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U S Relations With Bulgaria


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Registration Of A Company In Bulgaria

Under the law, sexual orientation is defined as “heterosexual, homosexual or bisexual orientation”. The couple, an Australian woman and her French wife, had married in France in 2016, but were denied residency in Bulgaria a year later when they attempted to move there. In 2007 Bulgaria joined the EU and currently offers the lowest level of taxation in the European Union.

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For example, if you plan onbuying a property in Bulgaria you must assure that the seller is the right owner and has the right to sell that property. Doctors who prescribe narcotic substances that are not approved can be sanctioned with a fine or a prison sentence of up to five years, and they may also lose their rights to practice medicine. As you can imagine, Bulgarian doctors are not too eager to recommend cannabis treatments. However, Bulgarian patients cannot access cannabis medication because the country doesn’t have a legal framework in place that would allow them to do so.

Property Law Sale And Purchase Of Real Estates In Bulgaria

For the activities and the issued documents for the proceedings in connection with the Bulgarian citizenship taxes shall be collected in amounts determined by a tariff of the Council of Ministers. (new – SG 33/10) The Ministry of Justice shall be entitled to free access to the National Database „Population“, maintained by the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works. The procedure, method and scope of data access shall be determined in an agreement between the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works and the Ministry of Justice. The bodies of the judiciary authority, the ministries and the bodies of the local independent government and local administration within the frames of their competence and in the cases determined by a law. (amend. – SG 82/09; prev. text of Item 02 – SG 33/10) The Ministry of interior and the Ministry of foreign affairs – for issuance or withdrawal of Bulgarian personal documents. Six months – in respect of applications for Bulgarian citizenship by investment under Art. 12a and Art. 14a.

I provide a wide range of legal services – corporate and commercial law, property law, family law, wills, immigration law, litigation, criminal law. My services include legal advice and representation, legal help and assistance, preparation and review of legal documents, company formation, criminal defense, etc. A balanced budget was achieved in 2003 and the country began running a surplus the following year. Expenditures amounted to $21.15 billion and revenues were $21.67 billion in 2017. The ministries of defence, the interior and justice are allocated the largest share of the annual government budget, whereas those responsible for the environment, tourism and energy receive the least amount of funding. Bulgaria has some of the lowest corporate income tax rates in the EU at a flat 10% rate.


The first deployment of foreign troops on Bulgarian soil since World War II occurred in 2001, when the country hosted six KC-135 Stratotanker aircraft and 200 support personnel for the war effort in Afghanistan. International military relations were further expanded with accession to NATO in March 2004 and the US-Bulgarian Defence Cooperation Agreement signed in April 2006. Bezmer and Graf Ignatievo air bases, the Novo Selo training range, and a logistics centre in Aytos subsequently became joint military training facilities cooperatively resident permit turkey used by the United States and Bulgarian militaries. Despite its active international defence collaborations, Bulgaria ranks as among the most peaceful countries globally, tying 6th alongside Iceland regarding domestic and international conflicts, and 26th on average in the Global Peace Index. The directly elected president serves as head of state and commander-in-chief of the armed forces, and has the authority to return a bill for further debate, although the parliament can override the presidential veto by a simple majority vote.

Make sure you have the Use permit which is issued by the town hall for new buildings and certifies that the property is habitable. You will need this document to connect to electricity and water companies. Once construction has finished, and before you sign the title deed, ask for all documents from the seller to show that the construction has been finished in accordance with the plans.

As the will reflects the personal and free will of the testator, he may subsequently add to it, to change it entirely or in part, and also withdraw it. In the history of Bulgarian law of succession, these principles are known to the ‘eclogue law’ turkish citizenship applied in Medieval Bulgaria. Hereditary relationships between Bulgarians were governed by our ethnic laws, which is based on very different principles. The law of succession regulates the legal relations arising on the death of a person.

In the 1960s, there were a couple of other similar cases which again involved some of Bulgaria’s elite. Later in 1966, when revising the Penal Code, a group of “experts” decided that homosexual acts would no longer be considered a crime because lesbians and gays “are ill people, who shouldn’t be punished because of the sufferings they are already going through “. On 1 May 1968, the Penal Code was revised, and homosexuality became legal. Legal persons with a taxable income of 75,000 BGN are obliged to register for VAT purposes. VAT registration is voluntary for persons with taxable income of between 50,000 and 75,000 BGN. Many countries allow tourists, and others making purchases for export, to receive a VAT refund on exiting the country .

Acting as a local counsel to a leading Israel based company engaged in systems integration, in respect of their day to day activities and employment law issues in their Bulgarian subsidiary. Property conveyancing lawyers working in our law firm in Bulgaria assist all clients with their property buying, selling and mortgaging needs. But no one offers service as efficient and economical as the Bulgarian property lawyers at our firm. The company is renowned for its practice in the sectors of Waters and Concessions. Because of our extensive litigation and arbitration experience more and more clients turn to us for representation with regards to dispute resolution.

Such a method of divorce is usually only possible where the relationship between the spouses is less strained at the time of divorce as their mutual cooperation at court is necessary. This note deals with the financial consequences of divorce, but does so only as to marriages where there is joint ownership . This is the regime that applies by default in Bulgaria, unless the spouses either enter into a prenuptial agreement or elect the “separation of title” regime instead. In the note, we consider some of the more salient complications of divorces with an international element.

