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Perhaps in this sector more than others, a detailed understanding of the underlying business is required to navigate the regulatory environment and ensure that a business complies with both existing relevant legislation and evolving regulatory policy. With the sector evolving so rapidly, deep experience in advising fintech businesses is proving to be of paramount importance and this is well-recognised by both service providers and the government. The regulators tend to take a risk-based and pragmatic approach, which has enabled investment funds and turkish citizenship by investment the international banking and trust sectors to flourish, and the same is true for the fintech sector. In terms of ICOs, a large number of businesses have obtained investment via token generation events that sit firmly in the utility token and securities token brackets. The Cayman Islands has become the jurisdiction of choice for token generation events for a number of reasons, including tax and securities law neutrality for companies conducting such events in the Cayman Islands. Cayman Islands uses its own currency which is tied to the US Dollar.

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“We hasten to add that all First Time Work Permit Applications received at the Employment Services Department before 1st May 2021 will be reviewed for a final decision by both the Board and the Commissioner of Labour. This needs a bit of forward planning – Your dog/cat will need to be at least ten months old to be allowed entry into the Cayman Islands. You will need to complete an Import Permit application and submit with an official health certificate, a rabies laboratory report and the processing fee for the import permit. There is also a list of dogs, which are not allowed to enter Cayman!

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All motor vehicles entering the country are subject to government taxes which include the cost of the vehicle, insurance, and freight. Shipping/exporting a motor vehicle can be challenging, especially if you aren’t familiar with the process. It’s important to calculate potential expenses beforehand by obtaining a quote from the auto transport company you’ve decided to do business with.

He said the government wants to see 70% – 80% of the population vaccinated. He explained that 80% of the population of 63,000 people is different than 80% of the population of 67,000 people. A lot wrong with it ,let’s make it compulsory for everyone in that case, not just permit holders. That would be medical apartheid, and totally against their human rights. I don’t think you self appointed Caymanian virologists would be able to foist that one on your fellow countrymen .

Turner Urges Focus On Mental Health

The maximum period that a person may remain in the Cayman Islands on a work permit is nine years. Work permit holders and their dependents over the age of 12 made up 36.3% of the estimated population in April 2021. If the estimates are correct, approximately 6,400 residents among the eligible population have not been vaccinated.

cayman work permit

Connect with innovative businesses and global entrepreneurs in a world-leading offshore centre and enjoy tailor-made office spaces that fit your needs and budget. Unlike anywhere else in the Caribbean, Cayman Enterprise City helps new tenants and their employees settle comfortably into life in the Cayman Islands. Morgan Stanley upgrades China property to ‘attractive’ despite default fears The U.S. investment bank said it believes that policy easing of the property sector looks likely to kick in, which will support Chinese real estate stocks. I believe if people were given more choices, we would increase our vaccinated population. Those that don’t want any vaccine should not be forced into it. I don’t believe this is true unless it is just Grand Cayman because their is one very vocal anti-vaxxer Caymanian lady at the Cayman Airways counter in Miami.

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This authorization has been delegated to the Governor and thereby to the Director-General of the Civil Aviation Authority of the Cayman Islands. This licensing is granted through a Scheduled or Non-Scheduled Operating Permit. There are specific requirements and associated fees for the processing of such permits.

All on-island candidates will be required to attend a preliminary interview and how we meet is based on your comfort level. All overseas candidates will be spoken to via Zoom, WhatsApp or Telephone. The bills are open for a reduced public consultation period of 10 days, ending on Sunday, 3 October 2021. contains all the information you could need to consider finding a job in Cayman.


Helpers are not allowed to have dependents on their work permit and the absolute maximum time they are allowed to stay on the Island is ten years. You can take out a work permit for any nationality of a helper or nanny as long as you can demonstrate a genuine need. Our passion for finding that “perfect match” is showcased by our long-term and repeat client base, which encompasses a broad range of firms from small local businesses to multinational corporations.

Christopher Saunders gave an updated Government financial picture, including revised deficit projections. He noted that numbers would increase with the vaccination of year olds and revealed that making vaccination mandatory for people seeking work permit approvals and renewals is a likely next step. At the COVID-19 press conference today, Wednesday 16 June 2021, Premier Hon. Wayne Panton and members of Cabinet announced changes to travel and quarantine regulations that will go into effect on Wednesday 23 June 2021.

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In some cases, Caymanians are advancing in their careers, and replacing expatriates who are leaving. Other expatriates find relief from high immigration fees in the Special Economic Zone. Still others have taken the authorities up on their kind invitation to have no work permit at all, as is the case for expatriates in government service. If you want to work in the Construction industry in the Cayman Islands and other locations, then use our job search or our Construction career advice.

cayman work permit

Approximately a third of the resident population of the Cayman Islands have moved there from countries across the globe. Many expats will only stay for the short to medium term, and so will look for properties to rent rather than buy. Are all and any nationalities accepted or are there restrictions which apply to local nationals? Some insurers will only take expatriates abroad and not local nationals into an overseas plan.

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Application form for GOL in Cayman Islands – Part 1, employee section and Part 2 employer section to be completed. A notarized photocopy of your Cayman Islands ID card or permanent residency card for Cayman Islands. Individuals who have been legal residents in the Turkish citizenship 250.000 USD Cayman Islands for a total of five years can apply under the British Nationality Act for naturalization. Bodden Town, former capital of the Cayman Islands has a coral reef and natural harbor. The city named in honor of Cayman`s government leader, William Bodden.

cayman work permit

However, mandating vaccines for residents and locals is likely to prove more controversial. All non-residents who plan to live and work in the Cayman Islands need a Work Permit. Prior to an employee arriving in the Cayman Islands, the prospective employer must apply to the Cayman Islands Government Department of Workforce Opportunities and Residency Cayman for a work permit on the employee’s behalf.

Our service is absolutely free, and we are dedicated to helping you find the right provider for your needs. If you’re a contractor from outside Cayman Islands looking to work in Cayman Islands, you will need a work permit to enter the country. Getting a work permit in Cayman Islands requires sponsorship from a local employer, and if you change employer, your work permit must also be changed. This can make getting a Cayman Islands work permit very difficult for contractors, because they usually work on short contracts and change employers frequently. We can help software developers, IT project managers, oil and gas workers, business analysts and a variety of other contractors find Cayman Islands sponsorship through an umbrella company. Persons travelling to the United States must be US citizens or those legally able to travel to or through the USA.

This will give the government and the airlines sufficient time to iron out all the airlift details as well as establishing reopening and arrival protocols. Travelers will still be required to present a negative PCR test taken within 72-hours of travel and also test negative upon arrival in Cayman. We encourage all travelers to get vaccinated as soon as possible if they wish to travel safely (and protect their fellow travelers!) in our post-COVID world. The Cayman Islands has reached the halfway point of its stated goal to vaccinate 75%-80% of its adult population over the age of 16. On the ground, in Grand Cayman, public support for reopening is growing. The Cayman Government and airlines will likely require a negative Covid test within three days of travel to Grand Cayman.

cayman work permit

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