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Jamaican Lawyers Making History With New Law Firm In Cayman


Jamaican Lawyers Making History With New Law Firm In Cayman


Cayman Private Funds Law 2020

Commercial Litigation & Insolvency

The Cayman Islands are a British overseas territory located in the western Caribbean Sea, 772km south of Miami and 269km northwest of Jamaica. The territory is made up of three islands, Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman. Grand Cayman is the largest and most populous of the three, with 55,000 people living on three quarters of the island’s 259km² total land mass. The Cayman Islands are reported as being the fifth largest financial centre in the world, making it the largest offshore jurisdiction.

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The Maples Group’s Cayman Islands offices provide comprehensive legal advice on the laws of the Cayman Islands. Regulated by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority, we also provide specialised fund, fiduciary, regulatory and compliance, and entity formation and management services. Our clients are both local and international and comprise private clients, large financial institutions and local Cayman Islands businesses. James is a senior associate in the Corporate Department of our Hong Kong office.

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In relation to chattels, security can also be created by a conditional bill of sale, which must be recorded in accordance with the Bills of Sale Act . There are no exchange control regulations imposed under Cayman Islands law that would act as an obstacle to enforcement of a guarantee. In accordance with the Companies Act (“Companies Act”), the lack of capacity of a company to enter into a transaction by reason of anything in the company’s memorandum will not affect the validity of the turkish citizenship by investment transaction. Yes, a company can grant a guarantee in these circumstances assuming there is sufficient commercial rationale and benefit to the company. Entities will need to review their procedures relating to valuation, custody, cash monitoring and identification of securities to ensure compliance with the Laws. Where the above procedures are performed internally , this must be disclosed to investors in addition to how conflicts of interest, if any, are identified and addressed.

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Laura is an associate attorney in Priestleys corporate and commercial department with particular expertise and broad experience in all aspects of commercial and residential property law. Over the years, the firm has developed an impressive list of domestic and international clients at both the private and institutional level. Recognizing that clients increasingly look to our firm for advice on a range of matters, we have developed a practice that is able to respond to this growing demand. HSM provides legal services to both top financial institutions and leading businesses established and/or operating in the Cayman Islands. They are a group of lawyers focused on providing sound advice in a timely and cost effective manner within the structures available under Cayman Islands Law. UK/AUS/NZ qualified litigators sought by popular offshore law firm for its expanding Cayman office.

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Unless the court orders otherwise, the parties are jointly and severally responsible for the fees of the court expert. Expert testimony may be presented at trial by the parties if the court so directs or all the parties agree. Directions for preparation and exchange of expert reports are usually made as part of directions to trial . Those directions may also set out the questions on which the expert is to report. However, trials are preceded by the submissions of extensive written pleadings, witness statements, and expert reports, upon which subsequent oral arguments and cross-examinations are based. Sometimes trials might begin with the filing of written opening submissions and end with the filing of written closings, but this depends on directions agreed by the parties or ordered by the judge in each case.

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Financial statements must be prepared in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards or Generally Accepted Accounting Principles of the United States, Japan, Switzerland or other non-high-risk jurisdiction. Audits must be conducted in accordance with International Standards on Auditing or Generally Accepted Auditing Standards of the United States, Japan, Switzerland or other non-high-risk jurisdiction. Audited financial statements must be submitted to CIMA annually, along with a Fund Annual Return , within six months after the end of the preceding financial year, unless extended with CIMA’s consent. A newly formed private fund that is required to register must do so within 21 days after it accepts capital commitments for investments. Virtual asset service providers are persons and entities whose businesses, on behalf of another person or entity, provide certain services that use or rely on virtual assets.

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A writ may be amended without leave of the court before it is served on the defendant. After service, a writ may be amended without leave once at any time before the pleadings close, provided the amendment does not consist of adding, omitting, or substituting a party, altering the capacity in which a party is sued, or adding or substituting a new cause of action . Both a writ of summons and an originating summons have an ‘expiry date’ in that, having been filed, they must then be served upon the defendant within a certain period. This period is six months where leave for service out of jurisdiction is required and four months in all other cases. Unless served within these time periods , validity of the originating process document will expire, necessitating the filing of a fresh writ or originating summons. This could have significant consequences if a limitation period expires in the meantime.

