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Antigua Barbuda Improve Cbi 2020 Citizenship Programme


Antigua Barbuda Improve Cbi 2020 Citizenship Programme


Top Citizenship By Investment Programs 2021

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The country is part of the Commonwealth, therefore is considered a constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary system resembling the UK. With a very low crime rate, vibrant tourism economy, and high quality of life, the destination is highly appealing. The country consists of two main islands — Antigua and Barbuda — and several smaller islands. While Antigua is the economic heart of the country with its airport, luxury shopping malls, hospitals, and tourist attractions, Barbuda is less developed and appreciated by nature lovers for its preserved state. For those who enjoy a luxurious lifestyle combined with sporting activities, Antigua and Barbuda is the place to be.

Once the file is ready for submission, Government Processing Fees, Due Diligence and CI submission invoice are payable. Compulsory background checks are payable to the Government who appoints a preferred due diligence agency. These agencies use various international and local sources such as Interpol, World-Check and other Government agencies. A twin island nation nestled between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, Antigua and Barbuda is one of the most developed and the 9th country by size in the Caribbean. The islands’ lifestyle is unparalleled, and the straightforward Citizenship by Investment Programme has the potential to open the door to many new residents and their families.

Antigua Real Estate

St. Lucia allows investors to invest money into a local business in exchange for citizenship. Ensure you know what you’re getting into before choosing a Caribbean real-estate investment option for a second passport. The traditional government bond option requires investors to buy a zero-interest five year $500,000 bond for a family of four (and $567,500 in all-in costs). St. Lucia’s donation option is one of the best and cheapest second passport options for a single person right now in the Caribbean. But when it comes to applicants with larger families interested in the donation option, Antigua and Barbuda is still the winner, offering the lowest prices.

  • Despite these challenges, new programs in the Caribbean and further afield are sure to come on the market as demand is increasing from ultra high net worth individuals from China, Russia, and the Middle East.
  • The complete list of countries is listed in another page of this website.
  • Your family members are eligible for residence permit for Antigua and Barbuda, upon your residency permit in Antigua and Barbuda is approved.
  • Complete all the application forms and necessary documents as provided by your authorised agent.

Certain governments are willing to grant you citizenship and a passport in as little as three months in exchange for a sizable investment or donation in their country. If dual citizenship and second passports already sound like rocket science to you (Wait, what?! You can have more than one citizenship?), you can head on over to our second passport page to learn the basics. The parents or grandparents of the main applicant or his/her spouse to be 55 years of age or above and financially dependent on the main applicant. Reach Immigration is authorized by the government of Antigua & Barbuda to promote the program and provide consultation on the best investment option as well as the requirements of the program. The initial contracted employment period will be for two years subject to a performance review and an expression of further contracted employment three months before the expiration of the existing contract. According to a June 2019 report by Antigua Observer, Browne, while calling Choksi a “crook”, had said that his citizenship will be revoked as his reputation had tarnished the image of CIP.

Lodge Application A Few Days

The contractual period is expected to last for 12 months at which time the PMU should be established, and any new projects assigned will be in full operationalization and implementation phase. “Antigua cancelled his citizenship sometime last year after which he has approached a civil court in St John’s. We believe he will lose his appeal as he is fighting the Antiguan government on a well-established investment scheme, which he misused to take refuge in the island nation after cheating Indian banks,” said the CBI officer cited above. A foreigner can buy a share, an apartment or a villa in a hotel and obtain Antiguan citizenship for the investment. The main thing is that the project must be approved by the country’s government. In December 2020, the list of approved projects includes 39 hotels and resorts.

Additional payments of government processing fees, fees for due diligence checks and licensed agent fees remain unchanged. Any real estate purchased cannot be sold until five years after the original purchase date. Real estate beneficial ownership is allowed via a non-profit company that meets specific corporate requirements.

Do I Gain Voting Rights In Antigua And Barbuda Upon Receiving Second Citizenship From The Country?

Antigua and Barbuda does not offer a specific immigration program for retirees, however, its citizenship by investment program is a great option to live in the country. Applicants will be required to confirm one of the above investment options. Thereafter it is required as part of the regulatory process to conduct an initial inquiry on each applicant. Following this, a more comprehensive government application form is completed and supporting documents obtained to submit to the approving body, Citizen by Investment Unit for processing. If you want to become an A&B citizen, there are several options available to you.

antigua citizenship

Many countries around the world welcome retirees who have a steady pension or retirement income. And, many retirees moving to these countries take up citizenship in their new home. Your dream retirement abroad destination could also give you an easy county to get citizenship. The MERCOSUR agreement makes it easier for citizens of South American countries to get residency in each other’s countries.

The benefit is that one of the family members will receive a one-year scholarship to the University of the West Indies. But the most cherished dream — to become a citizen of the world — he achieved only at the age of 62 with the help of the Migronis Company, the provider of citizenship programs around the world. At present, the Caribbean citizenship by investment countries are St Lucia, Antigua and Barbuda, Grenada, Dominica, and St Kitts and Nevis. Depending on your personal needs, requirements, and family situation, Global Citizen Solutions can consult you on the most suitable program. There are a myriad of choices; every Caribbean passport has its own advantage.

