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Liquidation Of Companies, Liquidation Closing Company In Bulgaria


Liquidation Of Companies, Liquidation Closing Company In Bulgaria


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The refusal of one or more such persons to participate in the filing procedure or in the patent granting procedure will not prevent the others from carrying out the acts set out in this Law. The applicant will be considered to have the right to file unless otherwise decided in court proceedings. The Bill also deals with the conditions for obtaining Bulgarian residency for foreign children under 18 years. As a general rule, obtaining such residence requires both parents’ consent.

This Power of Attorney must specifically describe the representation rights granted by the authorizer to the authorized. The Power of Attorney is to be notarized – with certification of the signatures affixed and the content of the document. The Power of Attorney must enclose a notarized declaration under Art. 25, para. 7 of the Notaries and Notarial Practice Act and a declaration under Art. 264, para.

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During 2019 the Ombudsman institution received 7 complaints that were related to suspected corruption practices. Nevertheless, during the same year,the Ombudsman institution registered 1,118 complaints in relation to the right to good governance and good administration– an increase by 35.5% in comparison to 2018. Freedom of expression and media pluralism are fundamental rights granted to Bulgarian citizens pursuant to the Constitution (Art. 38 to 41). In many cases, citizens turn to the Ombudsman during pending judicial proceedings or after their completion (in 2019 those represented 2% of all complaints filed for Ombudsman examination).

Boris I abolished paganism in favour of Eastern Orthodox Christianity in 864. The conversion was followed by a Byzantine recognition of the Bulgarian church and the adoption of the Cyrillic alphabet, developed in the capital, Preslav. The common language, religion and script strengthened central authority and gradually fused the Slavs and Bulgars into a unified people speaking a single Slavic language. A golden age began during the 34-year rule of Simeon the Great, who oversaw the largest territorial expansion of the state. A spouse can now apply for Bulgarian citizenship 3 years after the investor has been granted Bulgarian citizenship. This is 2 years shorter than under the stipulations of the old Citizenship Act.


Proposal for acquisition of Bulgarian citizenship under Art. 16 shall be made by the minister in charge of the respective sphere in which the Republic of Bulgaria has an interest in the naturalisation of the person or in which he has special contributions. The person who will acquire Bulgarian citizenship must have given preliminary consent for it. Application for minors shall be filed by their parents or guardians and for those underage it shall be signed by the parents or by the guardians. Consent of a parent shall not be required if he is deprived of parental rights. For restoration of the Bulgarian citizenship of the parents Bulgarian citizens shall also become their children who have not accomplished 14 years of age.

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Upon a repeated violation the fine or the pecuniary penalty shall be BGN 1,000 or exceeding this amount but not exceeding BGN 20,000. Under Chapter Eighteen of the Law right to register have persons providing services supplied electronically, who are not established within the European Union. Registration shall be by electronic means, with the application for registration submitted to the Sofia Territorial Directorate of the National Revenue Agency. Under Chapter Seventeen “a” of the Law the persons registered under Articles 96, 97 and 100 may apply a value added special cash accounting regime, if they meet certain conditions. For application of the special regime a permit shall be granted by the National Revenue Agency authorities.

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I represent individuals and businesses across the country and in all courts in Bulgaria. I consult and represent real estate buyers and sellers, property owners and homeowners associations, landlords and tenants, freelancers and startup companies, investors who want to start a new business in Bulgaria and companies who want to expand their existing businesses. Under the contractual regime, the spouses choose to conclude a prenuptial agreement, a rather new option that is available according to Bulgarian law. This agreement cannot contain details on the division of property in the event of the death of one of the spouses, estate planning and drawing up a will is required for these purposes. A no-fault divorce by petition is also applicable in case of an irretrievable breakdown of the marriage, however, this time it is submitted by means of an agreement between the two parties as per Article 49 of the Family Code.

