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Malta Work Permit

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Malta Work Permit


A Few Things You Do Not Know About Residence Permits In Malta

Permanent Residence Permit Of An Eu Citizen

You’ll need to provide the police with a official translation of your marriage certificate, which you should get in Croatia. You’ll need to go to the MUP office in Zagreb and show cause for the extension, which in this case is your therapy. They will let you know at that time if they require any additional materials.

They compile a history of the applicant’s assets, translate documents into English, certify copies through a notary and correctly fill out application forms. The main applicant pays government fees and contributions, makes a donation to a charitable organization and rents real estate in Malta for five years. An ordinary resident loses his residence status if he leaves Malta permanently or indefinitely. If he is temporarily absent from Malta, he continues to be considered as resident here unless his absence is or becomes inconsistent with a residence status. This depends on the circumstances of each case and, in particular, on the personal and economic ties that the individual may have retained with Malta. Presence in Malta for more than 183 days in any particular year amounts to residence in Malta for that year, regardless of the purpose and the nature of the individual’s stay in Malta.

How Long Does The Process Take?

“Ordinary residence permits allow resident permit holders to take up residence in Malta and physically live in Malta with the possibility of taking up employment and doing business in Malta.” Before submitting an application, it is important to make sure that the application form is completed by the applicant and/or his agent and endorsed and signed by the applicant. A residence permit is valid for 1 year and can be prolonged for two additional 2-year periods . Residence permit holders are obliged to maintain their investments in Portugal for a minimum of 5 years so as not to lose their resident status. Investors must spend 7 days in Portugal in the first year and 14 days in all subsequent years.

The benefits of becoming a residence not only provide a special Tax status of 15% but also allow Non-EU Citizens to have freedom of movement within Europe and Schengen countries. Secure your family’s future and safety, with access to state-of-the-art healthcare and top-of-the-class education for generations to come. The Malta Granting of Citizenship for Exceptional Services Regulations allows for the possibility of citizenship by naturalisation after a minimum period of residency of 36 or 12 months by exceptional investment. An exceptional non-refundable direct investment and a title of lease or ownership over a qualifying immovable property are required. As a result of Malta’s accession to the EU, citizens of EU/EFTA countries and their close family members , even if the latter are not EU or EFTA citizens, do not require any employment licences to work in Malta.

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Please submit an application for extension of temporary residence permit in person at a Service Office at least two months prior the expiry of the current residence permit. In case if less than 5 years have passed from capturing of fingerprints, you can also apply for residence permit or extension of residence permit by post or by e-mail. If you have a residence permit or permanent residence status from a SCHENGEN member state, you still have some rights. In general, you can travel within the region for up to 90 days without needing a visa or permit. Invest between €350,000 and €500,000 in real estate (depending on the building’s age and location).

malta resident permit

However, as of this writing, the following regulations still apply. Marriage certificate – originals issued by a state authority; where the document is not in English, an official translation should be provided. When a “certified copy” of a document is mandatory, a photocopy of the original document will suffice provided it is certified to be a true copy of the original by a duly licensed lawyer in Malta.

Revealed: Residency Loophole In Maltas Cash

The applicant must own or rent a qualifying owned or leased property that he or she uses as his or her primary residence anywhere in the world. Anyone non-Maltese intending to reside legally in Malta for more than 3 months is required to apply for a residence permit. You can only apply for such residence permits in Malta to the Department for Citizenship and Expatriates Affairs. There are various forms which apply depending on which country you are from. The application with the supporting documents, which can be found on the form, must be submitted in person and once approved your residence permit also has to be collected in person. They must also provide supporting documents as evidence of net worth €2 million or equivalent).

malta resident permit

Check the travel advice for Malta for passport validity requirements. Nationals of certain non-EU countries may need a visa before travel. If your Withdrawal Agreement residence card is going to expire, you should contact Identity Malta to renew it by emailing or eresidence- . If any of your details on your Turkish resident permit Withdrawal Agreement residence card change, such as your address or your name, you must get a new Withdrawal Agreement residence card. You must explain why your application is late and provide documents to support this. Contact ID Malta on to make an in-person appointment to submit your application.

Short-term stay is the right to remain in Croatia for up to 90 days in a 180 day period, regardless of whether you required a visa to enter or not. This can really only be shortened by the specifics of your visa, if you needed one, so make sure to read what it says, then read it again, and again. RBI schemes were designed to attract foreign capital and business people by providing the right of residence and citizenship in return. The concept is relatively new and was only brought to the focus around 2006. Monaco — Residents of Monaco are not subject to income tax, capital gains tax or wealth tax and are able to travel visa-free to all Schengen area countries.

Therefore, if you want to become a permanent resident, then you would not be entitled to a tax refund for the Malta registered company. You can resolve this but creating a company in another jurisdiction which could then be the shareholder of the Maltese Company. The foreign company in turn may be beneficially owned by you and act as the non-resident shareholder eligible for a tax refund. Wondering how to get European citizenship if you have Maltese ancestors? Amendments to the country’s Citizenship Act in August 2007 can make it easy for direct descendants of Malta citizens to obtain an EU passport. Maltese citizenship by ancestry enables anyone with documentation showing direct descent from an ancestor born in the country of a parent who was also born on the islands to fill out a Malta citizenship application and request a European passport.

The Single Work Permit is issued to the applicant to work with a specific employer and perform a specific job. A Work Permit is generally issued for a period of one-year and throughout such time the applicant would be able to reside and work in Malta. The applicant would be able to further renew his/her work permit if the employer endorses his/her application for further renewal. National Long-stay “D” visa These visas allow the holder to stay in the territory of Malta for periods longer than three months .

malta resident permit

Depending on the method of application, the family members might be granted a visa that will allow them to stay for as long as the principal applicant (e-visa and confirmation of visa issuance). In other cases, they can only apply for a single-entry visa that is valid for three months and can be renewed in one-year intervals. Minimum work visa age is generally 18 for many countries or 21 years old for some and you also apply separately for a residency permit which is issued to people at least 18 years old in a majority of countries.

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