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Turkish Citizenship


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Establishing permanent residency in The Bahamas by investment is a simple process. This permit most closely resembles Bahamas citizenship by investment and allows you nearly all the rights enjoyed by citizens. The various Bahamas residence permits provide several legal options for non-citizens who wish to live in the country for any extended length of time. Alastair has lived in South Africa, the United Kingdom, Australia and Spain. He’s an owner and founder of Where Can I Live, a company created to help you share in the joy and opportunity of living abroad. If he’s not researching the latest visa, immigration, and residency opportunities he’s either hiking or scuba diving.

bulgaria citizenship by investment

However, please be aware that you would not be eligible to qualify for Turkish citizenship until you have fully paid off your mortgage. If you can acquire financing from overseas to pay for your property, you would then be deemed as eligible for Turkish citizenship, so long as the property has been paid for in full. CIP Turkey has a tailor made VIP service for Turkish Citizenship applicants, which allows us to obtain Turkish Citizenship in around 2 months, compared to the standard prosedure that takes around 6 months.

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Although a full fledged NATO member, Bulgaria usually stays at the sideline and doesn’t make enemies in any international conflicts. Bulgarian citizens, unlike the nationals of big countries like USA, Germany, UK, France, etc. are far less exposed to hostility or acts of aggression when they travel abroad. The Bulgarian program is so much cheaper and safer than those of Malta and Cyprus. We think that nobody in his right mind would ever go for Malta or Cyprus when there is Bulgaria.

Since January 1, 2007, the country has been a full member of the EU with a gradually growing economy and the lowest taxation among the members of the association. According to international standards, Bulgaria is considered a financially and politically secure state, which for many years has been holding the lead as the most demanded destination for immigration. As per the conditions of the semi-fast-track program, the applicant will become eligible for Bulgarian citizenship 5 years after he has obtained permanent residence permit. Receipt of Bulgarian permanent residence permit under the investment program.

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This lower real estate value must be for partial property ownership, such as hotel real estate or a villa. Full property ownership requires a $400,000 minimum investment to qualify. Caribbean passports allow visa-free travel to the EU and UK, tax-friendly regimes, with no taxes payable on foreign income, dividends and inheritances, and whole family citizenship. Easy relocation as a passport holder of an E2 Treaty nation, enabling citizens to move to the US through a business visa. With a two month timeframe, the most popular route to Turkish citizenship is to purchase a property for €250,000. That may be a rental property, which the investor can sell after three years to recoup the investment.

Choose to invest €600,000 in a government fund to access to the standard citizenship pathway, or invest €750,000 to qualify for the accelerated second passport service. However, there is an alternative option, allowing passport holders to travel freely throughout the EU, without the higher contribution thresholds in many European countries. However, choosing the optimal citizenship by investment programme requires expert insights into the benefits on offer and the level of investment needed. In both instances, after holding permanent residency status for the minimum periods stipulated, your Bulgarian Passport will be issued 6 months after the submission of the Citizenship Application. The statutory term for issuance of a Permanent Residence Permit is two months after submission of the documents. Permanent Residence Permit is issued by the Migration Directorate of the Ministry of Interior.

Very little is known about the application process in Cambodia, and it is one of the more opaque citizenship by investment programmes. The Cambodia CBI Programme allows successful applicants visa-free or visa-on-arrival travel rights to 54 destinations. Dominica’s CBI programme has been running since 1993 and has a minimum investment of US$100,000 which must be made as a direct contribution to the Government.

bulgaria citizenship by investment

Moreover, they are even allowed to sell the property after a certain number of years. Many people feel that the number of countries a passport enables one to visit defines the quality of that passport. However, the personal and financial freedom second citizenship allows is also equally important when considering a citizenship program. The best citizenship by investment EU programme can be considered as one that will enable an individual to preserve the capital while accomplishing the goals intelligently. Many passports are quite limiting in their visa-free movement, urging citizens to obtain visas whenever they need to travel overseas.

We would be happy to assist you in the path you have chosen to receive a Bulgarian residence and citizenship. All our specialists are licensed lawyers not merely specialising in immigration but also have an extensive experience in providing services and consultations for a variety of investment types. Our lawyers are based in Bulgaria and know all the right processes for obtaining residence and citizenship. Bulgarian passport holders have a wide range of opportunities as travelling, studying for free, and work in the EU.

bulgaria citizenship by investment

The investor must put money into one of the options approved by the Government. Citizenship confers certain rights on an individual based on their relationship with a nation-state and include the right to work, own property and vote. In return, the citizen undertakes to abide by the laws and customs of the state. Citizenship units people from different backgrounds under a common identity.

Antigua approved accepting bitcoin, but the process still in the pipeline. Revoking citizenship means also passport is revoked which could lead to statelessness. All applicants have to undergo four tier enhanced due diligence and background checks for criminal activity and source of funds by governments and third party due diligence firms. With security of passports in mind, many countries US, Canada or EU countries require e-passports under visa waiver rules. The validity or length of passports is also one of the most important deciding factor before you chose a gold passport, as it saves lot of time for renewals. The visa free rankings change every year with visa waivers signed between countries.

bulgaria citizenship by investment

Between 0.1% and 3% of the value of property in the transfer of real estate and vehicles. A 0% rate applies to the intra-Community supply of goods, exports outside the EU, international passenger and cargo transport, and supply of non-Community goods subject to a special customs regime. A 9% rate is applied to accommodation in hotels, sheltered housing and other places of accommodation.

This has a minimum contribution amount of US$100,000 for a single applicant, joining Dominica as the world’s most affordable programme. A decision is usually made concerning your application within three months of submission, stating if it has been approved or denied. Applicants must pledge the oath of allegiance to St Lucia and be of good character. law firm turkey There is no need to travel to or reside in St Lucia, nor are there any language requirement or interview requirements. If successful, you would have visa-free or visa-on-arrival travel to 146 destinations. In this ever-changing world, global citizens everywhere are looking to become more mobile and diversify their assets with lucrative investments.

bulgaria citizenship by investment

They are known for large scale manufacturing in different areas – metal fabrication, food processing, electricity, aluminum production, etc. In Asia and the Middle East, there are four citizenship by investment programmes on offer. However, Bangladesh’s CBI programme is highly unpopular, so we will solely focus on Cambodia, Turkey, and Jordan. And for the final Caribbean CBI programme, St Lucia launched its programme in 2016.

At the end of the 5 years, the amount of BNG 1,000,000 is returned to investors without accrued interest. To calculate cost for Residency by investment for Bulgaria please fill in all details including family members and their age. Due to large number of clients for Bulgaria, we are able to provide better services at low cost. Calculations will, includes, cost for Residency by investment program for Bulgaria and other charges. You are required to deposit BGN 1 million (appr. EUR 512,000) in a Governmental Bond Portfolio for 5 year period.

For the most part, applicants are only interested in the fast-track to a European passport, so we’d understand if you mistook it for a regular CBI program. Bulgarian citizens have visa-free access to 170 countries, making it the 17th-strongest passport in the world. However, with a Bulgarian residence and eventual citizenship, you can give up your US citizenship without giving up a solid passport. Bulgaria is an attractive option for business people who want an EU passport without much hassle. At the same time, investors might be put off by how shrouded in mystery the program is. We’re here to pull back the shroud to dispel myths and tell you exactly what the program entails.

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