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The Bulgarian Citizenship Through Investment Program

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The Bulgarian Citizenship Through Investment Program


What Is Citizenship By Investment In 2018?

Application Processing Time

It doesn’t matter whether you travel frequently and need the convenience of crossing borders freely. It doesn’t matter if you just want to settle down and buy your dream home in peaceful Italian village or vibrant German megapolis. Having the right citizenship is the absolute prerequisite to be able to enjoy life. Abhinav is pioneer in Immigration Industry offering advisory services on worldwide immigration options.

Additionally, holders of Grenada’s passport may work and live in the US under the E-2 Investor visa treaty. You may also want to invest rather than donate, in which case the country offers investments in real estate and local businesses. If you add up all the applicable government fees, then the entire cost for a family of six will be about $165,000. And that is the best value you can get from citizenship programs for a family of that size. You’re required to spend a minimum of $300,000 to invest in real estate.

Countries Where Indians Easily Get Citizenship

On the contrary, the Bulgarian authorities passed a very favorable Citizenship Law that is extremely beneficial to the investment citizenship candidates. At the same time it is also reassuring the European Commission about the compliance of the Bulgarian program with the EU values and policies. In order to facilitate the application procedure of the clients, our specialists work closely withUniCredit Bulbank, the largest bank in Bulgaria, to provide the financial backing of the investment process. We always remind our customers that throughout the whole citizenship application process, all of the funds remain exclusively on the client’s bank account and are never transferred to any third party. The Bulgarian fast-track option legal provisions ensure that the applicant’s investment receives the ultimate protection.

In today’s mobile global economy, however, many high net worth individuals reside and conduct business at an international level. Consequently, for many of these “global citizens,” investment immigration programs that include a mandatory physical residency requirement are simply not feasible. Upon prudently fulfilling all of the above requirements, a foreign national is eligible to gain full, legal citizenship in the Commonwealth of Dominica for themselves and their family. Once approved by the Dominica Citizenship by Investment Unit, applicants are issued a Certificate of Naturalization and will receive their new passport within a week via courier. Once an investor has become a Dominica citizen, they can pass their nationality on to future generations by descent.

Fast Track Citizenship

Either way, there is a very good reason why the EU is restricting the sale of these estates to non-citizens. In the EU itself, Bulgaria’s fast-track citizenship program was not the only one . Cyprus and Malta were also offering their own fast-track citizenship programs. We strongly recommend you readingthe Bulgarian fast-track citizenship vs other countries investment citizenship programs. Of course, after Cyprus cancelled its CIP at the end of 2020, this comparison became obsolete. Currently, Bulgaria is practically the only EU option for fast track citizenship.

bulgaria citizenship by investment

This is a document that gives you the right to obtain the investor visa. Bulgarian Investment Agency, the main applicant must go through a due diligence check to ensure the source of funding for the investment is legitimate. Documents to submit include a criminal background certificate, source of funds information, information on the applicant’s professional background, proof of ID, and proof that the applicant has the funds to make the investment.

Bulgarian Residency By Investment Fast

It also brings some new duties for the new citizen – eventual tax liability, voting duty, even military duty as well as need for cultural and social adaptation. Once the Permanent residence is approved, the applicant will then make a second trip to Bulgaria for the submission of Application for Bulgarian PR card. The time-frame is 6 months to get permanent residency, after another 12 months applicants are eligible to apply for citizenship. So, if you start working with our company the citizenship and passports will be possible after 2,5 years. Global Citizen Solutions is a leading investment migration consultancy firm, working with ten countries offering citizenship by investment programs.

bulgaria citizenship by investment

Citizenship pathways give direct Citizenship and powerful Passport for the entire family. With that Passport, applicants will have Global mobility with visa-free access to more than 100 countries. The citizens will be entitled to receive all the social benefits, vote, hold public offices, join politics, and get government ranks. When it comes to Indian applicants, India does not permit dual citizenship, and the applicant must surrender the Indian Passport to take another country’s citizenship.

Accordingly, the US dollar limit, which is required for foreign investors to acquire Turkish citizenship, has been reduced. For instance, there was an obligation to purchase a house for 1 million dollars for the acquisition of Turkish citizenship beforehand. It is now possible by purchasing a house which will cost 250 law firm thousand USD. Determining these stated monetary values will be based on the effective exchange rate or cross-exchange rate of the Central Bank of Turkish Republic on determination date. Your St Kitts and Nevis dual citizenship application will take around three months process right from your date of submission.

bulgaria citizenship by investment

In fact Bulgaria’s citizenship program is a hybrid residence-to-citizenship program , offering foreign investors the opportunity to first get a permanent residence permit , followed by becoming a Bulgarian citizen in 24 months. Provided that an investment is made of course, you and your family members can live, work, and study in a European country, with visa free access to the entire EU. The Bulgaria citizenship by investment program was created by the Bulgarian Government to encourage foreign investments by offering special incentives to investors from non-EEA countries. In exchange for their financial contributions, investors are offered the opportunity to secure a permanent residence permit, and can also apply for Bulgarian citizenship and passport via the Fast-Track Citizenship option. The first step for a foreign national who is interested in obtaining Bulgarian citizenship by investment in 2021is to apply for a permanent residence permit based on the chosen type of investment.

The Documentation For Your Investor Visa Type D Visa Is Prepared

Consequently, you cannot use Bitcoins or any other cryptocurrency to make the compulsory investments pursuant with obtaining Malta citizenship by naturalization for exceptional services. As a distinguished citizenship for investment jurisdiction, the Government of Malta will only accept investor immigration candidates who are highly respectable and have no ties to criminal activity. As part of the immigration Malta due diligence procedure, detailed background verification checks are run to determine if candidates are of good repute and that all funds have been derived from legal means.

