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The Employment Law in Cyprus applies to every employee who has a contract or employment relationship in the private, public and semi-governmental sector. We have acted for a number of leading lenders and we are able to advise companies of all types on their dealings with lenders. Stalo Konstantinou owns a Bsc in Business Administration, a Bachelor of Laws from Neapolis University and she is also an owner of a diploma in the Russian Language obtained in 2015 at St. Petersburg. She was admitted at the Cyprus Bar Association in 2017 and started working at George K. Konstantinou law firm on the same year. Stalo Konstantinou, the daughter of George Konstantinou, after graduating from University joined the company. We are a “full service” practice, which means we possess in-depth knowledge and specialist experience to fully represent you in each category of legal work we offer.

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Cyprus Lawyers Famagusta is one of the many portals within the network that endeavors to provide a comprehensive listing of businesses and services that are based on the island of Cyprus whose services lie within the field of Cyprus Lawyers Famagusta. Regardless of the needs to be fulfilled Cyprus Lawyers Famagusta will assist in the search to locate the company offering the ideal service. Cyprus Lawyers Famagusta concentrates on offering information and links to companies within Cyprus who are the leaders in their field.

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It is also one of the reasons why the packages mentioned above are more common in the legal industry than you’d think. If you are to purchase a company, it can be advantageous to have a lawyer oversee the creation of the Purchase Agreement. A Will is a legal document law firm by which a person declares how his or her property and belongings are to be distributed upon his or her death. There are more than 2700 registered lawyers in the Cyprus Bar Association and so the prices charged by individual services can vary greatly.

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Regardless of the needs to be fulfilled Cyprus Lawyer Directory will assist in the search to locate the company offering the ideal service. Cyprus Lawyer Directory concentrates on offering information and links to companies within Cyprus who are the leaders in their field. Each business, company or service listed within Cyprus Lawyer Directory has been selected to ensure that a variety of information is within reach of virtual fingertips across the globe.

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However, it is also an oversimplification to think that the higher the price the better the service. That’s why it is important to gather as much information as possible before settling for one professional over another. The draft law was prepared by the so-called “Ad Hoc Committee of the Advisory Authority for the Fight against Covert Offences” comprising representatives of the Ministry, MOKAS , the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission and the Central Bank of Cyprus . Representatives of local accountant and lawyer regulatory bodies (SELK / ICPAC and the Bar Association respectively) as well as the local companies’ registry also participated in the current draft. According to the latest amendments, the burden of proof for payment for any outstanding rent has been transferred to the Tenants. Under the new Law, a Tenant can only submit his reply / defense to the Landlord’s application for possession, if they have paid all rent due and have provided proof of such payments to the Court Registrar.

However, most lawyers charge an hourly rate Turkish resident permit of anywhere between €100 and €400.

Trust and fiduciary company offering tax planning, succession planning, business tax planning, company formation and trust establishment. We will take court action for you where necessary; however we consider litigation as a final resort. Our knowledgeable and bilingual lawyers achieve excellent results for our clients without the time and expense spent dealing with your matter in the courts. We have been able to cost-effectively and expediently arrange the issuance and transfer of clients’ title deeds as well as achieve a number of notable settlements.

While you can simply leave your Cypriot property to your chosen beneficiaries in your UK Will, this will normally significantly increase the inheritance costs to your beneficiaries and does not generally make financial sense. Many people who inherit a property abroad do not understand what the legal requirements are, whether they wish to keep the property or sell it. We can advise you on your options and make sure all of the necessary issues are taken care of, allowing you to make the most out of your inheritance.

Hadjisavvas has asserted that these actions are motivated by a Turkish policy of erasing the Greek presence in Northern Cyprus within a framework of ethnic cleansing, as well as by greed and profit-seeking on the part of the individuals involved. Art law expert Alessandro Chechi has classified the connection of cultural heritage destruction to ethnic cleansing as the “Greek Cypriot viewpoint”, which he reports as having been dismissed by two PACE reports. Chechi asserts joint Greek and Turkish Cypriot responsibility for the destruction of cultural heritage turkish citizenship in Cyprus, noting the destruction of Turkish Cypriot heritage in the hands of Greek Cypriot extremists. The European Union issued a warning in February 2019 that Cyprus, an EU member, was selling EU passports to Russian oligarchs, saying it would allow organised crime syndicates to infiltrate the EU. In 2020 leaked documents revealed a wider range of former and current officials from Afghanistan, China, Dubai, Lebanon, the Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine and Vietnam who bought a Cypriot citizenship prior to a change of the law in July 2019.

In 2015 a new law was passed instituting an Administrative Court to be composed by five judges. Finally, the Rent Control Courts have jurisdiction over leases, matters regarding recovery of possession of controlled rented property and the determination of fair rent, as well as any other incidental matter. Each Rent Control Court is composed of a President, who is a member of the Judiciary, and two lay members nominated by the tenants and landlords associations. In the Criminal Division, the District Courts may only hear cases in which the offence carries a maximum penalty of five years of imprisonment.

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