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Caribbean Citizenship By Investment

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Caribbean Citizenship By Investment


The Citizenship By Investment Programme

Fastest Countries To Get A Second Passport By Naturalization

A minimum of 2 persons to make a joint investment in an approved business totalling at least US $5,000,000. Each person is required to contribute at least US $400,000 to the joint investment. Citizenship can be acquired by investors through investments into the three aforementioned areas . Sussex offers turnkey solutions for the Turkish work permit real estate investment option but can help assist clients who wish to pursue the other two options. Make a joint investment application with one or more persons in an approved business where the total minimum investment should be a sum of $5 million. In such an investment, each applicant should contribute at least $400,000.

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The island possesses rich and vibrant culture, warm and friendly people, a low rate of crime and a peaceful lifestyle. The demographic is formed by a majority black ethnic group (87.3%), mixed (4.7%), hispanic (2.7%), white (1.6%), other (2.7%) – the largest age group being (42.47%). Visa-free travel to approximately 150 countries, including the UK, Schengen area, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Russia. Investing in this fund entitles one family member on the application to receive a one-year, tuition-only scholarship to the University of West Indies. This option requires an investment of at least $1.5 million to establish or contribute to an existing business. The NDF option requires a non-refundable donation of at least $100,000 for a family of up to 4.

Interested In Antigua And Barbuda Passport?

In this era of globalization, citizenship and passports have become just another commodity to be bought and sold on the international market. All you need is money and a willingness to contribute staying permit turkey a few hundred thousand dollars to the treasury of a cash-starved country or acquire a piece of real estate there. There are many pros to living in a country that upholds birthright citizenship.

antigua citizenship

The price to obtain Dominican citizenship is so cheap some people worry that it is not legal and that they are actually buying a fake passport. There is no residency requirement whatsoever to obtain Dominica citizenship through investment, and applicants are not even required to visit the country a single time. Once a person has acquired Dominica nationality, there is also no obligation to ever visit the island in order to maintain citizenship, and Dominica passport renewals are unconditionally available to all citizens at all times. Dominica is a fantastic country, however, and new citizens are encouraged to visit and are of course very welcome to live, work, or study on the island. Second citizenship has become a compelling investment option for wealthy individuals in recent years, and Antigua and Barbuda’s CIP is one of the most attractive offerings in this burgeoning market. It takes less than four months for approved investors to receive their citizenship, which affords visa-free travel to more than 150 countries.

Citizenship By Investment In Real Estate

It allows applicants with five or more family members to make a non-refundable contribution and receive Antiguan citizenship in return. It is only required to additionally pay staying permit turkey due diligence and passport fees. In case additional family members are included in the application, the processing fee will be $15,000 per each additional family member.

The market has been buoyed by the success of the CIP, and rental incomes are high as tourism booms. The island is one of the most easily accessible in the Caribbean, with regular direct flights from the USA, Canada and Europe. The remoteness of the country from Europe can be an inconvenience for those whose business interests are connected with moving around the Schengen zone. However, that is all disadvantages of the passports of Antigua and Barbuda. If you plan to start company registration for Antigua and Barbuda remotely, your power of attorney should be properly legalized to be used on the territory of Antigua and Barbuda.

People from countries who don’t need a visa to enter the country are also not allowed to stay on the island for more than six months. Getting a work permit for Antigua and Barbuda is only possible when an employer offers you a position. The application must be submitted to the Commissioner of Labour on Antigua. Some of them need to be prepared before going to the country, for other documents you may need your future employer’s support. Permanent residency can be a pathway to Antiga and Barbuda citizenship, Antiga and Barbuda nationality, and Antiga and Barbuda passport.

antigua citizenship

Antigua’s donation option is the least expensive program in the Caribbean if you apply as a family. You can include dependent children up to 28 years old if they are still in college, and parents as young as 58 if they are supported by the main applicant. The government even omits its usual $30,000 processing fee if you choose the University option. And here’s the official site of Antigua & Barbuda’s citizenship by investment program. Keep in mind, however, that additionally you’ll have to pay a commission to a local agent that will lodge your citizenship application to the government. That’s especially true if you are a single applicant or are looking to use a government bond investment option.

Qualifying Investments For Citizenship

Antigua & Barbuda citizenship benefits will provide peace of mind in an every changing world. Acquiring Antigua & Barbuda citizenship gives you and your family the freedom to travel visa-free and conduct business in more than 135 countries worldwide. • Applicants can process spouse and additional dependents (dependent children under 28 years and dependent parents/grandparents over 58 years) as part of a single application. If you are an entrepreneur or investor interested in citizenship by investment or other ways to obtain a second passport that will allow you to “go where you’re treated best”, feel free toreach out to our team. But if you want a nearly 100% guarantee of getting citizenship in 4-12 months, citizenship by investment is the best way to go.

antigua citizenship

In addition to air passengers, Antigua has a very active seaport, however, most visitors via sea do not stay on the island whereas air passengers typically remain in Antigua for around 10 days. Buyers will obtain their Antigua & Barbuda passport in three to six months. Antigua and Barbuda is a twin island paradise independent country located on the Caribbean sea in the Eastern Caribbean.

Countries That Dont Allow Dual Citizenship

Several of the listings on our site are officially approved projects which means that an investment in to one of them provides eligibility to apply for citizenship of Antigua & Barbuda. Searching for real estate approved for the Antigua Citizenship by Investment Program? Several of our property listings in Antigua are approved projects under the CIP program. The passport will then be made available for collection either in Antigua & Barbuda or at an Embassy or Consulate, usually within a period of 30 days. Antigua & Barbuda recognizes dual citizenship so there is no requirement under Antiguan law for applicants to give up their current citizenship.

antigua citizenship

Unless speed is of the absolute essence to you, in which case you should apply for citizenship by investment in Vanuatu , all five of the Caribbean programs take 2-4 months to get a passport in your hand. To discover approved real estate investment on other nearby islands which could be your gateway to a second passport, explore the full range of Caribbean Citizenship by Investment Real Estate options we can introduce you to. Wide choice of approved real estate investment options, including freehold homes and villas, apartments and condos, and land, with both full and shared ownership options available. To qualify for the real estate route of the Program under the full ownership option, a principal applicant is required to make a minimum investment of US $400,000 in real estate in the country.

Citizenship By Donation Of Antigua And Barbuda Got Cheaper Analyzing The Prerequisites For New Developments

The investor applicant must take the oath or affirmation of allegiance when he/she first visits Antigua and Barbuda. However this requirement can also be fulfilled at an embassy or high commission in the investor’s country of residence. In order to get the passport, the investor should submit an application along with necessary documents and the Certificate of Registration of Citizenship. Family members can also acquire citizenship without any additional investment requirements. Antigua and Barbuda is offering a long-stay visa programme, entitled “Nomad Digital Residence” . The programme is designed for persons whose work can be done remotely and are desirous of doing so from a safe Caribbean island with all modern amenities, including reliable and fast telecommunications to the world.

One of the most important benefits to owning second citizenship is the piece of mind you receive in return. Most citizenship programs are born form countries at peace, with no political unrest. Having dual or multi citizenship is increasingly important as an effective tool for international tax planning.

antigua citizenship

The firm offers a diversified general practice catering to local, regional and international clients. The firm’s client base includes individuals, corporations, financial institutions law firm and international shipping companies. The firm is also in a position to advise on and draft legislation for governments and regional and international organizations.

antigua citizenship

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