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Leading Boutique Law Firm In The Cayman Islands


Cayman Law Bars Suit Over $1b Fund, Ny Appeals Court Says

Registration Of Offshore Company In The Cayman Islands: Main Provisions

From 1990 to 2006, she practised as a barrister at New Square Chambers, Lincoln’s Inn, London. Noting that her dispute resolution team has grown considerably, since she first began her Cayman career back in 2007, Reynolds praised the support she has received from her colleagues. The other three appointees are Mac Webster Imrie, a consultant with Maples and Calder; Rachael Reynolds, a global senior partner at Ogier; and Colette Ann Wilkins, a partner at Walkers.

Private funds and their managers have until 7 August 2020 to comply with the law’s requirements. In February, the Cayman Islands government introduced a new law that significantly impacts closed-end funds that are set up as Cayman Islands limited partnerships, companies, unit trusts and LLCs. Existing companies as at 31 December 2018 will have a six month transition period (i.e., until 1 July 2019) to comply with the new rules. For companies established on or after 1 January 2019, substance requirements staying permit turkey need to be satisfied starting from the time they provide the relevant activities. Further, although an investment fund and its investment holdings have been carved out from the need to comply, a fund management company incorporated in the Cayman Islands is not exempted and will need to comply with the Law. The CIMA may, in certain circumstances, require the private fund to have its title verification verified by an appropriate and professionally qualified independent third party.

Cayman Private Funds Law

Additionally, registered persons may only issue virtual assets to the public under a certain threshold. The balance of the Cayman Islands M&A regime is arguably weighted slightly in favour of the target, particularly given the usual discretion given to the directors of a target to approve the commercial terms of a particular transaction or a transfer of shares . The statutory and common law principles staying permit turkey applying to acquisitions are focused on fairness and reasonableness, and the duties of the directors of any Cayman Islands target will be to ensure the best outcome for the shareholders of the company as a whole. In agreeing to any deal mechanics that seek to “rebalance the playing field”, directors of a Cayman Islands target will need to keep their fiduciary duties front of mind.

In certain circumstances the court may order for this undertaking to be fortified by the applicant providing security. In any event, the applicant should expect to have to disclose to the court information relevant to its ability to honour the undertaking in damages. Whenever injunctive relief is granted ex parte the applicant is under the strict duty of full and frank disclosure to the court. This is an obligation to disclose to the court fully and fairly all matters, whether factual or legal, that are material to the applicant’s position . Failure to give full and frank disclosure at the ex parte hearing may lead to the injunction being discharged inter partesregardless of the substantive merits. Please include descriptions as to the types of injunctions available, including injunctions freezing assets and/or injunctions to prevent parallel proceedings in another jurisdiction.

Benefits Of A Cayman Islands Company

The Cayman Islands is a continuously evolving and consistently top-ranked international financial centre. To require the provision by any person of information for the purpose of clarifying or amplifying information disclosed in a SAR or responding to a request from an overseas FIU, (legal advisors in privileged circumstances, e.g. Court work excepted). Any person who, without reasonable excuse, fails to so provide the information is liable to a fine of CI$50,000 and or two years imprisonment.

Small- and medium-sized entities that may be required to prepare or choose to prepare general purpose financial statements may use IFRS for SMEs or another recognized GAAP framework. Cayman Island entities which have been established under the Companies Law are not subject to annual audit although the Law states financial statements may be audited from time to time as determined by the company. Prior to qualifying as an attorney, Ms. Mugwagwa served as the Maryland Volunteer Lawyers Service One Baltimore for Jobs Project Coordinator under the Freddie Gray Grant.

The corporate structure is easily understood by investors and principles of limited liability for shareholders are well-established. When investors invest money in a fund structured as a company they will become shareholders in the company and they resident permit turkey will be issued shares to represent their interests, which will be held and be redeemable subject to the terms of the company’s constitutional documents. As a funds lawyer practicing both Cayman and BVI law, I am often asked which country is better.

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