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Get Cyprus Citizenship And Eu Passport Through Buying A Property

citizenship by investment

Get Cyprus Citizenship And Eu Passport Through Buying A Property


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Can An Investor Applicant For Citizenship Purchase A Residential Property With His

Lack of transparency in Cypriot land records makes it difficult to track the ownership of the luxury villa in Limassol, but it has long been associated with the golden passport program. And they made the purchase through yet another company, Pelamore Ltd., Turkish work permit which they owned as a group. Bin Mahfouz and his fellow investors purchased Merryvale Ltd. in October 2014, and simultaneously had Merryvale acquire the Limassol property. Parts of an office building in Latsia, a Nicosia suburb, for 7.5 million euros.

We will, therefore, be collecting any information you provide to us or available on the relative media used. We will also collect any correspondence in furtherance of the request. This information is necessary for us to be able to respond to your request. General and preliminary information will be provided to you without the requirement of any other additional personal information. An identification document and other personal information will be requested in order to comply with anti-money laundering rules and to be able to provide you detailed and specific information to your request.

Naturalization Scheme Based On Years Of Residence Type M

New criteria for the current programme came into effect in May 2019 demands a smaller contribution. TransportCyprus is just one of three countries with cars that drive on the left. Roads are Turkish staying permit good and distances short, so getting around Cyprus is easy by car. There are a series of motorways that run along the coast from Paphos east to Ayia Napa and two running inland to Nicosia.

  • By taking up residence, an individual enters into a non-dom regime akin to the regime applicable in the UK, even if without the complicated residence tests and rules applicable in the British tax system.
  • Find out about visas and passports, owning and operating a company in Cyprus, and general Cypriot culture of the labour market.
  • The number of applications increased by 670% in 2018, after the EU referendum, with 200 applications to the UK Consulate.
  • If European Residency by Investment is what you are after, then Cyprus is a fantastic option.

The global passport power rank index is a way to rank countries based on their total visa-free score. What this simply means is that the ranking of a country is based on how powerful a country’s passport is. Certain passports are restricted while others afford holders a wide range of possibilities and options for travel. Acquiring Cyprus citizenship by investment is an easy alternative for non-European citizens who’d like to acquire an EU passport and diversify their assets abroad. If you were born in Cyprus and have one Cypriot parent, you automatically become a citizen of the country by birth. Also, individuals that are born abroad to at least one Cypriot parent can also become citizens of the country.

Advantages Of The Cyprus Investment Programme

The individual must have lived in the country for a period of seven years . There are a number of ways in which one can obtain the Cyprus passport, along with all the benefits that come with owning a law firm Cypriot passport. While we value comments that add to the conversation, we reserve the right to edit or delete anything that is abusive, threatening, libelous, spammy, or is otherwise inappropriate.

In this case, the couple must explain the reasons for which Cypriot citizenship is requested. If the couple has completed five years of marriage and has at least one child, it is not necessary to provide the above explanation. The climate is the personification of Mediterranean weather, and the nation has the highest number of “Blue Flag” beaches per coastline mile. We can also assist other foreign nationals, not of Cypriot descent, who are interested in obtaining residency in Cyprus.

Global Citizenship

It also enables the Government of Cyprus to withdraw the citizenship to anyone who was considered damaging to Cyprus’s national interest. According to Al Jazeera, a total of 1,471 applications containing the names of 2,544 names of applicants for the Cyprus Investor Citizenship Programme have come into its possession. For every such company applications for naturalisation may be submitted by a maximum Turkish citizenship 250.000 USD of two shareholders, who preferably hold the majority of the share capital. The island country of Cyprus, which has been part of the European Union since May 2004, has been unable to join the Schengen area so far, due to its territorial division, upon a coup attempt took place in the country in 1974. Cyprus, alongside Romania, Bulgaria, and Croatia are the only EU but non-Schengen countries.

cyprus citizenship

The revoking of the citizenship would directly be enforced if, for instance, the requirements of holding the €2 million investment and €500,000 residential property investments are not met. If the application of naturalization, however, is for any reason not accepted, the residency permit or immigration permit that has been applied to for the purpose of the naturalization acquisition will be canceled. On the basis of this global interest, the country has given many people the opportunity to acquire citizenship and own a Cypriot passport, ranked 4 in terms of passport power by the Passport Index. There are many ways of getting Cyprus citizenship but since 2016 it has become even simpler to apply for citizenship through investment. Once an individual has gotten all the required information and acted accordingly then the likelihood of having a successful application is likely. After a consultation, the individual submits the citizenship application and all other documents to the Cypriot Ministry of Interior.

This freedom affords citizens of Cyprus the opportunity to move freely and work in any member state without restriction. Also, a citizen of a member country of the EU can work and reside in any member state with their family . An individual can become a Cypriot citizen by the means of investing in the country’s economy. Since March 2014, the council of ministers made the decision to allow non-Cypriots to become citizens of the country by meeting certain conditions.

cyprus citizenship

Owning multiple passports is a symbol of prosperity and status for the rich and elite all over the world. The most sought-after citizenships are of the countries belonging to the European Union as they often include EU citizenship. There are different procedures and ways through which foreigners can apply for citizenship for a lifetime with its benefits that can be passed to the future generations. Cyprus does allow citizens to hold dual citizenship, so Golden Visa applicants are not required to give up their existing citizenship. The Cypriot government announced on Friday that it has decided to formally strip passports from 39 people who obtained citizenship under a disgraced investment scheme, as well as six of their dependents.

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