There is no statutory definition of “control” in the Cayman Islands, but the usual position is that shareholders of a Cayman Islands company can appoint and remove directors by ordinary resolution (50% + 1 vote). The constitutional documents of a Cayman Islands company may depart from the usual position, providing for staggered boards, removal for cause only or a higher voting threshold, which will result in effective control of the target being difficult to achieve. Yes, subject to the directors of the company complying with their fiduciary and other duties. Directors of a Cayman Islands company have a strict duty to avoid a conflict of interest. In order to comply with their fiduciary duties, the directors of a Cayman Islands target will need to give due consideration to any bona fide offer, even if it is unsolicited, to determine if the acceptance of such an offer is in the best interests of the company. There are no Cayman Islands legal considerations relevant to determining when cash consideration needs to be committed and available.

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Under a unit trust arrangement, investors contribute funds to a trustee that holds those funds on trust for the investors, and each investor is directly entitled to share pro rata in the trust’s assets. An advantage of the unit trust is that it may be structured as an ‘umbrella’ unit trust so that different investments may be allocated to different ‘sub-trusts’ with investors subscribing for units in a particular sub-trust. Unlike segregated portfolio companies, however, there is no statutory segregation of assets and liabilities of each sub-trust. The Companies Law of the Cayman Islands restricts shares of an ‘exempted company’ from being offered to the public in the Cayman Islands unless those shares are listed on the Cayman Islands Stock Exchange. This restriction is contained in the Companies Law and is not replicated in the statutory framework governing limited partnerships or unit trusts. The Grand Court’s civil case-load is broadly divided between the Civil Division, the Family Division, the Admiralty Division, and the Financial Services Division.

A panel of judges in the Cayman Islands on Tuesday cut the sentence of an American college student who violated the territory’s coronavirus laws to two months from four months after her lawyers argued that the punishment was too harsh. The success of TBLS is predicated upon a strict adherence to internationally recognised educational standards. By closely adhering to UoL standards TBLS has, for over thirty-five years, established an international reputation for excellence in the provision of legal education.

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This information will enable us to direct your request to the appropriate person. Officially launched on March 24, Bransens is off to what the principals describe as “an exciting first month”, which has seen the company having a full staff complement, a swanky commercial office space and, of course, their official website. Economic Substance Notification is an annual notification requirement for all entities, not excluding any legal persons registered with the General Registry. A key to mention is that ES notification acts as a sine qua non of filing the annual ES return for applicable entities. HELO is considered to be an intermediary pure entity holding company in the Cayman Islands without engaging in any other different activity.

The information and expressions of opinion which it contains are not intended to be a comprehensive study or to provide legal advice and should not be treated as a substitute for specific advice concerning individual situations. An exempted company that does not hold a licence to carry on business in the Cayman Islands must file an annual return, together with the appropriate annual filing fee with the Registrar in January of each year. The annual return confirms that the requirements of the Companies Act in relation to exempted companies have been complied with since the date of incorporation or, as the case may be, since the previous annual return. The objects of a company may be listed in full and limited to those listed; or the objects may be unrestricted.


Our deep fund experience, regulatory credibility and leading-edge innovation combine to reduce disruption to your business while addressing requirements related to valuation, audit and more. The Mutual Funds Law is the principal legislation relevant to the regulation of investment funds in the Cayman Islands. CIMA is the regulatory body responsible for compliance with these regulations and has broad powers to ensure the protection of investors. Cash flows of a registered private fund must be monitored and the books and records of the private fund must be reviewed to ensure cash has been accounted for properly. The cash monitoring function must be conducted by an administrator, custodian or other independent third party.

