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Healthcare And Health Insurance For Expats In Bulgaria


Healthcare And Health Insurance For Expats In Bulgaria


Bulgarian Golden Passport Vs Portuguese Golden Visa

Does Corona Virus Affect My Possibilities Of Obtaining A Visa For Bulgaria?

Later immigrants included Armenian refugees, Russians and foreign students of various ethnicities. The country’s accession to the European Union in 2007 has not led to an increased immigration flow, but the number of refugees from Afghanistan, Iran, Armenia and other countries has steadily risen. The last decade saw a growth in the number of private businesses created by citizens of Russia, Ukraine, Turkey and Middle Eastern countries.

Visa application form filled out in detail and signed by the applicant. Have added, what seems to be, the main site of the golden visa where those interested can read further. But Bulgaria is not a Schengen Country , therefore the travel conditions of your original citizenship apply.

Brit Involved In Bulgarian Road Accident, No Fatalities

It will take approximately 4-6 months to obtain residence by investment in Bulgaria. Essentially, anyone who isn’t already a citizen of the EEA and who is at least 18 years old can apply. There are a few other eligibility criteria, for example, you cannot be deemed a threat to national security and need to be of good financial standing (read, a high-net-worth individual). Well, the benefits of EU citizenship are certainly immense, but they come at a price. While you may be able to freely travel and buy property throughout Europe, you’re also subject to EU laws and regulations, which are becoming increasingly burdensome by the moment.

bulgaria resident permit

While Portuguese permanent residency permits enable unlimited residence for EU/EFTA citizens, they are only valid for limited periods of time but can be continually renewed. You must check the expiry date on your Turkish resident permit permit; make sure you apply for a renewed permit at the SEF with due time. Many international students in Canada finish their studies with the hopes of obtaining work and remaining in Canada permanently.

With This Visa You Can

However, it is worth checking at the reception desk to confirm this. If the hotel confirms that they have submitted this registration on your behalf, enquire whether you can have a copy of the registration slip, in case you need it when you exit the country. There is a flat rate of 10% income tax and 13% social security contributions (pension, health, unemployment etc.), deducted at source. You will need a social security number to make these payments, but your employer will usually take care of getting one for you.

bulgaria resident permit

Regulations vary depending on the respective country’s treaty with the Republic of Bulgaria, so the procedures in each country’s social security system. But, before packing your belongings and heading to Bulgaria, there are things you should take care of. Moving abroad is a huge step, and we always recommend our readers to use the assistance turkish citizenship by investment of a well-experienced law firm in such life-changing steps. Cohen, Decker, Pex, Brosh is well-familiar with all the legal requirements and would be glad to help you receive a residency permit and retire in Bulgaria. After a period of five years, the long-term resident status allows for applying for Bulgarian citizenship.

If you decide to obtain Bulgarian citizenship, you will be eligible for visa-free travel to 143 and have the right to live and work anywhere in the EU. If you have a recognized university degree or professional experience as well as a work contract or binding job offer, you may be eligible for an“EU Blue Card”. The Blue Card is a four-year temporary work and residence permit.

bulgaria resident permit

The allowed period of stay to this category is maximum 30 DAYS upon every entry per period of 180 DAYS (For more and updated information please click here!). Foreigners exempted to have a Georgian Visa to enter, transit and stay in Georgia are persons holding a visa from Schengen countries. The allowed period of stay for such category of foreigners is 90 DAYS in any 180-DAY period (For more and updated information please infoclick here!).

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