To obtain a passport, the property must be in a special CBI-approved development. The donation amount is $150,000, and it increases by an additional $15,000 for each additional family member past the sixth one. Any family of resident permit turkey six members or more can make a donation into a fund dedicated to the expansion of the University of the West Indies. And in May 2020, Antigua introduced a new donation option to make the deal even sweeter for large families.

In addition, direct flights to Antigua from London, New York, Miami and Toronto are available regularly. With some 365 famous beaches, turquoise water, the lush tropical island of Antigua is an inviting paradise and is considered one of the most beautiful landmarks in the world. As a result, tourism is the main economic engine driving GDP growth and generating around 60% of the island’s income, with the main target markets being Canada, Europe and the United States. Direct purchase of an eligible business for a minimum of 1.5 million USD as an individual.

antigua citizenship

Through such an investment citizenship can be acquired by the investor, his/her spouse, any dependent children and dependent parents above 65 years of age, without any further investment requirements. Grenada citizens are now able to travel to Russia without the need to apply for a visitor visa. Grenada passport holders also now enjoy visa-on-arrival access to the United Arab Emirates , thanks to a new Memorandum of Understanding signed by representatives of the two countries. A second passport in Grenada has become an exceptionally great option for professionals who do business in Russia, China, and Dubai. The economic citizenship program is indeed new, but the benefit of going with a relatively untested program is that they’ve studied what worked (and what didn’t) in other CBI programs and made theirs more efficient.

Effective 1st May, 2018, a Limited Time Offer under Real Estate option was introduced allowing two applicants from related parties making a joint investment, with each applicant investing US$200,000 in order to qualify. Although the Caribbean has a reputation as a tropical paradise with charming people, marvelous beaches, and crystal clear water, it is also known as a place where business moves notoriously slow. According to program regulations, a child can be either biological or legally adopted. Dependent siblings of the main applicant or spouse can also be included when applying for citizenship in Dominica provided they are younger than 25.

A number of CBI countries have been expanding visa waiver agreements with new countries. We see this as an important investment option, especially during covid times and clients dont want to risk lose their investment when travel, tourism and real estate sectories are facing a decline due to pandemic. Some countries have bilateral agreements with other countries to shorten the period of passport validity required for each other’s citizens or even accept passports that have already expired . Grenada citizenship is popular among investors due to the visa free access to China and their E-2 investor visa treaty with the USA.

antigua citizenship

What makes Antigua and Barbuda so unique is its capacity to keep up its genuine Caribbean feel while offering visitors significant and quality encounters. Truth be told, a whole section could be expounded on this, yet for quickness, features remember Half Moon Bay for the southern coast, frequently thought about the island’s prettiest alternative. It doesn’t pull in the same number of bodies as different seashores, despite the fact that it’s cherished by windsurfers. Through our vast experience, expertise and numerous services, we have been helping and facilitating business owners, companies and freelances.

Notwithstanding, there is additionally a Prime Minister, Gaston Browne, and two administrative houses, the Senate and the House of Representatives, which is allowed by the constitution. “1 stop solutions” for all your Citizenship by investment in Antigua and Barbuda with additional support. Companies can use our large database of international candidates for free and also, purchase Job Posting Packages.

You have to make a contribution to the National Development Fund, invest in a business or buy real estate. All these schemes are periodically subject to promotional discounts initiated by the government of the country. You can include immediate members of your family in the application, so excellent travel options will be available to your loved ones. This applies to your spouse, under 26-year-old children, and grandparents over 65. Note that since November 2020 list of possible dependents was extended. A parent or grandparent of the principal applicant, or of his or her spouse, who is 55 years of age or older and who is financially dependent.

The highly developed tourism industry in Antigua and Barbuda makes the twin islands an attractive destination for investors wishing to gain citizenship through a real estate investment. If the applicant makes the required investments and meets the other requirements established in the Citizenship by Investment Act, the applicant and his family members will become a citizen of Antigua and Barbuda. In acquiring citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda, the applicant will turkish citizenship by investment benefit not only from being able to establish himself with his family in Antigua and Barbuda but also from all the rights available to Antiguans and Barbudans. The National Development Fund is a non-profit fund which was set up in 2006 to run government projects, private-public partnerships and other government approved charitable investments. An investor can acquire citizenship in Antigua and Barbuda by investing a minimum amount of US $250,000 in the NDF.

antigua citizenship

Antigua has experienced a challenging economic environment in recent years. However, the government has been credited with its implementation of the National Economic and Social Transformation Plan and a debt restructuring effort. Or, at least two applicants can propose to make a joint investment in a government-approved business with a total investment of USD 5,000,000. Each additional investor will need to contribute atleast USD 400,000 to the venture.

antigua citizenship

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