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The witness and signing is typically done by a notaty public and our team here at Notary Public Cayman is available to do any Power of Attorney notary in the Cayman Islands. This service is only done in person and we do not provide online notaty services for Power of Attorney. Existing funds that register before the end of the Transition Date will not be required to pay an annual registration fee at the time of registration, but must pay an application fee in the amount of US$366. Private funds that register after the Transition Date must pay an annual registration fee of US$4268 and an application fee of US$366 at the time of registration. On or before the 15th of each January after the Transition Date, registered funds must pay an annual registration fee in the amount of US$4268. If some or all of the annual registration fee is not paid on or before the due date, an additional fee equal to 1/12th of the unpaid annual registration fee will accrue each month until the fee is paid in full.

Schemes of arrangements can, depending on their complexity and given the requirements for court approval, run for many months, as can complex merger transactions. Contractual asset acquisitions, where the target ceases doing business and is liquidated after the consummation of the sale, are becoming less popular given the flexibility and ease of use of the statutory merger regime, but remain a useful option. There are change-of-control rules applicable to entities regulated by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority under the Banks and Trust Companies Act , the Insurance Act, 2010 or the Mutual Funds Act .

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In all cases – writ of summons, originating summons, or petition – the relevant court rules prescribe standard forms for these documents that serve as a template. The originating summons must set out the statements or questions on which the plaintiff seeks determination or the relief sought. In claims against Turkish staying permit companies, limitation stops running if a winding up order is made in respect of the company. Special limitation rules apply to some claims available to company liquidators. However, several recent judgments have provided welcome guidance on circumstances in which third-party litigation funding is permissible.

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The country, a British Overseas Territory, levies no income or corporate taxes, and, since the 1960s, it has become one of the world’s most sophisticated banking centers. As of 2016, according to one analysis, it domiciled 60 percent of global hedge fund assets. Limited partnerships are constituted by a partnership agreement made between a general partner who has unlimited liability for the debts of the partnership, and limited partner investors who are liable only up to the amount they committed to invest in the partnership. The limited partnership operates by or through the general partner and the general partner is responsible for the management of the partnership business. The limited partners are passive investors in the business who cannot take part in the management of the business.

cayman lawyer

The SPC had suspended the calculation of net asset value for several years and the payment of redemptions in a number of its portfolios. The investment manager was winding down the suspended portfolios so as to make distributions over time. The remaining portfolios were still trading normally, were accepting subscriptions and were paying redemptions in the usual way.

Our use of the terms “our firm” and “we” and “us” and terms of similar import, denote the alternative practice structure conducted by EisnerAmper LLP and Eisner Advisory Group LLC. Our emphasis on quality and value have been major contributors to the growth of our fund practice. We are dedicated to providing the highest-quality services and exceptional client service by being connected, responsive and insightful. As your needs evolve, we will coordinate with other EY subject-matter resources to best serve you.

  • It will ease the contractual process, but more importantly, it will protect you and your interests.
  • If the legal system in your country does not provide for discovery mechanisms, please describe how evidence is generally developed and admitted into the record.
  • 30 June 2021 – All Private Funds must file financial statements audited by a CIMA approved auditor by this date.
  • Anyone who is now offering virtual asset services in the Cayman Islands to local residents or overseas clients , and persons and entities who want to offer virtual asset services.
  • Information in relation to the Trust and the Settlor are held strictly con den al unless the Trustees are under a legal duty to disclose the information or the Settlor has requested the disclosure of the Trust information.

Otherwise, there is no explanation for the fact that Gerli, notwithstanding his long history of conducting organized fraud, has never been charged in the United States. Gerli has not been seen in public in Panama City of late, and he is rumoured to be in hiding, fearing extradition to Spain. Gerli is also linked to convicted American securities trader, Joshua VanDyk, who worked at Ryan Bateman’s Cayman Islands firms, Bateman & Company Ltd and B & Capital Ltd. During that time VanDyk offered North American businessmen a scheme, through which VanDyk hid untaxed wealth in the Cayman Islands. Both Gerli and VanDyk were often operating in Belize at the same time, and a reliable source has confirmed their close association.

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