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Bulgarian Residence Permit Residence Permit For Eu Citizens In Bulgaria

Permanent Residence Through Investment

Bulgarian citizens and permanent or long-term residents in Bulgaria, as well as their family members, who do not present the negative result of a PCR test, must complete a 10-day mandatory quarantine. The quarantine period may be ended upon the presentation of a document showing the negative result of a COVID-19 test performed within 24 hours from the entry. Bulgarian citizens, permanent or long-term residents in Bulgaria and their family members, who do not present the negative result of a COVID-19 test, must complete a 10-day mandatory quarantine.

bulgaria resident permit

Be a genuine traveller-You must have a valid and good intention behind travelling to the country. It is better if the insurance is valid for at least 3 to 10 ahead of the date of arrival to India. Covering letter is the first document that is seen by the consular.

Countries Which Are Covered By The Directive On Residence Permits For Long

UK nationals holding EU Residence Registration remain authorized to stay and work in Hungary with no additional permit until December 31, 2021. Government fees are EUR 35 for Article 50 residence card applications (EUR 7 for pensioners law firm turkey or those with a disability; EUR 64 for expedited processing; additional EUR 20 for collection at a consular post). Eligible residents will receive an information letter to apply by email or the online system, e-boks.

The investor deposits BGN 1,000,000 in the Guaranteed Governmental Bond Portfolio for a period of 5 years. At the end of the five-year period, the amount BGN 1,000,000 is returned to the investor with no accrued interest. Its holder gets most of the rights available to the local citizens, including the right to do business and to work in Bulgaria. On top of the above, the local airports connect the country with the rest of the world quickly and easily with many attractive flight rates.

Programs Of Residence Permit, Permanent Residence And Second Citizenship

Info Norden information service Help and advice for anyone looking for information about working, studying, or running a business in another Nordic country. Belgium is another relatively unknown, yet highly interesting EU investor visa destination. The programme typically requires an eligible business investment of between €350,000 and €500,000, however a key benefit of the programme is the fact that the capital investment can be staged over a number of years.

It is a status that allows for unrestricted travel within the territory of the European Union. The residence permit of Bulgaria is a document that allows it holder to legally reside in Bulgaria. Depending on its type and the reason, upon which it has been issued, it may also allow or prohibit other activities, such as conducting business.

We encourage you to apply for your residence permit right away. We assure you of utmost confidentiality and professionalism in handling all your paperwork and application process. When we are commissioned to advise the applicant, after having received the initial residence permit, a status of Bulgarian long-term resident should be granted as foreseen in the national immigration laws. After that, the client will be enjoying the same treatment and rights as the EU nationals in most areas. Relatives must have a valid passport/travel ID and not pose a threat to the country (ie. have no pending criminal record).

  • The number of Russian citizens who have been granted permanent residence as foreign investors in Bulgaria is relatively the largest, according to data received from the Ministry of Interior.
  • Citizens of the Republic of North Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro with valid Schengen visas do not need transit visas for Bulgaria.
  • The officer on duty was a nice guy and luckily there was no-one else waiting so I didn’t feel under pressure, he didn’t speak English but we got through ok.
  • Paraguay is a Member State of the Mercosur, and the permanent resident permit allows free movement and simplified settlement, business and taxation in other member countries.

A citizen of the world in every sense of the phrase, Vicky has done her fair share of traveling. Born and raised in Bulgaria, she spent 10 years living and working in Abu Dhabi before settling down with her family in Nova Scotia, Canada. And it’s only fitting for the CEO and founder of High Net Worth Immigration to be an avid globetrotter—her extensive travels have given her turkish citizenship deeper insight and understanding into her clients’ needs. Write in the comments orContact us today for full details on how you can obtain your Bulgarian passport by investment. I use these websites myself to apply for my visas, book my flights and hotels and purchase my insurance. I have also entered Costa Rica from Nicaragua by land with my India passport and US visa.

You can book in for a 30-minute consultation where they will understand your situation, make a recommendation on the visa pathway and outline the steps for you to take. Our detailed article on the Portugal passive income D7 Visa has everything you need to know. We cover how to apply, fees, financial requirements, and much more.

However, capital gains from the disposal of shares listed in the Bulgaria Stock Exchange or in any EU Stock Exchange are fully exempted. If there is no tax treaty available, payments to non-residents are usually subject to a 10% withholding tax. Learn more about Bulgaria’s corporate taxation, legal framework and tax treaties at Citizenship can then be granted within around six to twelve months.

Bulgarian Police Detain Bivol Investigative Reporters While They

Cross-border workers with an established status before December 31, 2020 can continue similar activities. These individuals similarly apply for status under the Withdrawal Agreement before June 30, 2021. Employed or self-employed frontier workers (as defined under the EU-UK trade and cooperation agreement) may request a five-year electronic document certifying their status. Applications are filed at the Questura of the province of work, and require proof of eligible (self-)employed activity in Italy before December 31, 2020. Through this unique approach, Hungary funnels UK nationals and their non-EU family members, registered in Hungary before December 31, 2020, into the National Permanent Residence Permit category. Government fees are EUR 16, both for UK nationals and their non-EU family members.

