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Malta Launches New Citizenship By Investment Programme

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Malta Launches New Citizenship By Investment Programme


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If you love culture, history, and great weather, you will love living in Malta. Living in Malta, you will have access to a top-ranked healthcare system and a large English-speaking, international expat community. Participating in the Maltese citizenship program will give future generations of your family increased educational opportunities in the West.

Citizenship of Malta by Naturalization for Exceptional Services by Direct Investment makes the applicants free from paying any kind of taxes. If an individual decides to live in Malta, he/she can retain the status of a “non-domiciled” person and enjoys all tax benefits. On the other hand, if the applicants get the residency of Malta but don’t domicile in this country, they only have to pay tax on any income they earn or receive in the country. The applicants must provide clean police conduct certificate from the country where he/she has resided for at least 6 months during the last 10 years and from every country of citizenship. This certificate is required for applicants over 16 years old and reports his/her clean criminal records.

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Often overlooked, Turkey boasts beautiful beaches on the Mediteranean coast as well as popular resort towns on the Aegean and Black Sea. Istanbul is world class city and saw tourism skyrocket during the pandemic as the country remained largely open to tourists. A more expensive option is available to those looking to obtain a second passport in the country of Malta.

malta citizenship by investment

With a Bulgarian passport, you will have unrestricted right to live, work, study and own land in any EU country. Citizenship by Investment program of Malta is the most expensive in Europe. It requires from a qualified investor EUR 610,000 of non-refundable donation and EUR 700,000 of property investment totaling in EUR 1,310,000. The only another EU country that has a similar citizenship by investment program is Bulgaria with EUR law firm istanbul 512,000 – 1,024,000 government bonds or business investment. Other EU countries , where it is also possible to apply for citizenship based on significant investments, cannot boast of programs with concrete eligibility criteria. Decisions on granting Slovak or Austrian citizenship to significant investors or philanthropists are made on case-by-case basis which makes the whole process risky because of involving subjective factor.

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On top of that you’ll now need to purchase a real estate property with a value of €700,000 (formerly only €350,000), and keep it for at least five years, or rent a property for five years or more with an annual minimum rent of €18,000. Turkish work permit Malta was home to the first European Union-approved citizenship by investment program. Although Grenada’s citizenship by investment program only started in 2013, it has quickly established itself as a serious player in the field.

An occupation permit is a combined work and residence permit which allows foreign nationals to work and reside in Mauritius under three specific permit categories, namely investor, professional and self-employed. The Mauritius investment programme permits Turkish citizenship 250.000 USD the investor and family members to obtain long-term residency status. To qualify for this visa, you need to invest at least AUD 15 million into complying premium investments in Australia and must maintain business and investment activity in Australia.

Applicants must show they have rented a property in Malta for 12 months. But they do not necessarily have to spend any time in this Mediterranean island nation, raising the question of what genuine links they are establishing. “They come twice, once to get a residency card and once to get a passport,” said Mark George Hyzler, an immigration lawyer at a firm here.

183 Days – If the Oath of Allegiance and residence of 12 months is satisfied then The Certificate of Naturalisation is issued. 240 days – Applicant to supply evidence that the property requirement and the €150,000 investment has been carried out. Applicants must have committed to some form of physical presence on Malta to be able to be granted citizenship.

This fund requires a contribution of US$150,000 from a single applicant, plus the government fee of $7,500. St. Kitts and Nevis currently offers two options to buy a second passport through a CIP program. According to Dominica’s official government website, “In order to qualify for citizenship, you must hold authorized real estate for 3 years from the grant of citizenship. You can get more details on Antigua and Barbuda’s official citizenship by investment website. Then there’s the business investment option, which requires $1.5M before fees (or $400,000 per person if the investment is made as a group). But the government now offers inexpensive “COVID-19 Relief Bonds” as part of its citizenship-by-investment program.

malta citizenship by investment

Antigua and Barbuda is among the second citizenship countries, whose economic citizenship was established in 2012. High level of integrity and effectiveness helped Antigua and Barbuda to develop very fast and become one of the best countries offering such programs. Its officials have recently announced a decrease in the minimum qualification for investment. This way today it is a country with one of the cheapest second passport in the whole world. People are also allowed to obtain Antigua and Barbuda citizenship by buying private or government property, which may cost about $400,000 in case of 1 family while for a family of about $200,000. Acquiring citizenship takes about four months, and second passport will give the citizen freedom to travel to about 150 nations.

Until recently, the donation option started at $250,000 and went up from there. Then hurricanes hit in 2017 and St. Kitts rolled out a controversial Hurricane Relief Fund which slashed the price to $150,000 for a single applicant. The two-island nation likes to refer to itself as the “platinum” citizenship program in the region. While the discounts are no longer on offer, many of these programs remain attractively affordable.

malta citizenship by investment

Though what really sets us apart are our vision and our mission, our intentness in providing an advisory that fully supports our clients and really helps them in the delicate process of becoming global citizens. Malta is one of the few countries that can grant immediate citizenship by investment through its Malta Individual Investor Program . The Maltese Exceptional Investment Naturalisation grants citizenship within 12 or 36 months. Once Maltese citizenship is granted, citizens enjoy visa-free access to 184 countries, including the UK and USA.

