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Antigua And Barbudas Second Citizenship Programme Is An Investment In The Future

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Antigua And Barbudas Second Citizenship Programme Is An Investment In The Future


Antigua And Barbudas Cip Offers Myriad Benefits

The Antigua & Barbuda Investor Citizenship Program Offers Three Investment Options:

Each person applying for second citizenship through investment in Antigua and Barbuda will be required to submit two copies of a valid passport. A copy of both sides of each person’s social security or government identification card is also required. These must be of very good quality and show all of the applicant’s face. Spain offers permanent residency if you can show an annual income of €25,920 plus €6,480 for each dependent through its Non-Lucrative Visa. Notably, after five years in the scheme, you can apply for permanent residency in Spain. Many countries offer residency if you can prove an income that will allow you to meet your living expenses.

Inclusion of a future spouse, future spouse of a qualified dependent child, or a future child of a qualified dependent. Antigua and Barbuda is an island nation in the West Indies, in the Leeward Islands in the Caribbean Sea. Antigua means ancient in Spanish and the island is named after Santa Maria de la Antigua in Seville, Spain. The island is also known as Waladli by the native population or as The Island of 365 Beaches as there are 365 beautiful beaches to visit.

More On Antigua And Barbuda

And buying a passport through a legitimate citizenship by investment program is one of the quickest ways to get one. Legal fees will be determined based on the number of people included per application. These designated development projects offer investment opportunities in government-approved real estate.

antigua citizenship

Tourism accounts for 60% of the island’s income, with visitors mainly heralding from the US, Canada and Europe. Antigua is one of the most beautiful islands in the region with a brand new airport, it’s the regional flight hub and has better financial and physical infrastructure overall. Unmarried siblings of the main applicant or the spouse are also eligible.

Antigua And Barbuda Cbi

Each of the programs that we represent provide high-net-worth individuals an opportunity to acquire dual citizenship from the aforementioned countries either through real estate investment, donation, or investment in local business entities. Depending on the Caribbean country of your choice, you can earn the right to travel visa-free to more than 150+ countries including key global business hubs such as the US, United Kingdom, Singapore, and more. ProsThere is a small donation outlay for instant citizenship, which makes this a good value option and especially for families, though government fees are higher than some other Caribbean programmes. This program delivers strict due diligence and requirements for documentary evidence and employs independent due diligence providers. Along with Grenada, offers the highest standard of living of the Caribbean islands. Antigua and Barbuda citizenship by investment program was designed in 2013 to attract foreign investors to the country.

antigua citizenship

Depending on the type of investment you decide to make, you’ll also need to fill in a different set of documents. Whether you have already decided to file an Antigua citizenship application or are still investigating this option, this article will help clarify your thoughts. Our citizenship and relocation experts have advised many global citizens like you before. We know the answers to the most common questions and doubts that might be crossing your mind. If this post doesn’t cover everything you’re interested in, let us know! If you qualify all the basic requirements and eligibility criteria of the Turkish Citizenship by Investment program and agree to make the mandatory investment, let us help you prepare your application and take the procedure forward.

Citizenship By Investment In Antigua & Barbuda

Certain countries offer ancestral citizenship to those who can prove family ties to the country. Your passport defines your identity as much as it defines the places where you’re able to go and the countries you’re able to live in, invest in and bring your family to if you wish. Having a second passport allows you travel access to more countries, as well as peace of mind. Looking after your growing net worth, tending to your business, and balancing family life all at the same time is hard work.

Invest in lucrative real estate deals that allow you to capitalize on your future by generating rental returns, with the prerogative to sell your assets within an average 5-year period. AID Consultants have today become very close friends of mine, I recommend them for their friendliness, professionalism and honesty. They are very well experienced when it comes to preparing a file and at the same time very helpful as they made the process simple and stress free. Once the CBIU verifies that the appropriate investment has been actualized in its entirety, a signed and notarized Oath of Allegiance will be submitted to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Immigration and Labour. Upon approval by the Prime Minister of Dominica, the client will be promptly issued a Certificate of Naturalization and will receive a Dominica passport within seven days. Six months later, it became known that he had taken law firm turkey.

Our RCIC, Paul Abraham, has years of experience and expertise in guiding individuals from around the globe, about Canada Permanent Residency. He has been delivering honest world-class Canadian Immigration Services for several years. Dream Destination Canada offers a promising range of Immigration support and services under the adroit supervision and leadership of our RCIC and expert Immigration Analysts. He is catering to the needs of our clients since 1998 with immense, dedication, honesty & professionalism.

The e-Visa is an electronic visa that is similar to visas issued at Antigua and Barbuda consulates or at the ports of entry. `Applicants can obtain their visas electronically after entering required information and making payments by a credit or debit card . Antigua & Barbuda is a member of the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States within a common central bank and currency area.

