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Cyprus Lawyer, Paphos Lawyer, Joanna Koukounis Law Firm, Paphos Law Firm, Cyprus Law Firm


British Woman Jailed For Falsifying Gang Rape Allegations traumatised By Authorities In Cyprus, Lawyer Says

Us Immigration Law Firm In Cyprus

As mentioned, a good law firm is capable of guiding a business in many different helpful ways. They can alert you to potential problems in your operation that you should be aware of. Lawyers in Cyprus will also be capable of outlining the best course of action that you should take in a given situation. Lawyers who handle transnational commercial transactions will appreciate the explanation of fundamental differences in procedure from one legal system to another, as well as the international aspects of competition law.

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Each business, company or service listed within Cyprus Lawyers Larnaca has been selected to ensure that a variety of information is within reach of virtual fingertips across the globe. Cyprus Energy Lawyer is one of the many portals within the network that endeavors to provide a comprehensive listing of businesses and services that are based on the island of Cyprus whose services lie within the field of Cyprus Energy Lawyer. Regardless of the needs to be fulfilled Cyprus Energy Lawyer will assist in the search to locate the company offering the ideal service.

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In Cyprus, the regulation of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, supplements, over-the-counter products and cosmetics falls within the remit of specific regulatory bodies directed by the Services of the Ministry of Health. First of all, the Council of Medicine , operating under the authority of the Pharmaceutical Service, is the regulatory body responsible for providing marketing authorisations for medical products for human use, before as well as after their circulation on the Cyprus market. For the circulation of cosmetic products, the Council of Cosmetics, also adhering to the Pharmaceutical Service, is the body responsible for providing appropriate authorisation and licensing. Furthermore, the competent government authority responsible for the regulation of medical devices in accordance with Cypriot and European law is the Competent Medical Equipment Authority. KYRIACOS CHR. MOUSCOS LLC, is a Law Firm established in 1981, by Mr. Kyriacos Chr. Mouscos, in Larnaca Cyprus, and ever since has met great success and growth and continues to grow with the addition of new lawyers in its workforce.

Judicare is well placed to help you with your legal requirements in the Republic of Cyprus but regrettably cannot assist with legal matters in the Northern occupied part of the island. Our team of Cyprus lawyers have a reputation for their diligent work-ethic, effectiveness and reliability. Our team also provides tailored legal support to facilitate e-commerce and the licensing, transfer, deployment and terms of use of software and technology. “The legal principles are clear that an unambiguous waiver of the right to a lawyer is required before a court should rely on evidence obtained from an individual given without legal assistance,” he said. The lawyer said the retraction should not have been admissible in court since she had been denied access to legal representation.

A G Paphitis & Co Is A Bronze Sponsor For Europa Uomo Cyprus

The arrest warrant shall be served by the marshal of the court in the same manner as prescribed by the Rules for the service of a writ of summons in an action in rem. For instance, if the arrest warrant is to be served upon a ship, or upon cargo, freight or other property that is on board a ship, the warrant shall be considered as duly served if an office copy of it is attached to a conspicuous part of the ship, including a mast. If the cargo, freight or other property is not on board the ship, an office copy must be attached to some portion of the cargo or property. Cyprus is unique in its offering of citizenship within just 6 months of such an investment.

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Nevertheless, the Attorney General, as the Prosecutor of the Republic, has the discretion to file any type of criminal case either before the District Court or the Assize Court. The latest development in Cypriot law has been the accession of Cyprus to the European Union which has caused the harmonisation of Cypriot statutes and case law with the acquis communautaire and also introduced a number of European Union legal instruments into the Cypriot legal order. In accordance with Article 4 of the AML Law, the officers of the company (i.e., the Directors and the Company Secretary) have the obligation to collect the necessary information and maintain/update the beneficial ownership information at the company’s registered office. Therefore, companies and other relevant entities must consider the definition of beneficial owner and control in order to take the required and appropriate measures to obtain the information required regarding their beneficial owners for internal keeping and reporting. The amendments to the AML Law significantly expand the range of application of the legal framework of anti-money laundering and notably enhance transparency through the limitation of anonymity. Additionally the applicant should be over 30 years old and have also a clean criminal record and a self owned permanent residence (with a minimum value of €500.000).

The Position And Responsibilities Of The Data Protection Officer Under The General Data Protection Regulation

We have similar associations globally in Iran, Scandinavia, Russia, and Switzerland. Economou LLC has a specialised, strong and reliable team of lawyers, who are committed to clients’ satisfaction and provide legal services of the highest quality. All of our lawyers maintain a remarkable degree of professionalism and dedication and are experienced in a wide range of business-related matters at a global level. George Kouroupides completed his vocational trainingwith the law office of Efstathios C. Efstathiou LLC in the year 2012 and practiced there as an associate in litigation for a period of 3 years.