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Contributions are payable monthly and are calculated on employment income only, up to a limit of BGN 2, 600 per month. Certain types of movable property, including shares in a Bulgarian quoted company. Income is taxed on an arising basis; that is, taxable in the year of receipt, no matter when it was earned.

Our company formation experts in Bulgaria can help you with any legal procedures and provide you with support concerning the drawn up of a power of attorney and notarizing it when necessary. The joint stock companyis a group of persons bound for a commercial purpose to be fulfilled with capital that has been distributed in advance in equal-sized parts . The shareholders are liable up to the amount of shares owned, not fully or severally. The number of members of the joint stock company is undefined and can therefore vary, depending on whether the shares are concentrated in more or fewer persons. Joint stock companies enable collection of significant capital exceeding the usual means of general and limited partnerships. TheBulgarian Commercial Act entered into force on 1 January, 1898 repealing the hitherto Turkish law of commerce .

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While the Commercial Act regulates contracts for commercial representation, banking institution guarantee, mediation, transport, commissions, leases, retail purchases or sales, consignment and other different relations in a company which are requested a contract agreement. Bulgarian lawyer for preparation of various types of contracts between natural or legal entities is a prerequisite for the proper and legal finalization of the contract. The Commercial Act and the Contracts and Obligation Act, as a part of Bulgarian legislation, are the main acts which governed the contracting procedures. If it is not possible for you as a client to come to our office our attorneys at law will travel to your destination in Bulgaria to meet with you as our client.

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Attitudes outside Sofia tend to be more conservative, and there have been isolated cases of hostility towards people perceived to be from LGBT+ communities. You can find local information on LGBT+ issues in Bulgaria on the website of the Bulgarian Helsinki Committee. See our information and advice page for the LGBT+ community before you travel. The power of attorney may have a number of other rights depending on the particular case, including the right to sell your Bulgarian property on your behalf if this is your wish.

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The war resulted in significant territorial losses and a total of 87,500 soldiers killed. More than 253,000 refugees from the lost territories immigrated to Bulgaria from 1912 to 1929, placing additional strain on the already ruined national economy. The Western European Enlightenment in the 18th century influenced the initiation of a national awakening of Bulgaria. It restored national consciousness and provided an ideological basis for the liberation struggle, resulting in the 1876 April Uprising.

Bulgarian citizenship is regulated by the Constitution and the Citizenship law of 1998 as amended in 2018. Citizenship in Bulgaria is mainly based on the principle of ius sanguinis but can also be granted through naturalisation or birth. A large number of changes aim at providing for an efficient and expeditious staying permit turkey administrative procedure for opposing a trademark application, as well as for revoking or invalidating a registered trademark. However, certain grounds for refusal remain outside the scope of these improvements. For example, bad faith filings are still established in a separate judicial procedure.

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As per § 5 of the Transitional & Final Provisions of the Trade Registry Act, all Sole proprietors and branches of foreign commercial entities which did not apply for re – registration until 31st Dec 2011 are now terminated “ex lege” and the registration courts archive their files. The use of single-bidding contracts, in which contracts may be tailored to a single party, are an important corruption risk in Bulgaria . In fact, evidence shows a concentration of public procurement among larger companies, and the channeling of certain procurement contracts to specific companies . The award of large road and energy infrastructure development projects, are reportedly heavily affected by political patronage .

Registering a trade representative office with our law firm, we will not charge you maintenance or annual fees for the registered office address of your trade representative office. When it comes to defending your rights as a natural person or securing your business plan and actions as a legal person, you usually need legal advice and representation from a lawyer Bulgaria. They will provide you with legal advice on various issues and questions and will help you and your business. The legal profession of a lawyer Bulgaria is very widely spread and when it comes to choosing a law firm and lawyers Bulgaria there are so many suggestions.

The Law Firm represents clients throughout Bulgaria, including the cities of Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, Burgas, Rousse, Stara Zagora, Pleven, Yablanitsa and etc. If ever happened to you or your family to get involved in a road accident through no fault of your own, our insurance and transport lawyers will assist you in claiming your right to get compensation. The Website may include links to third party websites that are controlled and maintained by other people. You must acknowledge that the owner of the Website is not responsible for third party websites content and any consequential damage or loss that is done by the websites referred above.