The larger of these two mountains is called the Gros Piton and the other is called Petit Piton. Rodney Bay known for its internationally acclaimed restaurants, offering a variety of cuisines to the tranquil natural surroundings of Soufrierre which caters more to the spontaneous excursionist and adventure seekers. Saint Lucia has been able to attract foreign business and investment, especially in its offshore banking and tourism industries, which is Saint Lucia’s main source of revenue.

Benefits Of Bulgarian Citizenship

In some countries, the certificates include acquittals and even mere administrative violations. Hence, a criminal certificate that shows some records on the applicant’s history isn’t necessarily a showstopper. Clients can leverage their capital by choosing to finance the required investment amount through a European bank. The applicant must demonstrate a net worldwide asset of EUR 1 million to avail this option. We provide best Citizenship by investment support in Bulgaria for investment, immigration and real estate planning in Bulgaria.

Many industry experts consider Dominica the cheapest and easiest second passport amongst reputable citizenship by investment countries. The efficient and well-structured program makes Dominica potentially the easiest country to gain citizenship through investment, provided you are an investor with no criminal record and a good reputation. The Portugal Golden Visa Program allows for residency and citizenship by investment. Currently, the program allows for an investment of 350,000 Euro into either real estate or a government endorsed investment fund. The investment must be held for a minimum of five years and three visits to Portugal totaling 35 days must be made, after which citizenship may be applied for.

bulgaria citizenship by investment

This is not the case if the applicant is a spouse of Bulgarian citizen, has EU nationality or is from a country with which Bulgaria has signed agreement allowing dual citizenship. This is also not the case if the naturalization qualifies as citizenship by investment. Applicants that have permanent residence in Bulgaria can qualify for fast-track naturalization after 1 year. They are required to invest an additional BGN1,000,000 in a priority investment project as defined by art. 22f of the Encouragement of Investments Act. After a 6-month application process, Bulgarian citizenship is received.

bulgaria citizenship by investment

Antigua and Barbuda Antigua and Barbuda offers one of the most competitive citizenship programs in the Caribbean. CitizenMatch offers a €260,000 financing option (which replaces the minimum 5-year investment of €1,024,000). The requirements for the Bulgarian residency and citizenship programme are as follows. Applicants must pass a due diligence test and prove legitimate source of funds and source of wealth. Other fees may be due depending on the size of family and number of applicants. By doubling the full investment to EUR 1,024 million citizenship can be obtained within 2 years.

As of mid-2018, around 900 families have been granted citizenship through IIP. In 2018, Malta Individual Investor Programme rated as world’s top-ranking citizenship-by-investment programme by H&P. Please note due diligence and processing fees apply for all options.

Depending on your current business situation, the opportunity cost of this money could negate any appreciation of the property’s value. It can also be difficult to get a mortgage on a property in Malta as a foreign buyer, so the purchase may have to be made with cash or financed in your home country. By using this tool countries encourage investment, support priority areas of the economy and attract new residents important for the development of the country.

bulgaria citizenship by investment

The state surpasses Eastern European countries with competitive tax policy, comprehensive business support, and an experienced multilingual personnel reserve. At the same time, working with a specialist citizenship lawyer for the proper follow-up of the procedure will contribute to the acceleration of the process. The investor should apply to the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services in order to get conformity certification for acquiring citizenship. The condition of investing at least $ 2 million dollars in order to acquire Turkish citizenship has been changed.

bulgaria citizenship by investment

This new agency is responsible for the electronic governance, coordinating national policies with the EU, and strengthening cybersecurity. The Bulgars, a Central Asian Turkic tribe, merged with the local Slavic inhabitants in the late 7th century to form the first Bulgarian state. In succeeding centuries, Bulgaria struggled with the Byzantine Empire to assert its place in the Balkans, but by the end of the 14th century the country was overrun by the Ottoman Turks.

bulgaria citizenship by investment

Dominica passport offers visa free travel to United Kingdom, Switzerland, Germany to 110 countries. St Lucia passport offers visa free travel to United Kingdom, Switzerland, France, Germany to 110 countries. Montenegro passport offers visa free travel to 105 countries in the world including Russia, all of Europe. Moldova passport has visa free travel to 121 countries including UK, Europe, Russia etc.

Individuals can choose between passive investments, acquiring real estate in the country, or engaging in certain entrepreneurial options. Bulgaria’s citizenship program is actually a hybrid residence-to-citizenship scheme , offering foreign investors the chance to first obtain a permanent residence permit, followed by becoming a Bulgarian citizen in two short years. Provided that an investment is made of course, you and your family members can live, work, and study in a European country, with visa free access to all of the EU. Obtaining a second EU citizenship for the whole family in a short time is possible with the economic investment of Romania. A citizen of any country can become a participant in the governmental program and obtain Romanian citizenship by investments.

  • In the last decade, the Chinese have taken up 75% of the investor visas issued by the United States.
  • And before you rush off to buy a second passport, we encourage you to first consider other options we’ll discuss here that may be a better fit.
  • The original amendments have been rejected, but another bill was tabled in February 2020.
  • Being part of the EU, Bulgarian citizens are given veryfavorable tax liabilities, and since 2008 a 10% flat rate forpersonaland corporate tax was introduced.
  • Once you’ve secured Bulgarian citizenship for you and your family, you can then live, work and study in any EU country.
  • The Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program has announced a reduction of their government fees for the real estate option.

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