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How To Apply For Cyprus Citizenship In 4 Different Ways


How To Apply For Cyprus Citizenship In 4 Different Ways


The Long Road To Citizenship

Jaishankar Congratulates Cypriot Counterpart On Cyprus’s Independence Day

We will deal for the most part with all the governmental meetings and paperwork asking you to attend only when essential. We also have a legal team to help with any matters that may arise before, during and even after your transition to becoming a resident here on the beautiful island of Cyprus. Being a member of the economic citizenship program, «Cyprus Inform» provides free consultations on this issue. You can send us an email, call or fill out the form below, and we will contact you.

After collection of the biometrics, the immigration permit is issued after 5 working days. Applicants are required to hold an immigration permit for 6 months prior to naturalisation. The respective investments will also have to be concluded for the benefit of the Cypriot economy. Over the last years, Cyprus has become a popular destination, not only for seasonal holidays but also as a choice of permanent residence and business activities. Foreigners are attracted by the warm weather and the high quality of life the island has to offer and so decide to transfer their life there. It has now become quite easy for people from around the world to become Cypriot citizens, by investing in real estate in accordance with the ‘Cyprus Citizenship by Investment Program’.

Other Citizenship Programs

The move as Schmidt is reportedly being courted for a prominent tech role in a Biden administration. The most important thing you should ask yourself is WHY you need a second passport. Only once you are clear on why you want a second passport, can you determine how much it is worth to you and decide whether you want to go the investment route. If you really want a European passport and want to live in Europe you may also want to consider the easiest European passport options that don’t require any investment at all. Malta’s program offers by far the best passport and access to the EU, but it will cost you at least $975,824.

If you are thinking about obtaining Cypriot citizenship and have the opportunity to invest in the local economy, it is worth remembering that the amount invested shall be at least EUR 2,000,000. When choosing an investment method, you can combine different options but it is important that you have your own real estate on the island worth at least EUR 500,000. The Republic is distinguished by a high level of security, developed infrastructure, and good education and healthcare system.

Summary Of The Cyprus Citizenship Programme

The EU has been relentless in its efforts to block conventional migration channels into the Union, especially since the 2016 agreement with Turkey. The volatile state of tension enveloping Cyprus made it easier for Anastasiades and his allies to put forward such arguments. Since 1974, the island has been divided between the internationally recognized Republic of Cyprus and the unrecognized Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Disputes over gas-drilling rights in the Eastern Mediterranean periodically threaten to bring NATO allies Greece and Turkey — and, by extension, Cyprus — to war.

cyprus citizenship

Cyprus offers qualifying investors a quick, secure route to permanent residency. Cyprus, which went bankrupt in 2013, promised to overhaul its banking sector and introduce stronger safeguards in exchange for a bailout from other European countries and the International Monetary Fund. While many commercial banks were subject to overhauls, the passport program was seen as a new way of doing business with clientele that had previously relied on the island’s opaque financial services. Most recently, an Al Jazeera investigation in Cyprus purported to show egregious practices by prominent politicians that could enable rich people with criminal records to acquire E.U. Passports through citizenship of the two countries, offering them legal protections and the right to freely travel in the bloc.

Property Investment Options 2020

No, as long as the investors mainstain their residential properties the Residency Permit will not expire. It is however possible for the investor to sell the residential property and still maintain their Residence Permit provided that the Residential property is immediately replaced by another property of the same or higher value. The regulations require the investor to declare that him/her and the dependants Turkish resident permit have sufficient financial means to support themselves without the need to engage in any trade or profession. This program does not grant the right to work in Cyprus, however the investors can own a company in Cyprus and become employers. Cypriot citizenship can be purchased by those foreigners who have no criminal records in any of the countries and are ready to confirm the legal origin of the funds invested.

Once this is secured, you can apply for and be granted citizenship within six months. After gaining permanent resident status, you may want to throw your lot in with your new country and become an Cypriot citizen. As is the case with most other countries, procedures to obtain citizenship by right of Cypriot ancestry or birth in Cyprus are relatively straightforward. If you were born in Cyprus or have an Cypriot parent, you are considered Cypriot. Similarly, if you have family or marital links with Cyprus, acquiring citizenship will not take a very long time. Within four months of moving onto the island, EU citizens must visit the Civil Registry and Migration Department or their local police station in person.

The passport permits visa free access to 146 countries including the Schengen countries, Canada, United Kingdom, Singapore, Hong Kong and Europe. You and your family will obtain an irrevocable dual citizenship and second passport. Applicants can qualify for Cyprus citizenship by investment by investing a minimum of 2 million Euro in residential properties or 2.5 million Euro in commercial properties . The Cyprus Investment Programme, which offers a pathway to Cypriot nationality, is highly attractive amongst affluent investors for a number of reasons. Many choose to invest in the Cyprus programme because the process is straight-forward and simple, and there is no donation requirement to the local government.

Hoteliers will assist you with the due process helping you with the lawyers. You may need to pay additional costs such as Government and due diligence fee. Citizenship in exchange for investing in Hotels have become a new trend in recent Turkish staying permit years. There are currently close 10 countries that offer instant passports for buying hotel rooms. “The overwhelming evidence is that the country’s ‘golden visa’ scheme serves corrupt interests, not the people of Cyprus,” she said.

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