What you will actually have to do is get private insurance in Romania and use that as a proof of being insured in the country. Only afterwards you will be able to get state health insurance and drop the private one if you want to. He gave me a form to complete and I needed to show all the documents Calin listed, but it’s worth mentioning here that he required photocopies of my passport, medical card and bank details.

Romanian Residence Permit

Since 2021, Bulgaria only allows to apply for citizenship by having a Bulgarian ancestor up to the 3rd generation. There are several ways to obtain Bulgarian citizenship, like having a Bulgarian parent or ancestor, by residing in Bulgaria for a number of years, or by investment in the country. We will advise on the best solution for you, and offer support throughout the entire process, ensuring that the correct and full set of documents is filed with each application. And some forms of residency permits also lead to citizenship. “In certain cases, Germany is still issuing residence permits, EU Blue Cards, and cards for intra-corporate transfers in sticker format, with unlimited validity for exceptional hardship cases.

The applicant does not need to have any business experience or pass a language test. Getting permanent resident status in a country other than the one the applicant was born in can also make travel to other countries easier. For example, getting permanent resident status in Portugal allows the applicant to travel throughout the Schengen area without a visa. Last but not least, it also offers a number of taxation benefits. As you mentioned in your question, many European countries do offer residency permits to self-employed applicants. Ultimately, it is often desired that your self-employment endeavor will invest money in the local economy, hire local workers, and purchase local goods and services, but demonstrating that this is your plan is not always essential.

bulgaria resident permit

With regard to corporate taxation, resident entities are subject to a 20% income tax on their worldwide income. To learn more about the Turkish corporate legal framework, taxes and tax treaties, check out Real property tax is levied at rates that range from 0.1% to 0.3%, depending on the type of property.

The following countries are exempt from holding a visa when traveling to Bulgaria for a period of less than 90 days. Those requirements are cumulative, which means that if a person wants to acquire Bulgarian citizenship in this way it is necessary that the person applying for citizenship meets all the requirements. Most second residency programs don’t have a significant physical presence requirement. Panama requires you to spend 1 day every 2 years and Belize only 30 days a year, so 180 is high. Invest $35,000 in Nicaragua’s reforestation program and anyone can become a resident of this welcoming country. Legal and government fees will depend on your country of origin and can be as high as $10,000 per person .

To apply for the residence permit, they must apply for it no less than 82 days after entry. Be sure to put 5 years on your application if that is how long you wish to stay. If you’d like to visit Croatia, for a short period or a long-term stay, Croatia has an option for you.

bulgaria resident permit

Month 24– Your Bulgarian citizenship by investment application is approved and your family members can apply now. The family reunification process can be started at this stage. Month 1 – The investor purchases Bulgarian ETFs & AIFs and the financial intermediary issues a purchase order and settlement certificate. This step includes the preparation of the set of Investor D visa application documents, and investment certificate issued from the Bulgarian Investment Agency.

If you will be receiving financial support from a host or other sponsor in Bulgaria, please provide a copy of that individual’s bank statement. Please note that the invitation letter from your host should specifically state the types of support they will be providing . With a minimum coverage of € 30,000 and validity for all Schengen states. Original, signed Nigeria passport with at least 6 months of remaining validity. Finally, confirm if transit visa is required for any connections. If you think that your rights under EU law are not being respected and you need advice, contact our assistance services.

bulgaria resident permit

We have assisted more foreign investors to obtain Bulgarian passport than any other law firm or consultancy. Advocate Markov is a member of the Investment Migration Council, the worldwide association for investor migration and citizenship by investment, a premier organization that guarantees services of the highest standard. The Bulgarian residence permit andBulgarian ID cardare a precondition for family reunification for your non-EU family members to Bulgaria and the European Union. Becoming a permanent resident, you can easily qualify as Bulgaria tax resident. To read more about the various immigration, residency and citizenship documents in Bulgaria, please refer to the immigration documents section. The first wave of immigrants was from Central and Eastern Europe and created the modern Bulgarian state.

bulgaria resident permit

From May 2010 two new options were introduced into Latvian legislation. Those options significantly simplified the acquisition of EU-residency for foreign nationals. Moreover, there is no need to spend any particular time actually residing in Latvia .

The major determinant here as to the success of your application for self-employment residency will be how much money your business makes. Europe more than welcomes wealthy immigrants, but the doors are often closed shut for those less economically endowed. Be prepared to show documentation of how much money you make from your self-employment ventures, as this will be one of the prime determinants of your success at obtaining residency. The second major change surrounds the process for the main applicant’s spouse.

bulgaria resident permit

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