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Pdf Obtaining Citizenship Through Investment Programs The Case Study Of Turkey And Eu Countries Bulgaria, Malta And Cyprus

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Pdf Obtaining Citizenship Through Investment Programs The Case Study Of Turkey And Eu Countries Bulgaria, Malta And Cyprus


Second Citizenship Becoming Popular For Nigerian Business People

Citizenship Programmes

Afterward, when you’re rewarded with permanent residency, the final step to apply for Bulgarian citizenship is to submit your application. The United States EB-5 Program leads to permanent residency status and citizenship in the United States for a minimum investment of USD 900,000 in a commercial enterprise in the U.S. that generates at least 10 jobs for Americans. After 5 years as a permanent resident the investor may apply for U.S. citizenship. The Malta Naturalisation for Exceptional Services by Direct Investment regulation provides the applicant with Malta residency and citizenship & passport for an investment in the amount of EUR 600,000 or EUR 750,000 . Additional are a philanthropic donation, a property purchase or rental, and fees. For applicants who are only seeking Malta residency or Schengen travel benefits, options start at an annual recurring expense of EUR 15,000 plus property and fees.

bulgaria citizenship

EU citizens may apply for Bulgarian residence and Bulgarian ID card with their national ID or passport. This is a simple administrative procedure which can be completed in only three working days and requires personal presence at the time of the application. This service is particularly attractive to British citizens who fear restrictions about their free movement in the European Union after the Brexit transitional period. After you obtain the new birth certificate and passport for your child, you also need to apply for a U.S. visa from the U.S. After the adoption is granted, visit the U.S Embassy for final review and approval of the child’s I-800 petition and to obtain a visa for the child. As part of this process, the consular officer must be provided the “Panel Physician’s” medical report on the child.

Qualifications For Bulgarian Citizenship

Citizenship can also be applied for by persons who have received refugee or asylum status at least 3 years before the filing of documents, and who meet all the conditions, except for the last one concerning renunciation of old citizenship. The same applies to those who received humanitarian status at least five years before the filing. It is enough for stateless persons to live for 3 years with a permanent residence permit or a long-term residence in order to qualify to become Bulgarian citizens. The greatest benefit of the new law is that you are no longer required to get a certificate of Bulgarian origin from the Agency from Bulgarians Abroad, which usually took 2-3 months. Once you have your documents that prove your relation to your ancestors as well as their Bulgarian citizenship , you can go to the authorities directly.

Virtual tours are carried out via live conference calls, and 3D tours are available on request. Our established worldwide network of respected developers, property professionals and lawyers come together to fulfil every client’s aspirations; to make their dream home a reality. Astons are on hand to ensure you achieve the best value from your investments, whether from purchasing property to qualify for second citizenship and planning a family relocation or buying to secure positive yields and capital appreciation.

Citizenship By Investment Options

So if you are a very high-income earner and want to drastically lower your taxes, citizenship by investment could certainly make financial sense for you. Another option to explore is to obtain residency in a law firm turkey foreign country. And if you’re eligible for citizenship by descent, then your children can also get a second passport. This option usually takes several years, but the advantage is that anyone can do this.

It can also be difficult to get a mortgage on a property in Malta as a foreign buyer, so the purchase may have to be made with cash or financed in your home country. For example, dual citizenship can arise automatically rather than by election or choice of the individual. This would mean a child born in a foreign country to US national parents may be both a US national and a national of the country of birth.

Benefits Of The Bulgarian Citizenship By Investment Program

The Migration Directorate of the Ministry of Interior issues Permanent Residence Permit. This document entitles its holder to enter and exit Bulgaria freely and to reside in the country for an indefinite period of time. The Permanent Resident must then apply for Bulgarian personal identity number and afterwards – for a Bulgarian permanent residence card. Before entering the preliminary due diligence stage, a client service agreement and power of attorney document must be signed by the applicant as part of the preparation of their Malta Resident Permit application. There are also several government forms that must be completed including Form K and Form ID 1A for non-EU, EEA, or Swiss citizens. The first stage of applying for Malta citizenship through investment is requesting residency.

Being a Bulgarian citizen means that you are a full member of the EU, and you will get to enjoy many benefits including visa-free travel to many countries around the world. It will take approximately 4-6 months to obtain residence by investment in Bulgaria. You only have to visit the country once when you’re applying for residence.

Bulgarian Government Hides Information About curing Dates But

However, our practice reveals that usually 1 month is sufficient for this step. Investment of BGN 500’000 (EUR 255’646) by depositing the amount in the capital of a Bulgarian company. The foreigner shall be a shareholder with not less than 50% of the capital. As a result of the Investment, new fixed tangible and intangible assets worth at least BGN 500’000 shall be acquired, and at least 10 jobs shall be created for Bulgarian citizens. Investment of BGN 2’000’000 (EUR 1’022’584) by depositing the amount in the capital of a Bulgarian company for a priority investment project certified as per the provisions of the Investment Promotion Act.

bulgaria citizenship

Where appropriate, the applicant introduces all necessary corrections in the application form, presenting a document proving the relevance of the correction. When the application/ request are filed electronically, the issued certificate shall be received at Bulgarian Identity Documents department which has been indicated by the applicant. The applicant is obliged to present the originals of the documents which he/she has attached as scanned images to the application/ request. The issued certificates shall be received in person by the applicant, by a proxy of the applicant upon presenting certified by a notary authorisation or by a person designated by the applicant before the official at the time of filing. The application is filed in person or by a proxy of the applicant, which is certified by a notary authorisation. People who acquire Malta citizenship by investing can vote in political elections provided they have been resident in the country for 6 of the past 18 months.