Every person, who wants to be a lawyer Bulgaria must go through a long process, that will give him all the knowledge needed to practice the profession. The Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office provides lists of service providers for information only, to assist British nationals who may need support overseas. The FCDO does not accept any liability arising to any person for any loss or damage suffered through using these service providers or this information. I am helping to start a business in Bulgaria and provide services for starting a new private company. General work permit, Quota work permit, exceptional skills work permit and Intra-company transfer work permit.Business permit.

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Every graduated student has the opportunity to decide whether he wants to be a lawyer Bulgaria or a notary, judge or a prosecutor. provides legal assistance to foreign investors in Bulgaria for company formation, business and civil law. On Thursday, the 32-year-old human rights lawyer from Belgrade received at a ceremony in the Serbian capital a prestigious award for Europe from the U.N.

Definition Of Personal Data

We strive to reach a level of success where clients come back to us time and time again for further services and recommend us to their friends and family. For all types of real estate transactions, we offer full legal assistance, from the initiation of the respective procedure to the conclusion of the final contract in the form of a title deed. It is important to make sure all the details of buying or selling real estate are handled in the most effective way, all the legal documents are in order and protect your interests. Whether you are a real estate buyer or seller in Bulgaria, your interests will be best protected by using the services of an experienced and independent Bulgarian property law solicitor. If you are in need of a divorce lawyer in Bulgaria, contact our Bulgarian law firm and our lawyers will provide the needed information about the divorce procedure in Bulgaria. Any of the spouses may request a divorce by disruption of marriage if they believe that the marriage is irreparable.

Established in 1990 Penkov, Markov & Partners is one of the first law firms in Bulgaria having nowadays one of the largest and most remarkable client portfolios and being respected both domestically and internationally. The firm currently has approximately 38 partners and associated members, several external legal consultants, 9 trainees, 12 assistants and staff members. Full Service Legal Solutions FLI NET is a team of more than 17,000 lawyers in over 100+ jurisdictions across the globe, whose members are available to provide end-to-end bespoke legal solutions, tailored to your needs and requirements – with local knowledge, and global coverage. I am very happy to recommend the legal services of Ivelin and Dilyana, who I have known professionally and personally for several years.

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Taking into consideration the diversity of options, it is recommended that the documents on the transaction held by both parties should be checked by your lawyer. Certificate of Encumbrances on the property- issued by the Registry Agency, enclosing all documents of the ownership – from the first title deed to the last one, in the case of inheritance –Certificate of Inheritance as well. In the event that the property includes land or parts Turkish resident permit of land, a sketch of the property must also be enclosed. In the event that the property is subject to partition – the respective document , duly registered at the Registry Agency. Attorney Deveraux Cannick, who joined Kelly’s legal team just a few months before the long-awaited trial, argued in court that his accusers were former fans who became disgruntled after falling out of his favor, and that his sexual relationships were consensual.

The Grand Chamber judgment in the Nachova case in 2005 is a key decision on police use of force both for Bulgaria and across the region. The Court held that an escaping suspect may not be shot “even if a failure to use lethal force may result in the opportunity to arrest the fugitive being lost”. There is no specialised body that deals with complaints against the police in Bulgaria, although the national ombudsman can take up cases of concern with the Minister of the Interior. It is forbidden to use potentially lethal force to detain or prevent the escape of a person carrying out or having carried out a non-violent act if that person does not pose a danger to the life and health of another. It is forbidden to use physical force and auxiliary means against individuals who are visibly below 14 years of age or pregnant women.

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A VAT return shall furthermore be submitted where there is no payable or refundable tax, as well as in the cases where the registered person has not effected or received any supplies or acquisitions or has effected any importation for the relevant tax period. The tax shall be chargeable from a person registered under this Law who is a supplier of a taxable supply, with the exception of the cases explicitly provided for in the Law, where it shall chargeable from the recipient. The rate of tax on the supplies of electronically supplied services shall be the rate applicable in the Member State in which the recipient referred to in Item 1 of Article 152 herein is established. For further details about how to obtain Bulgarian citizenship by investment, you may have a look at our dedicated Bulgarian citizenship by investment page.

bulgaria lawyer

The ICAA is based on the United Nations Commission of International Trade Law Model Arbitration Law and implements its principles and most of its recommendations, but the ICAA has not been updated according to the amendments to the UNCITRAL Model Arbitration Law as of 2006. Following the model of arbitration provided by the Model Law, the ICAA covers all stages of the arbitral procedure, from the arbitration agreement to the setting aside of the award and recognition and enforcement of a foreign award. turkish citizenship The ICAA, enacted in 1988, as amended from time to time (lastly with SG. 8/24 Jan. 2017), provides an elaborate and modern regulation on commercial arbitration. The ICAA is the main domestic source of law in the area of arbitration, both domestic and international. In its 2018 Concluding Observations on Bulgaria, the Human Rights Committee called on Bulgaria to continue training police officers in human rights standards relating to freedom of expression and assembly and the lawful use of force.

bulgaria lawyer

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