern Italy with her family, is a Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant who also blogs regularly for MumAbroad. This is an edited version of an article originally published on MumAbroad. Alternatively, since 2015 in Italy, there is a collaborative path whereby the two parties and their lawyers come to a mutual agreement. The lawyers process the paperwork, and a divorce status can be reached in a matter of months without entering a courtroom.

However, it’s highly advised because although the purchase process in Italy is different to the UK, it is equally complex in terms of due diligence, searches and conveyancing. Plus, everything is written and communicated in Italian – making it imperative to seek legal advice from professionals who understand the language inside out. Our specialisation, however, lies in advising foreign clients in relation todisputes arising in Italy, in particular of apersonal injury natureand in relation to issues relating toagreements for the rental of accommodationand review of legal documentation. The team’s efficiency and success rate enable our law firm to offer clients a combination of talent and experience.

Corporate And Commercial Law

The responsibility for the provision of services to the client is defined in the terms of engagement between the instructed firm and the client. Where Substitutive Tax does not apply, the securities are subject to indirect taxes varying from EUR200 to 0.5% (generally where third parties’ obligations are being secured), while mortgage tax is generally levied at a 2% rate on real estate mortgages. The market seems to tolerate the practice of granting security on Italian shares by a foreign law-governed document; however, for the principle of lex rei sitae, the pledged shares must be transferred to the country of applicable law. Prevalent case law provides that in the case of individual dismissal, the selection of employees to be dismissed in the same role must be subject to the same legal criteria as for collective dismissals . Thus, the employees to be dismissed must be those who are less senior and who have fewer dependent family members.

It is an instructive organization, attended by a gigantic number of 115 thousand understudies. It is an institution of higher education offering various courses in management studies, arts, science, and fashion. The University of Milan was founded in 1924 to open space for the education system and make it overreaching so that excellent educational opportunities were available to all citizens of the nation and could help in gaining knowledge. It is considered to be one of the prestigious universities having been placed at a top rank in the QS rank chart and recognized by various international ranking organizations. The university is dedicated to providing quality education and infrastructure to its students.

How Can Our Italian Lawyers Assist In Accounting Procedures?

The ICJ previously held that a sitting foreign minister is entitled to immunity ratione personae from the criminal jurisdiction of another state’s domestic courts. Judges Koroma, Keith, and Bennouna each wrote a brief separate opinion, and three judges wrote dissenting opinions. Judge Yusuf took issue with the majority’s approach for failing to consider whether the particular victims in question had other effective means of obtaining redress. Judge ad hoc Gaja, who was appointed by Italy, disagreed with the majority’s conclusion that the “tort exception” does not encompass activities of a hostile state’s armed forces on the forum state’s territory. Judge Cançado Trindade, former President of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, disagreed with the majority’s conclusions in their entirety, and set forth his reasons in a detailed opinion.

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From the 21st day on, the indemnity amounts to 66.66% of basic remuneration. Collective agreements usually establish the integration of the mandatory sick indemnity by employers and ensure the full coverage of pay during sick periods, with some thresholds in terms of annual days of sick leave. In case of illness, the employee has the right to maintain his/her job during the sick leave (so-called ‘protected period’) as set out in the relevant NCBA. According to applicable legislation, the minimum working age is fixed at 16 years, except for apprenticeships for which it is fixed at 15 years. The written form is generally not required with regard to employment contracts , but the employer is obliged to inform the worker in writing of applied working conditions. To be valid, the employment contract has to be agreed upon by both parties.

Security agreements which have to be notarised may be either a public deed executed before a notary or a document with the signatures of the parties certified by a notary. Notarisation may be necessary for the validity of certain security agreements (e.g. real property mortgages) or to certify the date of the security agreement. Notarial fees can be material, especially in case of real property mortgages, although they are generally negotiable with the public notary. Moreover, the performance of MiFID investment services and/or activities to Italian retail clients and/or professional clients upon request on a cross-border basis by UK banks and UK investment firms is forbidden, which therefore must be terminated. If the dismissal is found to be based on discriminatory reasons, the judge can order the company to pay the salary that the employee would have received from the date of dismissal until the date of the court ruling and to reinstate the employee or pay him or her the equivalent of 15 months’ salary. Where the reasons for the dismissal are found to be non-existent, the company must reinstate the worker or pay the equivalent of 15 months’ salary – the employee has the choice.

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The Catholic Church, family, and friends serve as strong informal social controls. However, an important aspect to note is that in common law countries such as the UK, the home country international law would typically defer to Italian inheritance law to regulate the inheritance and the distribution of the Italian property. If a UK citizen dies while owning Italian property, Italian law says that the UK inheritance law would apply. However, UK law pushes back to Italy and says that Italian inheritance law applies. This back and forth can continue and thus delay the inheritance proceedings. We offer clients, based in Italy or doing business in Italy, the benefit of our global experience, local knowledge and practical experience, implementing a local team integrated with our international capabilities and offices in order to deliver quality and innovative service.

The complaint is processed within a maximum time of nine months from its submission. However, the data subject has the opportunity to submit reports to the Garante. Privacy law firm Vendor Marketplace Use the Vendor Demo Center, Privacy Vendor List and Privacy Tech Vendor Report to easily identify privacy products and services to support your work.

We aim at becoming the Italian trustful point of reference for people, entrepreneurs and firms, who have legal interests in Italy, and from Italy to the world. International Sports Law will examine sports law in an international and comparative context. While we will explore several sports and legal environments, our primary vehicles for study will be the Olympics, FIFA, the Court of Arbitration for Sport and European and Asian professional basketball and baseball leagues. Temple Law’s Office of Graduate & International Programs coordinates with faculty and the Office of Career Services to identify Philadelphia-area judges, professors, and other summer employers who provide job opportunities with a June start date to Rome summer students. Moreover, Temple collaborates with partner law firms in Rome and in other countries to offer international internships. Internships provide valuable international legal experience, and foreign language skills are not required for these positions.

  • Mr. Bertollini not only agreed to provide me legal counsel at the reasonable price, but he managed to get my case dismissed without any repercussions.
  • Legal assistance attorneys serving in the Vicenza Legal Assistance Office also have the additional dimension of hands-on experience in the laws of Italy.
  • The written form is generally not required with regard to employment contracts , but the employer is obliged to inform the worker in writing of applied working conditions.
  • Company incorporation can also be done by granting the power of attorney to our lawyer in Italy, thus gaining more time with other preparations.
  • Plus, everything is written and communicated in Italian – making it imperative to seek legal advice from professionals who understand the language inside out.

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