Our Solutions And Supports For Bulgaria:

The capital, Sofia, like many cities in Eastern Europe, has a post-communist feel. It’s most populous city in the country, with about one and a half million inhabitants and also the most popular among expatriates. Cheap and convenient, you can find the same facilities and amenities as in any other European city. In addition, it is only one to two hours air travel to the financial and cultural centers of the continent.

bulgaria citizenship

There are also countries with investor immigration programs that include expedited citizenship. The Bulgaria Economic Citizenship Program is one such hybrid scheme. Foreign nationals that invest enough money in Bulgaria not only receive an EU Residence Permit in six to nine months but they can also potentially obtain European citizenship within two years. Such investment immigration programs require the participant to actually live in the country in order to obtain nationality, however, and are therefore more of an investor immigration program than an economic citizenship one. The country has been a number one spot for foreign investors acquiring citizenship and enjoying the benefits of being both citizens of Bulgaria and the European Union.

Thanks to the latest modification to the Bulgarian Citizenship Act , now you are eligible for Bulgarian citizenship already if at least one of your parents, grandparents, or great-grandparents were citizens or Bulgaria. Moreover, you are also eligible if you were adopted, but one of your parents is / was a citizen. Bulgarian citizenship will allow the applicant and his/her family to live, work, and study anywhere in Europe. There are also other programs outside of Europe with lower minimum investment amounts, for example, those in the Caribbean.

bulgaria citizenship

Although not originally scheduled to go up, prices for Dominica citizenship by real estate investment could also increase. According to Roosevelt Skerrit, the Prime Minister of Dominica, the country has concluded negotiations with the Government of China and people holding a Dominica passport will soon have visa-free access to Mainland China. Once this happens, the probability of the cost of citizenship in Dominica increasing will unequivocally go up. The country is also planning to open new consulates in several countries to improve their presence on the international stage.

bulgaria citizenship

Roseau, the capital city, accounts for roughly 20,000 of the country’s population and is the financial center of the country. One of the primary reasons why people buy a second passport is to free themselves from absolute dependence on a single country. It is common advice to diversify financial investments across a variety of markets, asset categories, and industries, yet many people do not spread their political risk beyond their current jurisdiction. A second passport offers economic as well as political diversification and is the ultimate emergency backup plan. The minimum price for a family of four to buy citizenship in Dominica, including all government fees, is broken down below. The minimum price for a single applicant to buy citizenship in Dominica, including all government fees, is broken down below.

The Caribbean nations of Antigua & Barbuda, St. Kitts & Nevis, Grenada, Dominica, and St. Lucia offer citizenship programs requiring a real estate investment from USD 200,000 or a non-refundable donation of at least USD 100,000. Bulgarian passport holders can transfer funds between EU member states, purchase property in any preferred EU country, and invest in any type of business venture. The whole family can obtain Bulgarian citizenship i.e. the main applicant, his/her spouse, and children and grandchildren of any age, and they can all travel, reside, study or work freely within the EU.

bulgaria citizenship

Bulgaria is a member of the European Union which has brought it many advantages. Among these, the possibility for Bulgarian citizens to travel to other member states without a visa or passport. The same benefits have been extended to citizens of EU countries who can enter and leave Bulgaria without applying for visas. The same advantages are available for those who come here from countries in the European Economic Area . Our lawyers in Bulgaria can provide foreign nationals with all of the information regarding Bulgaria residence permit and their rights and obligations when holding this permit.

If you double the investment you can apply for Bulgaria citizenship after 2 years of residency. If you have held a valid residency in Bulgaria for 5 years you can apply for Bulgaria citizenship and a Bulgaria passport. If you are married to a Bulgaria citizen you can apply for Bulgaria citizenship and a Bulgaria passport after 3 years of living in Bulgaria. If one or both of your parents were citizens when you were born, you are probably also a citizen. If you are not eligible under the EU Blue Card Programme, the Bulgarian Employment Agency issues work permits and the employer you are going to work for must do the application for you. The process usually takes less than a month and a number of documents are required, such as legalized degrees, documents that prove work experience and an employment contract.

So, within two years of having a baby in Brazil, your entire family could have second passports in hand. We consider Malta the best value option if you are looking for a high-quality European passport. But some of these citizenships have recently gone on “Covid sale”.

Fishing also plays a fairly important role in the local economy employing approximately 2000 people, while forestry and mining provide a limited number of jobs in the country. Dominica is one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean with perfectly unspoiled nature – emerald green mountain sides cascade down to sensational coastlines and the mild Caribbean ocean. The island has 365 rivers, one of the largest thermally active “boiling lakes” in the world, an abundance of exceptional hot springs, and a wealth of coconut trees and bright tropical flowers. As people discover the amazing hiking, diving, bird watching, and other ecotourism activities offered on the volcanically active island, the number of tourists visiting Dominica each year continues to rise. Growing alongside the tourism industry, foreign ownership of real estate in Dominica has increased rapidly over the past few years.

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