The owners of the share capital have the opportunity to appoint as a manager a person, who represents the company and binds it in its relations with third parties. The manager carries out the current management of the company and concludes agreements on behalf of the company. The General meeting of partners of a LLC made the most important decisions concerning the capital, the structure, management of the company, the admittance and expelling of shareholders, the acquisition and disposing of real estates, etc.

Children have varying degrees of special needs, including trauma and loss. The most common special needs are related to institutionalization, abuse and neglect, and children adopted from Bulgaria will need adoptive parents who have a good grasp of and are prepared to meet the needs of children with complex developmental trauma. Explore the average length of the adoption process, fees and expenses, parent eligibility and the needs of children waiting for a family. Older children, children with special needs and sibling groups are waiting, right now, to be matched with adoptive families. For many children in Bulgaria, international adoption is the only possible route to a permanent family.

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This is often significantly lower than the purchase price and means that any eventual gain for worldwide purposes will be higher because a lower price was used on this title deed. We work to help you grow your business, resolve conflicts, manage your company, anticipate, and control risk. We believe that entrepreneurs and managers deserve to get effective legal advice and solutions at the speed of business. With LAWSTUDIES, students can law firm connect to law schools and programs and find the right law degree for their career aspirations. As a trusted part of the Keystone Academic Solutions family of multi-lingual, student-centered websites, LAWSTUDIES is the key to law studies at all levels. Students use LAWSTUDIES to find LLBs and LLMs, MLS degrees, Law PhDs, paralegal courses, postgraduate law diplomas, and many other legal qualifications in countries around the world.

We have gained considerable experience over time teaming up and networking with globally acclaimed IP law firms, foreign multinational companies and entrepreneurial individuals from all branches of the industry. In the article of association of the company is provided which company body has the rights to appoint or dismiss a manager/executive director of his duties. The person, who is to act as a manager/ executive director, must sign a declaration – consent and provide specified information to the Commercial Register.

If they are not improved within the given timeframe, then the divorce petition can be dismissed. A period of separation before initiating the procedure is not mandatory, although the couple may be required to try and attend a marriage counseling meeting before taking this step. Trifonov Law Offices was established as a full-service Bulgarian law firm in 2005 by attorney Emil Trifonov and since then has been operating under the Bar Act. Our law company offers a broad range of legal services for international and local individuals and investors, small businesses and medium size corporations. Our Bulgarian lawyers specialize mainly in Business, Financial and E-commerce Law, Immigration and in the different branches of Civil Law like Contract and Property Law as well as Litigation and Debt Collection. Independent Bulgarian attorneys at law work for foreign clients and companies operating in Bulgaria.

Following a series of incidents in which her husband physically abused and intimidated both mother and children, Ms. V.K. Took her children and left Poland for Bulgaria in order to hide from her husband and to seek protection and support from her family and the State. Filed an application pursuant to the State’s Law on Protection against Domestic Violence, asking for an immediate protection order against her husband, invoking the Convention and other human rights treaties. The District Court issued the order for immediate protection, but rejected Ms. V.K.’s application for a permanent protection order.

The total of these amounts is paid to the notary and the latter performs the registration of the title deed and pays the fees due. We may assist you to buy a property in Bulgaria remotely by granting a power of attorney to our law firm. You may find more details how to legalize documents for official use in Bulgaria. At the third time of reopening the investigation, both people accused were convicted guilty by the court but relieved due to the expired limitation period. The European Court of Human Rights held that the case was admissible and that the authorities led the investigation ineffectively and slowly, which caused the expired limitation period.

Each type of company has its own particularities and its main characteristics are defined in the Commercial Law under specific chapters. Any company in Bulgaria must choose a trade name and have a registered office. The name must state the purpose of the business and offer truthful information about the activity of the company.

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