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Golden Visa Italy


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The documentation needed to be submitted when applying for an Italian visa is not complicated, however, the applicant must pay attention to their status and the reasons they enter Italy for in order to prepare in accordance. Our specialists in immigration to Italy can help foreign citizens from third-countries to prepare and put in order the documentation related to applying for any type of visa. When it comes Turkish resident permit to other types of visas, foreign citizens will need the valid passport , the reason for which they are entering Italy , recent photographs and a valid insurance policy. Foreigners will also need to prove that they are self-sufficient, meaning they have enough money to support themselves during their stay. The Italian passport currently ranks on the 4th place according to the Guide Passport Ranking Index.

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If you can, it is recommended that you have your CV and cover letter translated into Italian, although this is not essential. If you are able to be on the ground in Italy when applying, it is highly recommended that you do this. The vast majority of teaching jobs are gained by searching and interviewing for positions in-person in Italy. Just remember to time your arrival in Italy to fit in with the peak hiring seasons. Although the prospect of heading off to start a new adventure in a foreign land without having a job offer may seem pretty daunting, rest assured that it is very doable and is typically the most successful way of finding a job. You do have to take the initiative, be well prepared and persevere, but the job demand is high.

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All of the documents that you show to the Italian government must be translated into Italian. This includes foreign citizenship documents, passports, etc. If you’re working with an Italian lawyer, they may also help you translate the paperwork into your native language. If they cannot, they’ll certainly be able to help you find a suitable Italian translator.Be sure to retain the original (e.g., English-language) documents too for your personal records.

You will be prompted to enter the type and number of the ID you showed when you were treated and confirmed healthy, e.g. passport or ID card, as well as the type of code you have. You will be prompted to enter the type and number of the ID you showed when you got your test, e.g. passport or ID card, as well as the type of code you have. The good news is that the Italian law firm istanbul government has provided options for people without a health card, at least when it comes to downloading your certificate. Aside from this certification, you need the Italy Self-Declaration, a mandatory document that you need to complete with your trip and health details. Yes the wait time is painful but, it will give you the time you’ll need to learn to speak Italian.

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If you decide against the appeal, apply again after a brief period. The type of visa you select depends on the purpose of your visit to Italy. This means you can work in Italy without a visa or work permit. You are required to apply for residency if you’re planning on staying for longer than 90 resident permit turkey days. The Consulate will likely process your Working Holiday visa application on the spot and make ammendments to your Passport. You can again apply for the visa but this time you will be providing the proper justification for the rejection and all the requirements according to the checklist.

This regulation also applies to dual national citizens holding Italian and American passports. U.S. citizens traveling from Italy to the U.S., and those leaving the United States for Italy must use their U.S. passports. When returning to the European Union , a dual national should enter the European Union with an EU passport.

Officers are issued the Stato di Servizio that contains more complete information than the Congedo Illimitato that is merely a discharge certificate. Military records may not be available to those who have not reported to their military law firm district after leaving Italy. The reciprocity fee and period for “TD” applicants from Libya is $10.00 for one entry over a period of 3 months. The Iranian and Iraqi “TD” is no fee with one entry over a period of 3 months.

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