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Panayiotou Legal Hiring Trainee Lawyer In Nicosia, Cyprus

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Panayiotou Legal Hiring Trainee Lawyer In Nicosia, Cyprus


Britons False Rape Conviction In Cyprus unjust, Say Lawyers

Experts In Probate Law And Inheritance

Detailed analysis of the order of priorities is outside the scope of this chapter. In general terms, however, governmental fees, including the costs and expenses of the marshal, take priority over any other claims, and maritime liens take priority over statutory liens, while statutory liens have no priority over mortgages. An arrested ship, cargo or other property may be appraised and sold by order of the court or judge, either before or after the final judgment. In such case, the judge will appoint the marshal of the court or any other person to appraise the property under arrest and to proceed with its sale at auction . Nonetheless, the judge may allow the sale of the ship by private sale if he or she deems this fit and provided that all parties in the litigation acquiesce.

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We also advice our clients on bank formation, banking regulations and transfers. We are an established boutique law firm with over 12 years of experience in the industry, focused on servicing our clients by providing specialized solutions according to their business needs. The pivotal premise of our philosophy is to counsel with transparency and momentum, while building long lasting relationships with our clients.

We Are Y Argyrides, A Law Firm With A Global Reputation

Our law firm provides legal consultation in various international businesses, private individuals, financial institutions and public bodies in times of need for an unbiased professional, legal and consulting perspective. The full range of legal and corporate services is being provided, based always on the. As the head of the family law department at Cypress LLP, Stacy represents clients engaged in high-stakes divorce proceedings involving complex property issues and custody disputes.

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We have been instructed to arrest a ship of Cyprus interests that was sailing in Hellas. The source of the dispute were allegations of bad shipmanagement exercised by the shipmanagement company. After thorough legal study we decided to apply for a restraint order that would bar any change in the legal and/or actual status of the vessel and further an order for the change of the shipmanagement company of the vessel. After a Turkish work permit Court hearing, and with the help of our associates in Piraeus, Hellas, we achieved and secured both Court orders. At Neophytou & Neophytou Law Chambers our ever lasting endeavor is to always be way ahead of our competition in providing the best legal solutions for our clients. This course served as an orientation for our personnel for the inner workings and added value of Cyprus as an international service provider centre.

Directors Under Cyprus Law: Things You Should Know

The contents of this publication are intended only for guidance and information purposes. • The town planning department with 30 years of experience, is a unique department in Cyprus and is offering the following services under one roof. Ioannis Michalaki & Associates Chartered Surveyors Cyprus provides you with high quality, low cost property management services for property owners in Cyprus, whether it is a second home or an investment property used for short or long-term holiday lettings. The Firm especially gives advices to foreign clients about any possible investments can be made in the Northern Cyprus and bridges over its clients about any necessary transactions in the local or international banks. The island`s geographical location, at the crossroads of Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa, makes it easily accessible and foreign participation in the Cyprus economy is officially encouraged.

  • He is admitted by the state bar of California and is a qualified solicitor in England, where he is a consultant to the London law firm, Howard Kennedy LLP.
  • Through our expansive network of connections and associates throughout the world we are able to offer company registration and other corporate services in several leading offshore centres.
  • LAWYERS ARE refusing to represent members of the public who wish to take civil action against other lawyers, the House Human Rights Committee heard yesterday.
  • Anyone can register a company in Cyprus irrespective of nationality, country of residence or other circumstances.
  • It is also a leading law firm in immigration, citizenship, and property law practices.

Our team are ideally placed to be able to explain things to you in a way that you will understand, both from a legal and language point of view. There is a particular issue in Cyprus where people in the past took out Swiss Franc Mortgages to help them buy properties in Cyprus. As these clients’ income was largely in Sterling this meant that borrowers were having to balance three different currencies in terms of exchange rates, interest rates and property prices and this has caused significant problems. We have vast and very specialist experience both in the UK and in Cyprus of dealing with the Cypriot legal system and therefore not only understand how the law works in Cyprus but also how things advance on a procedural level.

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In cases of divorce, the duty to maintain children is determined according to the economic and financial means of both parents. Interim orders, for the maintenance of children are readily issued by the courts, pending final adjudication. The obligation for child support may continue, turkish citizenship in some cases, even after the child is 18 years old e.g. if studying. He called on the Legal Service to consider the matter more seriously and look at whether new laws were needed to enable the state to provide legal aid in civil cases too, as can be done in criminal cases.

In the case of a divorce, the exercise of parental care is regulated by the court, unless the parents agree otherwise between themselves. During the period of desertion, the court may issue an order in favor of one spouse, for the exclusive use of the whole or part of the dwelling that is used as the family home, independently of who is the registered owner. According to EDEK deputy Georgios Varnavas, who tabled the issue for discussion, representatives of the Cyprus Bar Association confirmed to the committee that there were incidents of lawyers refusing to take on other lawyers in court. So not only do Cyprus lawyers refuse to take cases if suing other lawyers but if you complain about a Cyprus lawyer to the equivalent of the UK Law Society it is presided over by The Attorney General of Cyprus who seemingly routinely refuses to take cases of complaint on as well. Specializing in certain areas in our field gives us the advantage of mastery in those areas, allowing us to offer the right services in a professional and efficient way.

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