In court proceedings where the custody, care, welfare or guardianship of the child, are in issue a Social Worker is appointed in order to investigate the family and other circumstances in order to assist the Court in determining what the best interest of the child is. The claim on the other spouse’s assets is time barred two years after the dissolution of the marriage by the family court. The spouses, depending on their means, have a mutual obligation to provide maintenance. The question of culpability as to the causation of the irretrievable breakdown of the marital relationship has no bearing on the other rights and obligations of the spouses. For this reason, as there is often no incentive on the part of the Respondent to contest the petition, a great number of divorces are issued in the absence of one of the spouses which means that the divorces are issued quickly. In practice, a divorce petition which proceeds without opposition on the part of the respondent, can be concluded within 4 – 6 months approximately from the date of its filing.

According to the CIA World Factbook, in 2001 Greek Cypriots comprised 77%, Turkish Cypriots 18%, and others 5% of the Cypriot population. At the time of the 2011 government census, there were 10,520 people of Russian origin living in Cyprus. The Cypriot National Guard is the main military institution of the Republic of Cyprus. Historically all men were required to spend 24 months serving in the National Guard after their 17th birthday, but in 2016 this period of compulsory service was reduced to 14 months. The House of Representatives currently has 59 members elected for a five-year term, 56 members by proportional representation and 3 observer members representing the Armenian, Latin and Maronite minorities. The political environment is dominated by the communist AKEL, the liberal conservative Democratic Rally, the centrist Democratic Party, the social-democratic EDEK and the centrist EURO.KO.

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It is the appellate court for criminal and civil matters, but it also has exclusive jurisdiction in some areas. Cyprus has a two-tier justice system, meaning that between the first instance courts and the supreme court there is no intermediate judicial remedies. All appeals are heard by the Supreme Court and this is why it is often also referred to as the Appellate Court. It is composed of thirteen judges, which are appointed by the President of the Republic of Cyprus. The official criteria for being appointed to the court is that the person must be a ‘jurist of high professional and moral level’ without mentioning that she or he must be already part of the judiciary.

We have recently used the services of G Kouzalis upon the recommendation of some friends. We have been extremely pleased with the level of service shown to us and especially the prompt, courteous and informative responses to all our e-mails. It was reassuring to know that we were in good hands throughout and we would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone requiring the services of a very trustworthy company. Cyprus is an attractive destination for investors, individuals and families for several reasons.

A turkish citizenship by investment, before he is allowed to practice, has to pass the very demanding exams set by the Cyprus Bar Association and also do his internship for a year with some other Law Office. Lawyers are well organized, supervised and regulated by the Cyprus Bar Association, which issues their yearly licenses and exercises the disciplinary control over them. Disciplinary regulations are of high standards so that all clients are protected and have security.

There is no law in Cyprus providing whistleblowers rewards, however, they may receive rewards through U.S. laws. If the company does undertake more than it is lawfully able, the courts may be prepared to find that the company’s promises or undertakings contained in the agreement are separate and severable. If Turkish resident permit the company’s promises or undertakings are severed by the court the agreement may be enforced between the shareholders. Nevertheless, it is possible that the courts may in a given case hold that the undertakings of a company in respect of a provision in a shareholder agreement are not separate and severable.

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Our services include drafting wills and providing advice on estate administration, estate and inheritance tax, inheritance disputes and other probate matters. We also assist in the drafting of trust deeds, trust formation and the appointment and supervision of trustees. Our team of specialist corporate and commercial lawyers with international exposure is well equipped to serve the needs of local, EU and international businesses. A small part of our focus includes M&As, takeovers, minority shareholder cases, insolvency cases, banking and financial institution licencing, MiFID licencing, joint ventures, transfer of assets and businesses, capital raising among others.

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He has also experience in transactions involving the raising of finance on Capital Markets where he has most recently been involved in a billion-dollar bond issuance to secure finance for a major shipping client. Other areas of expertise include the raising of finance for M&A transactions and Repo transactions. I have always found G.Kouzalis LLC to be professional in their approach with any dealings I have had with them. Eleni is representing me at the moment and her attitude and professionalism is excellent, she is always very pleasant and keeps me informed of any developments with my case. As I live in Scotland, I rely on Mr Kouzalis and his legal team to look after my interests in Cyprus.

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Second, CIFs must acquire sufficient capital to cover their cryptocurrency investments. The Circular guide’s first three provisions guide how CIFs can adequately calculate the capital needed for cryptocurrency investments. Third, CIFs must carefully manage the risks associated with cryptocurrency investments. Specifically, the CySEC urged CIFs to revisit their risk management procedures periodically and ensure that all risks are duly considered. Additionally, CySEC charged CIFs with the duty to mitigate trading risks in cryptocurrency, including operational, cybersecurity, and reputational risks.

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