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If the applicant wants to visit several states of Schengen area almost with the same duration, the application on must be submitted at the diplomatic mission of Malta of first entry. So, an applicant who wants to visit the country as the main destination, or visit this country as the first Schengen area country, must apply to the diplomatic mission of Malta or its representation. A worker from a non-EU country is required first to acquire a visa to enter Malta and then apply for the residence or work permit once in the country. The applicant should present proof of Maltese residency for the last 1 year before the day of the release of the citizenship certificate. The Citizenship Act provides for foreign nationals having a Maltese citizen parent to apply for citizenship. A foreigner can apply for citizenship in Malta if he was born in the country and his/her parent or both parents is a citizen of Malta.

  • This program officially known as Individual Investor Program of Malta (“IIP”).
  • It’s also the only passport that offers visa-free access to all six big English-speaking countries, including the United States.
  • In this article we compare these two attractive programs which Malta offers, and take a look at the requirements and benefits of each.
  • With the Maltese passport, one could travel to more than 168 countries visa free including the UK and USA.
  • Onshore, mid-shore and offshore company formation in almost all the jurisdictions of the world.
  • It is important to remember that not all countries allow their citizens to hold dual citizenship.

Inland you can find everything from cathedrals, temples and ancient ruins to cobblestoned streets with quaint architecture and thousands of restaurants. A vast option of delicious cuisines Turkish citizenship 250.000 USD can be enjoyed, as well as unique signature dishes. The charm of the local population and vibrant culture can only be matched by the unbelievable landscape and beauty that is Malta.

malta citizenship by investment

This can be fulfilled by either buying a property in Malta for €700,000 or more and maintaining ownership for 5+ years, or by leasing a property for at least five years with a minimum annual rent of €16,000. Applicants must provide evidence of owning or leasing a property on the islands within four months of receiving a citizenship Malta Letter of Approval in Principle, and are not allowed to sublease the property. Good HealthTo be accepted for citizenship by investment in Malta, applicants must show that they do not suffer from any contagious diseases.

malta citizenship by investment

And that will be the best citizenship by investment program – an opportunity that meets your needs and that’s actually taken. Finally, while you’re on your quest for a second passport, it is important to note that the opportunities for citizenship by investment are constantly changing. In our mind, the best citizenship by investment program is one that allows you to intelligently preserve your capital while accomplishing your goals.

An Undertaking to donate prior to the issue of a certificate of naturalisation, a minimum of €10,000 to a registered and compliant philanthropic, cultural, sport, scientific, animal welfare or artistic NGO or society. The legal basis of the Programme is due to law changes that took place several years ago. In November 2013 an amendment was made to the Maltese Citizenship Act – Chapter 188 of the Laws of Malta which paved the way for Malta Citizenship by Investment. Thanks to these amendments, this led to the LN 47 being enacted in 2014 providing a legal basis to the programme. The option of living, working or studying in any of the EU countries, plus Norway, Iceland, Switzerland & Liechtenstein. Malta is known for its high living standards, excellent quality of education and healthcare.

This company should also handle any relevant applications whilst updating you accordingly. To bring foreign investments, talent and expertise into the country, the Maltese government launched its citizenship by investment program. Maltese citizenship is offered to wealthy foreign citizens of reputable standing and their dependents in exchange for their contributions into the local economy. The Malta Citizenship by Investment program offers an effective route to gaining a European passport through investment. However the process is lengthy and involved and investors are required to contribute a significant sum as a donation to the Maltese government. The Malta Citizenship program is a boon for esteemed individuals with enough money to get a citizenship in one of the most sought after nations of the world with great economy, wonderful climate and a stable social environment.

The applicant may file for Monaco citizenship after 10 years of permanent residency. TheGreece Golden Visa allows non-EU applicants to file for Greece residency by way of a EUR 250,000 investment in local real estate. TheCyprus Residency by Investment Program offers options from EUR 300,000 for Cyprus permanent residency. If you’re a Tier B or Tier C passport holder, you’re losing opportunities every day. This is exactly the reason why Chinese and Arab citizens are the largest investors in citizenship by investment programs. Vanuatu offers privacy and seclusion with its residence and citizenship by investment programs.

malta citizenship by investment

Malta has a stable political environment and a bi-lateral political system that is mainly confluent on the issues that pertain to the nation and the economy. Malta and Germany are among the two states in the Euro Zone that maintains economic growth even during a financial crisis. The applicants must reside in Malta for a period of three years, or by exception, one year . The new program, Malta Citizenship by Naturalization for Exceptional Services by Direct Investment, grants the applicantscitizenship by naturalization which can also be extended to include their families.

malta citizenship by investment

Malta has been a member of the European Union since 2004 and is a stable, neutral and highly respected country, consists of an archipelago that is 80 km south of Italy and in the centre of the Mediterranean Sea. The smallest capital in Europe, Valletta, crowns a country with a culturally diverse population of 450,000. The two official languagesof Malta are English and Maltese, create an atmosphere befitting of one of the oldest centres for culture in Europe.

malta citizenship by investment

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