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In the initial stages of a private M&A transaction, the parties will typically enter into a letter of intent or memorandum of understanding, setting out the head of the terms and initial rules of engagement between the parties at the preliminary stages of the transaction. These documents tend to have some basic binding provisions, including exclusivity and confidentiality obligations, and will set out the timelines and high-level mechanics of the proposed transaction. In conclusion, over the past few years Maltese law has sought to cater for a number of situations that may arise when persons are seeking to either be granted a divorce judgement or have a foreign divorce decree recognised and enforced. Due to the interplay of both EU and domestic legislation, EU nationals may easily avail of the simplified procedures in this regard.

In addition, subject persons are required to submit a sector-specific annual Risk Evaluation Questionnaire to the FIAU regarding their set-up, risk assessment and preventative measures. The obligation to keep business records and to record the resulting business changes is defined in the Accounting Act and the General Tax Law. Together with the accounting standards, these form the basis for determining the business performance in the reporting period and for the preparation of financial statements for public disclosure and income tax declaration. Subsidiaries of foreign companies whose founder is established in the EU/EEA must submit the accounting documentation of the founder in Croatian with a certified translation, while other subsidiaries must submit all the documentation prescribed by law. If their delivery of goods and services exceeds HRK 300,000 (approx. EUR 40,000) in the previous or current calendar year, they are also liable to pay value added tax, notwithstanding the fact that subsidiaries of foreign companies do not have legal personality.

Does Malta Have An Inheritance Tax?

If the live technical environment is not implemented within the said 60-day period, the application will be considered as suspended and subject to re-application, unless there are justified reasons for the delay, in which case it is possible to extend the 60-day period. With regards to the acceptance of cryptocurrencies, on 1 January 2019, the MGA launched the first of two phases of its Sandbox Regulatory Framework. During this first phase the MGA began accepting virtual financial assets and virtual tokens as valid consideration for the participation in licensed staying permit turkey games and the use of distributed ledger technology within the gaming industry. This trial period, intended to attract innovative business models and allow them to develop in a contained regulatory environment, was initially operative for a minimum period of 10 months, but was extended by the MGA in September 2019 until 31 December 2021. ‘Authorisation’ is defined as a licence, approval, certificate, recognition notice or similar instrument issued by the Malta Gaming Authority , authorising a person to provide a gaming service, gaming supply or a key function.

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The stamp duty is imposed at the rate of five percent or two percent on the amount of consideration received from a transfer of, respectively, immovable property or marketable securities . The five-percent rate also applies to a transfer of marketable securities in a company if 75 percent or more of the value that company’s assets is comprised of immovable property. An environmental tax is imposed at fixed rates on products, such as plastic, metal and glass containers, batteries, and household appliances that result in waste. Under the “participation exemption rules” Malta exempts from tax dividend income and capital gains derived by a company registered in Malta from a “participating holding” of a foreign subsidiary or from the disposal of such holding. For both resident and non-resident individuals, Maltese tax law generally does not allow the deduction of expenses related to income from capital or employment. Only deductions for expenses for the production of business income and income from self-employment are permitted.

The Main Option: Maltas Residence Programme

Sara’s practice focuses on civil litigation, real estate, business and corporate law, estate planning and administration, agricultural law and intellectual property. Sara is certified with the 15th Judicial Circuit as both a mediator and guardian ad litem. Lisa is a zealous advocate for her clients and knows when a case should be settled and when it requires aggressive representation and litigation. Dr Nicola Mattocks is an Associate Lawyer practising with Gonzi & Associates, Advocates, having joined the Firm in 2012. Nicola graduated as Doctor of Laws from the University of Malta in 2013 and was called to the bar in Malta in 2014.

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The Maltese Civil Code is the primary legislation regulating immovable property and inheritance issues in Malta, regardless of the nationality or place of residence of the property owner. The Medicines Authority provides guidance and consultation on scientific matters to support research and development as well as accessibility of quality medicinal cannabis. The Medicines law firm istanbul Authority is responsible to review applications for the importation and wholesale distribution of cannabis based products for medicinal use. Activities related to the production of cannabis for medicinal and research purposes are regulated through comprehensive evaluation of scientific and technical documentation, security considerations, and good practices.

Any transfer of property or shares, and the issue of any warrants, except warrants of prohibitory injunction after this date would be void. The law goes further than this by providing that any transfer of any property or assets and any charge against the company done within six months prior to dissolution shall be void. On appointment of the liquidator, the resident permit turkey powers of the officers of the company cease and pass on to the liquidator. Insolvency proceedings may be started when the company is unable to pay its debts. Court must examine carefully if the financial situation of the company justifies its winding up or if there exists a possibility that the company can still operate and consequently pay its debts.

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Our objective is to provide high quality legal and commercial advice through an efficiently managed professional practice that will facilitate our clients’ business dealings. We also facilitate and lead litigation with great focus on the possibility of dispute resolution. As Americans living and working in France, we’ve needed advice on immigration matters, real estate matters, and French labor law. It’s been wonderful being able to go to one team of lawyers for all of our questions and concerns on several different legal issues.

Other Indirect Taxes

Dr Daniela Galea specialises in cross-border succession and real estate law. She brings extensive experience and professionalism to every transaction and guarantees a personalised approach to her clients’ needs and matters. Dr. Anton Tabone obtained his Doctorate of Laws from the University of Malta in 1995. Between 1996 and 2000, he served turkish citizenship by investment as a Maltese Diplomat posted at the United Nations in New York City, during which time he was also appointed as Consul to Maltese communities living in the States of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Upon his return to Malta, Dr. Tabone opened his legal practice and worked primarily in the financial services sector of Malta.

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