Discover land for sale in Antigua ideal for creating the home of your dreams or embarking on a commercial development project. Whether you are searching for real estate suitable for vacations, retirement, relocation or investment, 7th Heaven Properties is dedicated to helping you find your perfect property in Antigua. If you hold a passport from country which has visa waiver agreement with Antigua, you dont need a visa. For other countries you may obtain a Visa waiver on Arrival provided that they hold one of the followingvalidtravel documents at a cost of US$ 100 valid for 30 days. Antigua passport has visa free travel to 147 countries in the world according to henley restrictions index 2016.

Antigua & Barbuda is one of the most developed countries in the Caribbean. The new biometric passport of Antigua & Barbuda has 48 pages with each page containing watermarks depicting national images. law firm Antigua & Barbuda has no taxes on worldwide income, capital gains, dividends, gift, wealth and inheritance. The program is based on the law & is guaranteed by the government since 2013.

What Documents Do You Need For Antigua Citizenship?

We can offer you a comprehensive overview of various investment opportunities in Antigua and Barbuda and we’re able to give you an overview of all the costs involved . We provide all our services without hidden costs, which resident permit turkey is one of our strengths. Residents whose permanent place of abode is located in Antigua and Barbuda or residents who are physically present in Antigua for more than 183 days are subject to tax in Antigua and Barbuda.

But if you’ve never heard of its citizenship by investment program, then you could be missing out. Antiguan citizenship enables visa free travel to the UK, South & Central America, the Schengen Zone and over 140 other countries – A full list can be found here. Children and dependents up to age 28 can be included , likewise dependent parents over age 58. That is why for the rest of 2020, Saint Lucia is offering a new citizenship by investment option. We have an in-depth article covering all currently available citizenship by investment programs that will give you a complete overview of all the options available to you. But now, citizenship by investment in Antigua is THE cheapest program in the Caribbean if you’re applying with dependents – if you choose the route we describe below.

Note that from Jan 1, 2022 Portugal will increase minimum GV investments to 350k euro and these investments will be shifted to inner regions. Financing option is also possible for bond or treasury securities investment. Turkish citizens still need visas to travel to Schengen Area, Canada or United Kingdom. Cyprus has made a number of changes to the citizenship scheme tightening the vetting process in 2020 after negative publicity in the media.

  • You do not need to physically visit the country to complete the citizenship application and receive your passport.
  • Since tourism comprises 60% of the economy, the local Government takes managing and growing the industry very seriously.
  • Applicant should not have been rejected a visa from a country, which has a visa free travel agreement with Antigua & Barbuda.
  • Antigua’s $100,000 minimum donation, or $400,000 minimum real estate purchase seem much more reasonable by comparison.

The prices also increased by EUR 200,000 in 2020 besides buying a permanent home for EUR 500,000 plus VAT. This scheme was replaced by Exceptional naturalization for direct investments which was launched in Nov 2020 with a limited quota of 400 investors naturalized annually Turkish citizenship 250.000 USD for economic investments. Eligible InvestmentsMinimum RequiredNational Transformation Fund USD 150,000 Real EstateUSD 220,000 as refundable buyback shares in five star resortsGrenada has small advantage compared to other caribbean passports for these reasons.

antigua citizenship

Cades Reef, in the St. Mary zone, is an absolute necessity for each energetic swimmer and diver! The island of Antigua and Barbuda is the trick of the trade of the Caribbean, with probably the best seashores and lodgings on the planet. It is likewise home to probably the most amiable individuals you’ll actually meet.

antigua citizenship

For example switching to digital processing of applications, covid discounts and becoming family friendly to overcome Covid. Diana Markosian, a freelance photographer for Bloomberg Markets magazine was denied entry to Azerbaijan last week by authorities who cited her ethnicity as a reason, international news reports said. On June 27, border guards at the Heydar Aliyev International Airport in Baku detained Markosian on arrival from the Latvian capital, Riga, then expelled her the next day, according to press reports and CPJ interviews. A government spokesman told the Baku-based news agency APA that Markosian was deported because authorities would be unable to provide her with “security” since she is an ethnic Armenian. Third countries whose citizens are required to have a visa, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Portugal. Australian citizens and permanent residents can visit, work and live in New Zealand.

After 2 to 3 months, the government will notify you of their background checks and give formal approval, pending the final payment of your investment and any government fees which remain. The whole processing of the citizenship application takes between three and six months. Applicant should not have been rejected a visa from a country, which has a visa free travel agreement with Antigua & Barbuda.

For most, the ETIAS application review process will be extremely quick . However, if you are one of the few whose application is tagged by the ETIAS system, you might have to wait a maximum of 30 days in order to receive a decision on your application. Submit your application for processing After paying your ETIAS fee and filling out your form, you will digitally submit your electronic application for processing. Keep in mind that ETIAS is also not required for the European states outside of the Schengen area, such as the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Croatia—among numerous other destinations on the continent.

antigua citizenship

We work with the experts in the field worldwide offering professional services. Visa free travel to 150 countries, including EU Schengen areas, the UK and Ireland. Lifetime citizenship for your family/qualified dependents with one time investment.

antigua citizenship

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